Monday, April 28, 2008

darwish : 8 months

Dear batikchantingss... it has been quite long for me not to put some stories about my only nephew si darwish tu... there were so many "upgrades" about him since last few months. and yesterday, i manage to "huhahuha" with him for +-2 days... but this uploaded pic was taken @ Klang when his family were preparing to go to my cousin’s wedding at Kemensah Heights early April recently...

He is now starts to crawling, climbing and holding anything slightly higher from him which can support him to stand…. And if he cannot get or do or anything that not match with his desire, so just prepare the ears to hear his waaaaaaa!!... huhuhu… nama pon budak2 but I hope he will be a very good son and hamba Allah. hope to c u very soon awish… luv u a LOTS!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

the locked blog huhu

Dear Blogger user,

This is a message from the Blogger team.
Your blog, at, has been identified as a potential spam blog. You will not be able to publish posts to your blog until we review your site and confirm that it is not a spam blog. We will take a look at your blog and unlock it within four business days.

Please note that if we do not hear from you within 20 days, we will remove your blog. If this blog does not belong to you, then you do not have to do anything. Any other blogs you may have will not be affected.

Since you are an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not spam. We find spam by using an automated classifier. Automatic spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and occasionally a blog is flagged incorrectly. We sincerely apologize for this erroneous result. By using this kind of system, however, we can dedicate more storage, bandwidth, and engineering resources to users like you instead of to spammers.

Thank you for your understanding and for your help in our spam-fighting efforts.


The Blogger Team


dear batikchantingss... huh! finally my blog is free from being locked. i actually quite confused with the locked notice received thru my email a few days back. they told me that my blog has been identified as a potential spam blog huhuhu... ntah kot mana jd spam pon, den x pasti... kesian blog eden ni di"missunderstood"kans... :(

but somehow, they already unloacked my blog just now... after i responded to them once i received the notice of locked blog tu. they did apologized for misidentified my blog. so buleyla den apload a pic of my cousin's wedding recently... nothing much to stori-moris, because sometimes a picture elaborates a thousands words (err.. betul ke pepatah yg den guno tus?? huhu...)

ok laa my fren... tomorrow UMP will organize a family day at holiday villa cheratingss.. i and my hubby definitely insyAlh will join it, and i believe everybody is extreemly hoping to be the lucky one utk cabutan bertuah tuss... moga2 murahla rejeki kami hubby-wife ni :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

big day of zarinawati

dear batikchantingss... this sunday, i'll be attending my cousin's wedding at Kemensah Heights. hihihi... never thought that k.ina is going to marry again. anyway, alhamdulillah and a very big congrates to her and her hubby-to-be. moga2 this marriage will be lasting until the end of their time. perhaps, this might be the most precious time in her life after several years... ada rejeki i'll upload some of her wedding photo nnt... (huhu... tingats plak masa eden kawen aritu.. hikss)

so see you k.ina tomorrow!... the big-big wedding present will be sent to u soonss :)

p/s: tha cake's pic is just a pic taken from nets. reason for choosing this pic is just because the flower on top of the cake was exactly match with the wedding present for k.ina... hehehe

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MEIPTA @ KK and its story

dear batikchantingss... alhamdulillah finally i was safely arrived peninsular malaysia at 240pm td. my first journey to sabah was incredibly bess!!! walopon the vertigo was still there where ever i go at sabah tu huhuhu... now i'm at klia, waiting for my next flight to kuantan at 520pm nnt.

anyway, the most memorable time during my stay at KK was when i went to pasar filipina. since i was one of the cokia staff among the participants of the conference, meaning that i have to make frens with those professors and doctors... memula, mmg la rasa i'm too "small" for them... tambah2 la plak everybody keep speaking those academic issues... about this conferences laa... that conferences laa... and all of them international punya konperen plak tu... huhuhu lagi la terasa kekerdilan diri ini... tp, the session of shopping at pasar filipina tu totally changed my perception towards them. all of the professors and Doctors ni suddenly jadi huha2 tak hengatss!! one of them keep saying..."yeaaa ... mari kita shopping!! shop till u drop!!!"... dan mmg aku ke"drop"an pon mlm tu... even my shopped stuff were not as much as them, but since my vertigo tu still dingdong2 in my head as well in my body, so i just buy small2 one je...

eh okla ... time's up... got to go and chk-in now... byes!!



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