Saturday, November 18, 2006

"No Pain, No Gain"

dear batikchantingsss.... huh!... i did receive my result yesterday. huhu...sedeylaa.. jantus lg cg den from last pervious semester :( ...adehss... i did expect that there will be some depreciation of my cg as the ER subject really spins my head pretty much. But at least HE still blessed me by not failing me for that "hair-wire" subject. Thank you so much for Dr Rusnah jugaks... i thought i've to repeat the paper again nex semester... alhamdullillah sgt2...

so suzana, there's another 3 papers more to go. its either go for it, or divide those 3 papers into 2 semesters which consequently requires me to spend extra time and extra money as well... but if i compresses everything in a single semester, definitely u gonna face a damn challenging period of time starting from now until April 2007 nnt. and an extreemly extravaganza effort has to be put together to the decision that i've made. quoting my fren's favourite words -- No Pain, No Gain. So all the bess suzana!!!!

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