Wednesday, November 28, 2007

- episod cinta -

dear batikchantingss... ermm..pity blog for being neglected since last mid nov huhuhu... apa muley muat, the blog owner kind of 'bz' rite now lalalala... lots of things actually occurred during the preparation tp just let the 'lot of things' tu as the normal agendas which will probably be faced by most of the newly-weds-to-be hihihi...

its almost 2 days to enter Dec 2007, aliya did said to both of us - "menghitung ari ekk?"... ermm.. mgkn betul jugak kata aliya tu. my life wont be the same after this. turning my status as a wife will definitely not an easy task. irman's latest entry sikit sebanyak feeds me with info of responsibilities that have to be beared by a wife... hmm... most of my frens were married for the past 4-5 years back, and only now my turn will come. hopefuly this marriage will always bloom throughout my life and my hubby-to-be. semoga Allah sentiasa merahmati dan memberkati perkahwinan ini hingga ke akhir hayat... Insyalh...

so frenss.. all of u are most welcomed to my coming ceremony nnt... jgn lupa bawak adiah besa2 skali hwa..hwa.. hwa.. :p

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