Wednesday, November 07, 2007

my desolated blog huhu

dear batikchantingss... alamekss! i got a warn today from someone... huhu.. pity blog for not being updated for a few weeks... there were some stories to be jotted down but i myself sort of being walloped by such a laziesssst mood everrr...

anyway... to fulfill my desolated blog ni, here i just aplod some piccas during UMP's aidilfitri celebration and of course our ptmk raya potluck. even its a bit delay of the news.. but still yet it reflected a lots to us, rite guys?... and the most important thing was, even our stall didn't even recognized or noticed by the secretariat of the event, but our satay was absolutely SOLD OUT!!!! ;)

p/s: selamat ber'open house' to everybody who open their house... kalo 'buka' umah jgn lupa jmput
saya :D

p/s2: sowila gmbo 2 ketul jek sbb lembab bangetss nak haplods from here. more piccass will insyAlh be haploded at my fp soonss... by the way, all of ICTians guys mmg pakat2 ekk nak pakai merah2 niss?? huhu...

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