Thursday, May 25, 2006

"tua mengejar kita"...

dear batikchantingsss.... i actually in the middle of ngosngess condition sejak smlm lagi... tapi, even the ngosngess condition keep revolving in my head... the result of new 2006 american idols did fabulously fascinate me... yeahooo!!... taylor hicks finally rawkss the competition as i wish.
well...katherine pon not bad actually... she do have a good and miracle voice... dah la lawa plak tu... but, taylor is much much more deserve to win this american idol season... congrates to taylor... even i'm TOTALLY not the person who will contribute the sms in voting his name as the winner, tapi... deep down inside i did satisfy with the least, he did a very good job and he really2 ougth to have those 1st prizes!!...

err...ok la batikchantingss...all of the above writing cuma stakat intro for this entry jeks...and i think i should change the topic...tetiba plak den jd american idol's reviewer tak bertauliah dan x bergaji niss...hehehe...

so tomorrow, i'll be going to KL... to attend my cousion's reception kat PJ. sounds so weird to have a wedding reception on friday, tp tak kesahlaa... it's his ceremony, so he do have rights to plan for his own ceremony... maka, akan berkonvoi2an laa segerombolan my family and my relatives from kemaman, to kuantan and straiiiiiight to the most popular family's check point everrrr - the kemensah heights...hehehe...

and tommorow jugak there's a "girl" (ye ke girl lg??) who will celebrating her 30th birthday... huhuhu... tuerssnye when the front number of the age is turning to the next level .... but anyway, life is short actually. bak tajuk sebuah lagu sang by fauziah latiff tu... "Tua Mengejar Kita".... lots of lesson from the lyric that can beneficially be kept for myself and all of us in this world... yet this life is just a temporary platform given by HIM... pinjaman semata2... but somehow, last but not least - happy birtday to you...may GOD bless u alwis "girl"... and may all of ur "dreams" come true one day...insyaAlh...

p/s: tenkiu so much to mas for the beautiful e-card besday...

Tua Mengejar Kita

Ingatkah semua
Hari tua pasti menjelma
Detik waktu yang laju
Pantasnya tak akan menunggu

Begitu usia
Makin hari makin meninggi
Siang malam berganti
Yang pergi tak berulang sekali lagi

Begitu cepat putaran masa
Terkadang tanpa pun kita sedar
Siapa yang lebih bersedia
Dialah yang selesa

Tua mengejar
Pasti tiba masanya
Kau merasa
Hidup tak segagah
Waktu remaja
Di mana tenaga
Di hari tua
Makin terpadam semua

Tua mengejar di mana kau berada
Tak berbeza semua kan merasa
Itu hakikat tak bisa hindari
Walau seinci bersihkan diri
Sebelum terlewat nanti

Hey kawan semua
Aku cuma memberi pesan
Andai cukup bekalan
Tak mungkin kita kehausan

Usahlah menunggu
Uban memutih di rambutmu
Cepat-cepat berilmu
Semoga tak menuju di jalan buntu

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day...

dear batikchantingss... its a beautiful sunday, 14 May 2006. i'm not sure how does this mother's day being initially celebrated. who's the initiator... when did this day being initiated and why does 14th May was chosen as a day to celebrate mother's day...what ever it is, yg fentingss... i truly deeply wanna say "Happy Mother's Day" to my beautiful beloved mama who alwis...and alwis.. and alwis be there for me no matter what's the cicumstances are....

this fair-chinese-look mama did raise me +-30 years ago... and baru 2-3 days back she did tell me a story when she was pregnant for me, she did fall down from a stairs!!!... my mama said, kalo x silap she slipped down atas 4 anak tangga... addduss!!... dgn kandungan yg baru nak masuk semilan bulan tu... anything can happen sebenonye.... fuuuh...alhamdulillah, HE still allow me to see this world. tapi kan, my beloved bak did say something lepas tu, " wonder u alwis falls down from some where..." then
hahahaahha...riuh satu umah gelakkan den...huhuhu... especially my two brothers yg mmg hobi suka kenakan akak doran ni... but anyway, i love this family. i love all of them very much!!!...isk..isk... sedey plaks bila tulis ayat2 camni... okla batikchantingss... need to go and bersiap2 utk celebrate mother's day kat lua jap lg... will give this family a lunch treat... Happy Mother's Day Mama... and ana sayang mama forever and ever...and u will alwis and alwis stays special in my heart...

p/s: also happy mother's day to all of the mother in this world....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

ups and downs of early MAY 2006

dear batikchantingsss... its another MAY... byk mnde yg i expect to beautifully happend during 2006 punya MAY ni... but then, life is just like a jagged wave... ups and downs...twist and turns... swirls ans wobbles... but somehow, Alhamdulillah... at last i did successfully pass through the interview session at YT siang tadi... the questionss, errm... i think i have to categorize them as quite tough and very objective. those 3 interviewers were very firm and serious abbis maaaa... well, they suppose to act so pon, yet this is a matter of laoning a thousands of money to the eligible students, rite?... bukan nak kasi pinjam singgit dua jekss... but overall, i manage to answer
all of the questions pretty well, even there were so many butterflies flies around in my stomach masa adegan menunggu turn to be called into the interview room...

anyway, tommorow seems like i have to take an emergency leave. my cuty beige atos was again being hit... hadehss... pity atos. uhukss.. uhukss... dah jadi pemandu berhemah tahap gabanss jek rasa, tup...tup... the ngosngess riders tu plak sesedap rasa hit my cuty beige atos... kemek calarnya atos den, camtulaa ancusssnye ati den. huhuhu... nangess berkodi2 pon wont make my atos looks cute and better back IF i dont withdraw fulusss to recover her body.... ampessdotcom sungguh den rasa... :(( ...these circumstances really makes me keep suffocatezzzzzxcmvnkfjgtpwsss.... huh....tensi...tensi...

sabo suzana...sabo... sesungguhnya sume ni adalah ujian drNYA... just always keep the beautiful 286 of HIS firman in ur heart.... then u will feel much more better...



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