Saturday, October 27, 2007

5 days @citibank tower huhu

dear batikchantings.... aaah... what a relief feeling when i finally get my own private connection right thru from my own room, after a week x jumpa internets kat KL nuns huhuhu... busan bannngetss!!! but somehow, it allows me to learn + pay FULL throttle of attention (ye ke full attention?:p ) when i'm in the training class, otherwise... mmg konpem chatting ngan surfing je la kejenya kalo ada internet. i'm sure many of us are strongly agreed with me for this part rite? hihihihi... :D

anyway, the training was good, the trainer was absolutely good, the food at training was also good! cuma the food at the hotel was just so-so...rasanya jauhhhh sedap lg food at crystal inn at batu pahat aritu which was extreemly mabeless!!!! hotel kat tgh2 bando kl, tp foodnya, adeh.... pity of us to keep repeating almost the same breakfast meal every morning huhuhu... tp apapon, i and my fren were still be blessed by HIM for at least having a free bekpes kat tgh2 bando KL tu, which everything was definitely at high living cost.....

so maybe some other time in the future, i can go for more training which relates with my job scope... byk sgt2 peluang terlepas seblom2 ni as no chances has been grabbed. lugi..lugii.... perhaps i should be more apprehend and pro-active to seize the upcoming odds for my own benefits.. hmm.. (betul.. betul... betul.. - kata ipin :D )

p/s: mcm hanging semcm je my entry tis time huhu

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Zahid's Aidilfitri 2007

Dear batikchantingss... it’s 6th Syawal and I think it is not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all of batikchanting's readers... Alhamdulillah we've been blessed by HIM to celebrate this big day after facing Ramadhan, the barakah month... my 2007 Aidilfitri is celebrated harmoniously with family together with my SIL and of course my mulatss nephew… huhuhu.. cute bangetss dia pakai baju melayu sedondon ngan parents dia…

We have made a move to Kemaman after solat sunat Aidilfitri at Sekilau Hills... I felt so different this time becos besenya agenda solat raya ni used to happen somewhere at Kemaman’s mosque… but since this year ada org baru yg kiut miut tu, so my bak preferred to have our own private time with the family to sob..sob..sob after the solat aidilfitri tu… huhuhu… manyyyak sayu maaa… sempatla mata den bengkaks dek air mata yg mengalir laju ini…

The next day, again we had a journey to KT… and the most surprise thing that I faced during my traveling tu was the heavy hectic jam at Marang… Marang jam???... peliks.. pelikss… I never face any heavy jam during my travel to KT before this… this is the 1st time and its getting worst when the distance of the jam tu panjang baangetss!!.. naik jam kaki den nekan brake and clutch huhu… mosykels.. mosykels… in the first place, I tot its either an accident or police road block kat depan2 tu. Tp sudahnya, I myself x jumpa2 apa punca jam tak hengatss tuu… the heavy traffic had finally extended my journey up to 4 -5 hours (which should be just within 3 hours)…

The 3rd day raya, we had visited my bak’s aunty at Pasir Panjang and my bak’s bespren at Kampung Tok Kaya. Tak banyak relatives’ home yg sempat diziarah as previous years as my awish was having a bad flu sepanjang raya ni.. huhu.. pitty awish…

Ermm… Even time was running out, we still manage to hurrey2 for a moment at Pasar Kedai Payang… hehehe… soping.. soping and sopingss!!!.. terbang la gaji den which was not supported by any bonus pon this year… kopaks lg… :( But somehow, as usual shopping is always FUNNNS!!! :D

And finally we had made a move back to Kuantan at about 5-530pm on the 3rd day raya tu… and unfortunately, the heavy traffic at Marang tu was still in the same condition… huhuhu… wama’naaha… stuck la lagi kitorg in the middle of the jam… busans.. busanss… tp tak kesahlaa.. yg pasti our Aidilfitri kali ni were pleasantly celebrated. And my aunty’s family is probably will be visiting us end of this week kalo takde aral insyAlh… and I will be having a week of training at KL next week… and my final say is, bila nak wat ptmk aidilfitri potluck ekks?? ;)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

undergron d 2nd @ iKiP - 26 Ramadhan

dear batikchantingss... upon admie's request, hence this entry is created. no piccas were snapped during the undergron d 2nd last nite. Everybody devotedly pay attention to their fast breaking meals… I only snapped 1 single pic, itupon after the session of eating was finished. ni la the only pic tus... ermm... "Puan Suzana?" :p

The members of undergron d 2nd were:
imans and family
husna and family
k.ina and double families
and of course myself....

k.ina was having her fast breaking with her family together with her parents and siblings. Since our booking was under different booker, so our reserved table pon jauh2… huhuhu.. nun terperosok di lobby IKIP. But somehow, the food were good… and we managed to rembat everything starting from 630pm :D … worried dah abes if we come and refill the plate after 1st round session… huhuhu

Tawun depan leh wat lg keje2 undergron niss.... so Selamat Hari Raya to everybody who read this entry. safe driving & journey to those who will make a move to kampung masing2 within this week (definitely)... beringat2 masa makan kuih2 and all those food during syawal nnt... nnt jgn lupa bawak sume segala kuih raya ke hopis for our coming raya potluck!! ;)

p/s: pic is not so sharp as our reserved table bercahayakan suam2 kuku lampu jeks... huhu



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