Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MEIPTA @ KK and its story

dear batikchantingss... alhamdulillah finally i was safely arrived peninsular malaysia at 240pm td. my first journey to sabah was incredibly bess!!! walopon the vertigo was still there where ever i go at sabah tu huhuhu... now i'm at klia, waiting for my next flight to kuantan at 520pm nnt.

anyway, the most memorable time during my stay at KK was when i went to pasar filipina. since i was one of the cokia staff among the participants of the conference, meaning that i have to make frens with those professors and doctors... memula, mmg la rasa i'm too "small" for them... tambah2 la plak everybody keep speaking those academic issues... about this conferences laa... that conferences laa... and all of them international punya konperen plak tu... huhuhu lagi la terasa kekerdilan diri ini... tp, the session of shopping at pasar filipina tu totally changed my perception towards them. all of the professors and Doctors ni suddenly jadi huha2 tak hengatss!! one of them keep saying..."yeaaa ... mari kita shopping!! shop till u drop!!!"... dan mmg aku ke"drop"an pon mlm tu... even my shopped stuff were not as much as them, but since my vertigo tu still dingdong2 in my head as well in my body, so i just buy small2 one je...

eh okla ... time's up... got to go and chk-in now... byes!!

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