Sunday, November 26, 2006

May ur marriage be blessed and live happily ever after...

dear batikchantingss....huhu...fernatssnye den. ni baru majlis adik den... agak2nye cemana laa rupa mjlis den lak nnt :p... but anyway, it was such a memorable wondelful beautiful reception ceremony at Kampung Idaman, Pandamaran Klang yesterday... my bro looks ensem as usual... but definitely sort of nervous laa... bedebo maa... eden pon bedebo sama, sedey pon ada...huhuhu :( ermm... my sister in law pon looks gorgeous. hik..hik... i'm having a sister in law skrg ekks...

i think i'm gonna write more in the next comin' entry. the feeling of exhausted is still there... penat tahap "gaban Z potong 2" gintuss after arriving from kelang utk kenduri and sanding2 event kat klang satni. so i just attach a pic of my ensem bro with inai at his 6 fingers (a day before the reception ceremony) weared by his one and only laply sister :p ...hihihi ..
SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU!!... May ur marriage be blessed and live happily ever after....luv u so much aero!!...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What matters to u the most?

dear batikchantingss... for this entry, i just paste an email sent to me from my classmate. i like the message embedded in this short article, evocative and meaningful with a very deep sense of conciuos... probably can be applied in our daily activities...enjoice reading...

Sekumpulan alumni yang mempunyai kedudukan dan tahap yang tinggi dalam kerjaya mereka membuat perjumpaan di rumah professor yang mengajar mereka di Universiti dahulu. Mereka berbual-bual dalam berbagai topik dan perbualan itu bertukar kepada rasa "stress" atau takanan yang mereka hadapi di tempat kerja ataupun kehidupan mereka. Professor mereka masuk ke dapur dan kembali semula dengan sebuah teko besar berisi kopi dan bermacam jenis cawan dan gelas. Ada yang diperbuat dari porcelain, plastik, kaca, kristal. Ada yang kelihatan biasa dan ada yang kelihatan mahal. Professor itu menyuruh mereka menuang sendiri kopi tersebut. Setelah semua anak muridnya mengambil kopi masing-masing, professor itu berkata:

"Jika anda semua perasan, semua cawan yang cantik dan mahal telah diambil meninggalkan cawan yang biasa dan kelihatan murah. Adalah keadaan yang biasa anda semua mahukan yang terbaik dalam hidup anda tetapi itulah punca kepada masalah dan "stress" yang anda semua hadapi. Apa yang sebenar anda perlukan adalah kopi, bukan cawannya tetapi anda sendiri telah memilih untuk mengambil cawan yang terbaik. Dan lebih teruk dari itu, anda memerhatikan cawan yang diambil oleh orang lain."

Kehidupan adalah kopi, kerjaya, wang dan kedudukan anda dalam masyarakat adalah cawan tersebut. Cawan itu hanyalah alat untuk mengisi kandungannya iaitu kehidupan. Kehidupan tidak berubah hanya alatnya yang berubah. Kadangkala kita terlalu fokus kepada cawan yang kita pegang hingga kita gagal untuk menikmati kopinya.

So does it applies to us sometimes? as for myself, i do admit it certainly ;)...and by the way, kopi tu mmg nmpk sedapss bangetss!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

"No Pain, No Gain"

dear batikchantingsss.... huh!... i did receive my result yesterday. huhu...sedeylaa.. jantus lg cg den from last pervious semester :( ...adehss... i did expect that there will be some depreciation of my cg as the ER subject really spins my head pretty much. But at least HE still blessed me by not failing me for that "hair-wire" subject. Thank you so much for Dr Rusnah jugaks... i thought i've to repeat the paper again nex semester... alhamdullillah sgt2...

so suzana, there's another 3 papers more to go. its either go for it, or divide those 3 papers into 2 semesters which consequently requires me to spend extra time and extra money as well... but if i compresses everything in a single semester, definitely u gonna face a damn challenging period of time starting from now until April 2007 nnt. and an extreemly extravaganza effort has to be put together to the decision that i've made. quoting my fren's favourite words -- No Pain, No Gain. So all the bess suzana!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

KUKTEM's family day 2006

dear batikchantingsss... upon request from the batikchanting's readers a.k.a admie, i therefore have to make some entry tonite for my beloved blog nisss.... ermmm.. well, i dont have much thing to say here sebenonye... but the enjoice moment within last week was the family day "sesama kita" held at Holiday Villa Cheratingss... nak kata happenings tu...not bad laa... i just involved in 1 game only which had made my pergelangan kaki sakitss maaa...huhuhu... what a challenging terompah gergasi yg den tarik tarik tu... its actually just a simple game. i just have to drag the big terompah together with another 3 frenss... sakitnye kaki den ni menarik terompah gergasi itu, adehss...tuhan je tau cemana rasanya. masa tu, i did say to myslef that..."kalo aku pakai kasut kan bess...xdelaa sakit bangetss my wrist leg ni"... so the consequences of the game was... my both wrist leg ni still sakit sampei le ariniss...huhu... and becos of the pain jugaks, my team managed to get 3rd place... nges...nges...ngess... dpt la set pisau gunting (yg khabarnye dipilih oleh zaila)... at least 3rd place maa...berbaloi den sakit2 kaki ni haa... ;) ..(pic: myself is in the light blue t-shirt tuuuss..heee...)

another enjoiceful moment during family day tu was when i was selected as a lucky person to receive a big present for the lucky draw... besa banggetss kotak adiah den masa tu. really not expect to have the big box of present as my name was announced masa dah last minet sesi lucky draw tu... okla kans... buley la jugak seketul kipas sharp yg tinggi ituss... but my fren used to be a very-very-very happy person on earth as she received a set of teak wood chair with a cute teak table... rasanya 1 padang tu bley dgr myself and her screamed macam tak sedar diri sbb sgt2 tak sangka... huhu... nyeles... nyeless... but she's extreemly very lucky!!... congratess faie... nnt leh laa dtg umah awak duduk2 atas kusi jati yg cute tuss...hehehe

okeslaa my pren... its almost 1230. got to go and sleep laa.. tommorow nak bangun sahur laie... go go suzana!!!... finish up ur pose ganti tu within this miracle syawal 1427h... insyAlh...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

dear batikchantingsss... huh!!..sonots... happening... mables meals and enjoyful event occured at ptmk last previous 10 syawal 1427h. with +- 3 days early preparation, finally open_opis@ptmk ni successfully implemented. there were so many foods yg ada besides those kuih raya... chocolate moist cake, fried bihun, batik cake, laichee puding, triffle, fried popia, baked macaroni, nasi minyak, nasi impit kuah kacang, caramel puding, chocalate cup cakes, many things to be listed here... i was so exciting during the event, even i have to break for a while for a meetg kat HR... balik dr meetg, den poie sambung makan lg...hwa..hwa...hwaa...:P (sapelaa yg ngap apple then amek gamboss tu...huhuhu)

but i think, the best part was when almost all of the ptmk's guys togetherness wearing complete
baju melayu bersamping... huhu...sumenye nampak segak kacak tampan ensem gintuss... anyway, feeling a bit discontented for not having a chance to bergambo ramai2 masa event tu berlangsung. but never mind... lots of pics taken during the event... can be viewed at admie's album, ached's blogs, faie's fotopages and maybe byk lagi at my other fren's pages lg thru the net niss... so my fren, really hope we gonna have the same event lg nex year. yg pasti... all ictianss ni mmg wonderful!!!

p/s: finally dapets gak bergamba ngan ex-hosmet yg "something and happeningss" ni... miss the momentss forever...



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