Saturday, October 27, 2007

5 days @citibank tower huhu

dear batikchantings.... aaah... what a relief feeling when i finally get my own private connection right thru from my own room, after a week x jumpa internets kat KL nuns huhuhu... busan bannngetss!!! but somehow, it allows me to learn + pay FULL throttle of attention (ye ke full attention?:p ) when i'm in the training class, otherwise... mmg konpem chatting ngan surfing je la kejenya kalo ada internet. i'm sure many of us are strongly agreed with me for this part rite? hihihihi... :D

anyway, the training was good, the trainer was absolutely good, the food at training was also good! cuma the food at the hotel was just so-so...rasanya jauhhhh sedap lg food at crystal inn at batu pahat aritu which was extreemly mabeless!!!! hotel kat tgh2 bando kl, tp foodnya, adeh.... pity of us to keep repeating almost the same breakfast meal every morning huhuhu... tp apapon, i and my fren were still be blessed by HIM for at least having a free bekpes kat tgh2 bando KL tu, which everything was definitely at high living cost.....

so maybe some other time in the future, i can go for more training which relates with my job scope... byk sgt2 peluang terlepas seblom2 ni as no chances has been grabbed. lugi..lugii.... perhaps i should be more apprehend and pro-active to seize the upcoming odds for my own benefits.. hmm.. (betul.. betul... betul.. - kata ipin :D )

p/s: mcm hanging semcm je my entry tis time huhu

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