Tuesday, March 20, 2007

sesi physio

dear batikchantingss... i also dont know what should i call this machine. tp yang pasti, it massaged my back and muscle comfortably masa sesi physiotherapy last 2 sessions... anyway, this pic was taken just after my session was about to finish. kira cam curi2 amek la ni...hehehe ;) if it is not because of the therapy session, definitely i will not know amnde fungsi mesin yg ada span oren ni...

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Either masa, time or , al-Asr.... yg pasti, will u be able to catch up dengan sume2 mnde within the given time? kejarlah masa itu kerana time waits for nobody ... thats why dlm Al-Quran pon siap ada surah pasal masa ni.... errmm... so where are u suzana? still on the track? @#$%^&*(

p/s: tgh cuak tahap gabans niss... itu yg entry pon cam ngosngess... err... anybody ada rasa nak pitams2??

Monday, March 05, 2007

Muscles spasm pulaks...

Dear batikchantingss... i think this is the 3rd or 4th or maybe 5th enrty about back pain (dan tajuk2 seangkatan dengannya... huhu). Well, that's suzanazahid, who cannot be put apart with this issue anymore... nak tak nak, i have to go into depth with this matter... go for the treatments... keep reading anything about back pain... at least, i know what should i do to overcome my pain ni. ermm... for this entry, i want to share with the batikchanting's readers about muscles spasm. the word muscle tu definitely mmg not a new word for me and i think the readers pon stuju, rite?... tp bila masuk 'spasm'... berkerut skets laa my face when the doctor bgtau ari tu. "muscle spasm?... spasm tu mnde?".... after having the this and that session + reading here and there, now i know a few la about muscle spasm tu ... in malaynya, i think i can say spasm tu macam ...ermm.. apa ekk?... regangan laa kots... or ketegangan... or memulas2... or terbelits2... huhu... betul ke definition den tus?... tp muley laa.. at least i do have some ideas what is spasm all about... so kalo definition penuhnya, muscle spasm means keregangan ototss... so, below are some infos taken from the resourceful resource!! (definitely internets :D) There might be a zillioth infos kat internet pertaining to this topic... but i think this one can help me to have the self treatment kat umah...

Mengikut kata Moffat, Marilyn, P.T., PhD, F.A.P.T.A, and Vickery, Steve from The American Physical Therapy Association Book of Body Maintenance and Repair, muscle spasm is an intense reaction on the part of large muscle groups to injury or strain. In spasm, muscle groups contract very strongly in order to brace the injured structures. While painful and inconveniencing, muscle spasms provide protection to the body during times of injury and injury healing.

While the below infos plak is stated by Pierre Rouzier, M.D dari University of Michigan bahagian U-M Health System

What are muscle spasms?

Muscle spasms are involuntary contractions of a muscle. People often have "tight" muscles in their neck, back, shoulder, or legs. These are muscle spasms. Athletes sometimes get cramps in their muscles during strenuous activity. These cramps are also spasms. A common name for a muscle cramp or spasm is charley horse. This term is especially used for cramps in the leg.

How do they occur?

A spasm usually occurs from overusing muscles or from an injury. If you are dehydrated during strenuous activity, you are likely to have cramps. Muscle spasms, especially in the neck, also may occur when you are under lots of stress. Cramps in the calf of the leg often occur at night during sleep.

What are the symptoms?

A spasm feels like tightness or a knot in a muscle. It may hurt when you use the muscle. It may be hard to use the muscle.
A cramp during exercise may be extremely painful.

How are they diagnosed?

Your health care provider will examine your muscles and find that they are very tight and tender to touch.

How are they treated?

* Put ice packs on spasms caused by injury for the first 2 to 3 days. Use the ice for 20 to 30 minutes every 3 to 4 hours.
* Try stretching the muscle. For example, you can stretch a cramp in the calf of your leg by straightening your lower leg and pulling your foot toward your head. It may also help to stand on the leg that is cramping.
* Spasms that last a long time may be treated with moist heat for 20 to 30 minutes several times a day.
* Your health care provider may give you stretching exercises.
* Massage is very helpful.
* If you have severe cramps in your legs at night, your health care provider may prescribe some medicine to help.

How can muscle spasms be prevented?

* Proper stretching exercises will help prevent spasms.
* Loosen the covers at the foot of your bed to help prevent leg cramps when you are sleeping.
* If you tend to get muscle cramps during exercise, make sure you drink enough fluids. Sports drinks may be very helpful.
* Some spasms may be caused by poor posture. For example, you may have neck spasms after sitting at a computer terminal for too long or in an awkward position. These spasms may be prevented with better posture.

pasni nak kena cari hot pack tu laa... nak kena kasi panas2 ini belakangs... preparation utk stress yg stressful lately... isk..isk... :(



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