Friday, December 29, 2006

Salam Aidil Adha 1427H and a very Happy New Year!

dear batikchantingss....its the last day of working day in 2006. we have another 2 days more to go to be in year 2007 (itupon kalo diizinkanNYA utk melangkah ke tahun baru). i should say 2006 is one of the most beautiful period in my life... thank you God, thank you so much for Ur blessing and happiness poured into my life and my family as well, Alhamdulillah... So esok dah start coti, but there is still no clear-cut plan from my bak either to go back to kemaman to celebrate Aidil Adha there or just celebrate it here. as for me, of course i prefer to celebrate there... raya kat kontan ni, semacaam jek rasa. almaklumlaa.. bumi dan negeri orang wont be the same as our hometown rite?... besides, celebrating any Islamic festives will consequently be such a hillarious and joyful moment when we gathered together ramai2 gitu.. huhuhu... sonotss.. sonotss... but anyway, tak kesahla what ever the plan he'll be choosing of. den totap follow jek plan ayahanda terchenta ituss...

i hope this blessing Aidil Adha will blooms the tender, love and care into our family forever until the end of time. dan semoga Aidil Adha ni juga akan memberi pengertian pengorbanan yg mendalam dalam hati kita sume along with a new deep spirit and zest in facing the new 2007 ... InsyaAllah... Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha and a very Happy New Year! & Have a safe journey to those who will be travelling balik kampung nnt! :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

ekjem...oh ekjemss...

dear batikchantingss.... just an extreemly short update for my blogs during the exam's season veiling my office's surroudingss... good luck and all d bess to all of the exam's candidates!! may d force be wif u...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

reception @ sekilau hills

dear batikchantingss... feel like dont have much time to write more lately... my own proposal pon blom stat ngarang...huhu... anyway, the reception ceremony @ Sekilau Hills ran as it supposed to be, Alhamdulillah... both of my parents looks do my relatives especially my lovely grandies, the loving couple ever - tok mid and tok midah. tok midah pon dah siap sedia utk majlis cousin keep asking me to have an english style...memacam laa k.tie sorang chntek gak english style kanss? hiks..hiks...:p .... well, nothing much to be elaborated. tuan blog nak kena out station plak esotss... straaaaaight until 9 or 10 dec 2006. the travel will inclusive the session of attending my youngest bro's convocation at KLIUC, serdang. so here is just a pic from the numberss of piccass taken from a day before the tahlil, the tahlil day...and of course the dooms day of hakimin + mastura @ sekilau hills... more piccasss at my fotopages. last but not least, congrates to my bro and my sis in law. may both of ur love keeps blooming until the end of time...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

May ur marriage be blessed and live happily ever after...

dear batikchantingss....huhu...fernatssnye den. ni baru majlis adik den... agak2nye cemana laa rupa mjlis den lak nnt :p... but anyway, it was such a memorable wondelful beautiful reception ceremony at Kampung Idaman, Pandamaran Klang yesterday... my bro looks ensem as usual... but definitely sort of nervous laa... bedebo maa... eden pon bedebo sama, sedey pon ada...huhuhu :( ermm... my sister in law pon looks gorgeous. hik..hik... i'm having a sister in law skrg ekks...

i think i'm gonna write more in the next comin' entry. the feeling of exhausted is still there... penat tahap "gaban Z potong 2" gintuss after arriving from kelang utk kenduri and sanding2 event kat klang satni. so i just attach a pic of my ensem bro with inai at his 6 fingers (a day before the reception ceremony) weared by his one and only laply sister :p ...hihihi ..
SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU!!... May ur marriage be blessed and live happily ever after....luv u so much aero!!...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What matters to u the most?

dear batikchantingss... for this entry, i just paste an email sent to me from my classmate. i like the message embedded in this short article, evocative and meaningful with a very deep sense of conciuos... probably can be applied in our daily activities...enjoice reading...

Sekumpulan alumni yang mempunyai kedudukan dan tahap yang tinggi dalam kerjaya mereka membuat perjumpaan di rumah professor yang mengajar mereka di Universiti dahulu. Mereka berbual-bual dalam berbagai topik dan perbualan itu bertukar kepada rasa "stress" atau takanan yang mereka hadapi di tempat kerja ataupun kehidupan mereka. Professor mereka masuk ke dapur dan kembali semula dengan sebuah teko besar berisi kopi dan bermacam jenis cawan dan gelas. Ada yang diperbuat dari porcelain, plastik, kaca, kristal. Ada yang kelihatan biasa dan ada yang kelihatan mahal. Professor itu menyuruh mereka menuang sendiri kopi tersebut. Setelah semua anak muridnya mengambil kopi masing-masing, professor itu berkata:

"Jika anda semua perasan, semua cawan yang cantik dan mahal telah diambil meninggalkan cawan yang biasa dan kelihatan murah. Adalah keadaan yang biasa anda semua mahukan yang terbaik dalam hidup anda tetapi itulah punca kepada masalah dan "stress" yang anda semua hadapi. Apa yang sebenar anda perlukan adalah kopi, bukan cawannya tetapi anda sendiri telah memilih untuk mengambil cawan yang terbaik. Dan lebih teruk dari itu, anda memerhatikan cawan yang diambil oleh orang lain."

Kehidupan adalah kopi, kerjaya, wang dan kedudukan anda dalam masyarakat adalah cawan tersebut. Cawan itu hanyalah alat untuk mengisi kandungannya iaitu kehidupan. Kehidupan tidak berubah hanya alatnya yang berubah. Kadangkala kita terlalu fokus kepada cawan yang kita pegang hingga kita gagal untuk menikmati kopinya.

So does it applies to us sometimes? as for myself, i do admit it certainly ;)...and by the way, kopi tu mmg nmpk sedapss bangetss!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

"No Pain, No Gain"

dear batikchantingsss.... huh!... i did receive my result yesterday. huhu...sedeylaa.. jantus lg cg den from last pervious semester :( ...adehss... i did expect that there will be some depreciation of my cg as the ER subject really spins my head pretty much. But at least HE still blessed me by not failing me for that "hair-wire" subject. Thank you so much for Dr Rusnah jugaks... i thought i've to repeat the paper again nex semester... alhamdullillah sgt2...

so suzana, there's another 3 papers more to go. its either go for it, or divide those 3 papers into 2 semesters which consequently requires me to spend extra time and extra money as well... but if i compresses everything in a single semester, definitely u gonna face a damn challenging period of time starting from now until April 2007 nnt. and an extreemly extravaganza effort has to be put together to the decision that i've made. quoting my fren's favourite words -- No Pain, No Gain. So all the bess suzana!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

KUKTEM's family day 2006

dear batikchantingsss... upon request from the batikchanting's readers a.k.a admie, i therefore have to make some entry tonite for my beloved blog nisss.... ermmm.. well, i dont have much thing to say here sebenonye... but the enjoice moment within last week was the family day "sesama kita" held at Holiday Villa Cheratingss... nak kata happenings tu...not bad laa... i just involved in 1 game only which had made my pergelangan kaki sakitss maaa...huhuhu... what a challenging terompah gergasi yg den tarik tarik tu... its actually just a simple game. i just have to drag the big terompah together with another 3 frenss... sakitnye kaki den ni menarik terompah gergasi itu, adehss...tuhan je tau cemana rasanya. masa tu, i did say to myslef that..."kalo aku pakai kasut kan bess...xdelaa sakit bangetss my wrist leg ni"... so the consequences of the game was... my both wrist leg ni still sakit sampei le ariniss...huhu... and becos of the pain jugaks, my team managed to get 3rd place... nges...nges...ngess... dpt la set pisau gunting (yg khabarnye dipilih oleh zaila)... at least 3rd place maa...berbaloi den sakit2 kaki ni haa... ;) ..(pic: myself is in the light blue t-shirt tuuuss..heee...)

another enjoiceful moment during family day tu was when i was selected as a lucky person to receive a big present for the lucky draw... besa banggetss kotak adiah den masa tu. really not expect to have the big box of present as my name was announced masa dah last minet sesi lucky draw tu... okla kans... buley la jugak seketul kipas sharp yg tinggi ituss... but my fren used to be a very-very-very happy person on earth as she received a set of teak wood chair with a cute teak table... rasanya 1 padang tu bley dgr myself and her screamed macam tak sedar diri sbb sgt2 tak sangka... huhu... nyeles... nyeless... but she's extreemly very lucky!!... congratess faie... nnt leh laa dtg umah awak duduk2 atas kusi jati yg cute tuss...hehehe

okeslaa my pren... its almost 1230. got to go and sleep laa.. tommorow nak bangun sahur laie... go go suzana!!!... finish up ur pose ganti tu within this miracle syawal 1427h... insyAlh...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

dear batikchantingsss... huh!!..sonots... happening... mables meals and enjoyful event occured at ptmk last previous 10 syawal 1427h. with +- 3 days early preparation, finally open_opis@ptmk ni successfully implemented. there were so many foods yg ada besides those kuih raya... chocolate moist cake, fried bihun, batik cake, laichee puding, triffle, fried popia, baked macaroni, nasi minyak, nasi impit kuah kacang, caramel puding, chocalate cup cakes, many things to be listed here... i was so exciting during the event, even i have to break for a while for a meetg kat HR... balik dr meetg, den poie sambung makan lg...hwa..hwa...hwaa...:P (sapelaa yg ngap apple then amek gamboss tu...huhuhu)

but i think, the best part was when almost all of the ptmk's guys togetherness wearing complete
baju melayu bersamping... huhu...sumenye nampak segak kacak tampan ensem gintuss... anyway, feeling a bit discontented for not having a chance to bergambo ramai2 masa event tu berlangsung. but never mind... lots of pics taken during the event... can be viewed at admie's album, ached's blogs, faie's fotopages and maybe byk lagi at my other fren's pages lg thru the net niss... so my fren, really hope we gonna have the same event lg nex year. yg pasti... all ictianss ni mmg wonderful!!!

p/s: finally dapets gak bergamba ngan ex-hosmet yg "something and happeningss" ni... miss the momentss forever...

Monday, October 30, 2006

syawal 1427h

dear batikchantingsss.... i think its not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kat sume batikchanting's readers.... esok pon dah nak raya 6 (only for those who did fast last 6 days before laaa...den pon x termasuk...huhuhu), this aidilftri was just the same as previous aidilfitri. my family and i went back to kemaman a day before raya, having a happening breaking fast with my relatives there.... but for this year, the joyfull tu probably lesser as most of my cousins went to their other grandparent's house. so tinggalla den dan adik2 den je yg mude remajerss (kononss2) at my beloved aunty's house tu. nak main munge api pon, xde eager childrenss maaa... my bros pon dah besa panjang... myself plak, err...suka tgk budak2 main munge api jek... then, i have to help my aunty to prepare the rendangs, the nasi kapit (instant punye jek...people here use to call it as nasi himpit), satay goreng... and some more menus which me myself pon did'nt notice so much sbb byk sgt periuk2 belanga dan kuali2 yg occupied masa tuss...:p

on the day of aidilfitri itself lepas solat raya, we went to most of my relative's and family's frens houses all over kemaman. kalo tahun2 lepas, dtg beraya is just for the sake of dtg beraya, meeting the relatives, eratkan silaturrahim...but as for this year, another agenda is embedded together with the activity of ziarah menziarahi nis... my beloved bro is getting married very soon. so his beautiful wedding card is being distributed kat sume sedara mara kat kemaman as well as at KT nun... ermm... i did receive a few "mabeles" question tappppi... never mind... just put it aside (simpan dlm poket, nnt kita buka balikss....)

the 2nd day of raya, we went back to KT, singgah at a few relatives' houses all the way sepnjang perjalanan balik KT tu. kat dungun for 2-3 houses, kat kuala ibai for 2 houses.... my stomach sort of fenuhss gak laa ngan "tepung" & air teh o... huhuhu... celebrating aidilfitri at my hometown was just wonderful as usual. my cousins mmg definitely were there as both of their parents are terengganurianss... so dont have to worry about nak balik kampung datuk nenek mana satu...:) so here, my bro did entertain my cousins to play the munge api and mercun as well... chantekss tuuu... tapi sumenye recorded at my bro's video camera. digital camera plak rosak, so most of the pics for this aidilfitri is captured manually. my beloved mama pon suke, as she herself prefered to touch, belek2, pegang2 the pics when ever she wants in the physical album.

3rd day raya is another hectic day for me. i was not in a good "condition" sebelah ptgnya. so i just keep following my parents to go here and there beraya2 until +-5 pm jek. lepas tu, my beloved bak sent me to my aunty's home. i was terribly feeling not so good, flat, exhausted dan sebagainye... (huhuh...byk2 nye ketidak"best"an ituss..).... so my 3rd day raya went very dull for me... almaklumlaa... badan x sihatss...huhu..:(

we went back to kuantan on 4th day raya. sadly to say, i was attacked by stomach ache badly huhuhh:(... tp tahan jek as i dont want to disturb the raya's mood among my family tu. but finally, the pain makin menjadi2 bila sampai kuantan. i was flat... and cannot eat anything as i will feel to vomit out. the stomach keep spinning...spinning...and spinning until i was fall as asleep... i thought esoknye ok tp things getting worst as i cannot stand straingt at all... :( aduss suzana... padan muka sndiri... asalnya tanak susahkan family, last2 makin susah pulak jadinye...huhuhu...and i finally have to MC for today... as my stomach still grumpy inside. hopefully tomorrow will be ok... having the meds given by the Docs td (yg sgt tak sedapss),i hope HE will let me getting better after this. at least ptg ni pon dah better compared to last few dayss.. alhmdulillah....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

mid Ramadhan 1427H / October 2006

dear's 101006 today...meaning that it has been 2 days i have gone thru the 2 days of dooms day for this semster. yet completing the dooms day still not allow me to feel relief as i have another 3 more essays and 1 proposal to be touched up....huhuhu.. fininss...fininss... due datenye pon mmg dah di extendkan but... i should compresses all those thing lesser than the given due date... maklumlaa... staying outside klang valley will definitely requires me to be more earlier compared to my fren who are working there....

ermm....raya is just around the corner.. my preparation pon is just in a matter of ala2 jek. concertration is being given more to my brother's wedding ceremony which will be celebrated +- a month after Aidilfitri'06 ni. the wedding theme will be in green!!...hihihi... lawa2... musti fresh peace and calm jek rasa nnt... as for this year, same as the last previous yearss... dah lama den xde anto2 physical aidilfitri cards to my relatives and fren... definitely becos of the easy access of internet from my house and office as well. nak g bli pon malas dah skrg ni.... but since my ensem-getting-married-bro is currently tgh jual kad raya, then i suddenly feel excited to have it for my personal collection. what is more important, those cards are exclusively designed by my bro tuss... haaa... den mmg terujerss bab2 self design ni... terasa je exclusiveness tuss... so those who want to have it utk anto kat sape2, or to have it as a personal collection, u may call him - HAKIMIN a.k.a KIMIN @ 013-3715010. u may browse here kalo nak tgk kad2 tu close up. attached above is one of the the sample from his design collection. hehehe.... its my exclusive promotion for my bro's exclusive design... demi adinda terchentasss... so okess la batikchanting readerss... need to continue touchup up my essaysss tu as there will be no more extension of submission date lg pasni....huhuhu... suzana musti buleyss!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

to take or not to take

Dear batikchantingss... fuh!!.. it has been +- 5 days i dont 'confront' with my beloved hp ni...huhu... winduss...winduss.. anyway, after that "here and there" of 5 days, i finally allowed by HIM to continue my schedule back to the tremble wobble track.... @#$%^&*()

so's your 3rd semester. within not more that 3 months from now i guess, you'll be moving forward to the final semester. so dah ready ke utk final semster tuss?...hwa...hwaa..hwaa.... riso maa.. not sure either i manage to go thru this hardship as it supposed to be. it is either to take, or not to take the stressfull paper for nex semester tu... how confident r u towards the difficulty?... what about ur preparation?... r u really (absolutely, extreemly, confidently) ready to commit urself with the stressfulness?....

never mind suzana...just do keep put a deep trust in ur heart that HE will alwis be with u. and also inculcate this beautiful verse in ur mind that...

"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi pula kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu, Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui." - Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 216

"Allah tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya." - -Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 286

Good luck suzana!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

-sue'01 vs sue'06-

Errm..since ached did tag me with those questions, then i just take a few minutes to answer it. fuh!! has been 5 years ago maa...

5 years ago...2001
How old were you?:-25
Where did you go to school?:-uitm shah alam
Where did you work?:-practical at PTG, kontanss..
Where did you live?:-skilau hills
Where did you hang out?:-den homely type maa...
How was your hair style?- xde style...pakei tudungss
Did you wear braces?:-no
Did you wear glasses?:-na'am
Who was your best friend?:-hafez, lin, mar, da and nadia
Who was your regular-person crush?:-ermm...ada kers??... kalo ada pon, he didnt notice me...huhu:(
Who was your celebrity crush?:-dont mind much about them
How many tattoos did you have?:-ape ke hey plakss tantuss2 nis...
How many piercings did you have?:-ada kat tinge je laa sepasang
What car did you drive?:-car? tumpang drive honda ayahanda den jek..
What was your favorite band/group?:-BSB?...hahaha
What was your worst fear?- riso takot x dapet keje lepas grad
Had you smoked a cigarette yet?:-nehi
Had you driven yet?:-nehi he
Had you been arrested?:-lagi la nehi maaa..
Had you been to a real party yet?:-errmm... kenduri bese2 je kotss..
Had your heart broken?:- healing my pain masa ni...huhu...
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter:-single again..:(

then apo jadi after 5 years which is now...
September 2006
How old are you?:- biarlah rahsia....hahahaha...
What grade are you in?:- sem 3 (again...)
Where do you go to school?:-uitm puncak perdana plaak..
Where do you work?:-kontanss..
Where do you live?:- still @skilau hills
Where do you hang out?:-masih cam 5 years back...homely type..:P
Do you have braces?:-nope
Do you wear glasses?:- fact getting powerful
Who is your best friend?:- many
Still talk to any of your old friends?:-musti...!!
Who is your celebrity crush?:- pon still x kesah sgt ngan doranss...
How many piercings do you have:- masih kat tinge jek cam dulu
How many tattoos?:- ngosngess
What kind of car do you have?:- atos jek... tp kiutss..hik..hik..
What is your favorite band/group?:- sume lagu den layan... pussycat dolls pon bess!! :P
What is your biggest fear:- ajal... insaf
Have you been arrested since?:- dah nama pon homely type..
Has your heart been broken?:- ha'a...lg skali ari tu...:((
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter:- single?...bitter?...uncertain?...ntohlerss...:(

the rest lak cemaners?... at least we realize where were we and where are we now...

Sunday, September 03, 2006


dear batikchantingsss.... it was about 2 weeks i dont update this blog... i think most of the frequent batikchanting's readers would already understood my current hectic schedule. but today, i feel like quite inviting to jot a bit... as the feeling of sadness and sorrowful still arousing within our family. "Abah" is probably not really familiar with me. But within a few months from now, he should be part of our family. tapi sume tu tak sempat.... "abah" is gone, called by HIM on last 1st September 2006. Even me myself not so closed with him, yet i surely can say that he was a very very nice person to be with and understanding person to liase with.... So to mas, i will alwis pray for u and your beloved abah. i know its not easy for u to face this gloomy and depressing situation but u have to be strong and tough, and i know u can do it. May Allah bless abah always and forever...

Alfatihah utk abah mas...

Monday, August 21, 2006

pantun kebuntuanss...

dear batikchantingss... pale den dah jem actually. sort of low memory jeks...huhuhu...mcm cpu komputer laks. then, the below pantun are just pop in my mind when i was having tingtongsss2 in my head.... oklaa jugak kan, for the sake of my "take 10" masa dok peninss2 generate ideas to keep writting...writting...and writting....!@#$~^%$*)%+{~.....

hari raya datang berkala
jgn lupa kueh sampret

anak pak zahid pening kepala
pk kan due date yg berderet2

buah cempedak buah manggis
sedap kemain takleh nak tolak
semester ni semacam ngonges
semester depan ntah apa la pulak


p/s: sempat jugak aku wat pantun ekss....walopon pale cam tzzz..tzzz...jek niss...huhuhu...

Monday, August 14, 2006


Dear batikchantingss... pray to HIM and Alhamdulillah for the implementation of photography & videography's task force during the 1st KUKTEM's convocation ceremony which was ended yesterday. Anybody feeling excited for the events?... hmm.. ntahlaa.. as for me, i just feel so so blessed by HIM for making our JK's job scope running well even probably ada jugak unsatisfaction here and there yang tak disangka2... whatever it is, a very deep "thank you" is dedicated to each of our JK for being so participative during the events. U guys r marvellous!!

refers to the topic of this entry, i actually feel so excited watching hundreds of KUKTEM's students queuing to receive their degree/dip scroll....huhuhu...terujerss maaa... so suzana, back to ur track after this!! Good Luck!!!

the song below might eventually reflects something to me....

Teruja (Ella)

Selepas tangis
Ilham pun mengintai
Melontar kata
Buat aku terfikir

Selepas hujan
Hari nampak berseri
Menggilap cermin hidup
Buat aku sedar

Harus bangkit semula
Sampai hatimu memandangku (Teruja)
Baru kau tahu tinggi langit
Dicabar cinta (Teruja)

Belaian angin
Bisa jadi ribut
Halus budi wanita
Bisa jadi keras

Bagai gelora
Merubah sempadan
Aku merintis
Dunia baru

- OST Gol & Gincu

Thursday, August 03, 2006


dear batikchantingsss...will u manage to manage urself this semester?.... will your life be messy-swobble cam suzana in the cluttered spinning surrounding nis?... huhuhu...may the force be wif u laa suzana... huwaaaaaa.....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

strange with b4 730am

dear batikchantingss....i think its a really really weird and strange morning for me... mmg pelikss... it was a chaotic morning for me sbb terbabas krosss... rasanya mmg lambat sesangat td, but still yet the routine ran as usual. lepas dah siap2, drive straight to kuktem, stop by at the Shell station, need to queue as there are so many cars, need to use physical money as the credit card machine is not activated yet...bla...bla...bawak kete pon slow...and suddenly, i did arrive kuktem ni +- within the time yg i usually arrive....hmm...pelikss come jd camtu ekk?... hmmmm

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

mukmin irman

dear batikchantingss.... last saturday, most of ICTians kena keje for the 2nd simulation of convocation ceremony.... after the simulation session, 5 of us agreed to go and visit the new irman's and umi's baby - Muhammad Mukmin bin Irman... waaa...ensemnyeee nama dia... seensem baby tu, abgnye dan ayahnyers :p .... anyway to irman and umi, a deep congrates from me for your 2nd child. May GOD bless four of u forever... lap mursyid and mukmin!! :)

p/s: utk kekanda laa wajah2 jejaka bernama mukmin irman...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

welcome to d 3rd "tough + sturdy + challenging" semester...fuh!!...

dear batikchantingsss...tunait, its so hard for me to keep myself adrift with the soft and tender pillows on my bed tu... not sure why...probably becos of the deretan assignmentsss which are started to queue thru out my head ni...adehttzzzssss.... anyway, the last "holiday" for my semester break baru2 ni rasa cam not enuff jekss...:p ... and suddenly, the tight schedule keep blocking my head AGAIN.... saaaampaila middle oct 2006 ni nanti... aaarrgh... not sure either i manage to go thru this hardship as my beloved bak dah bebel...bebel....dan bebel... plus pesan baaaanyak kali for making sure that my coming cg for this semester will increase...huhuhuhu... tak tau la den cemana nanti... :(

as i told satni, my assignmentsss are now dah "properly" queued to be completed... grouping task will again be handled this semester...cuma one thing that makes me damn worried was when both of my team members last semester tak menunjukkan batang idung masing2 masa 1st seminar recently... cuakss...cuakss... halim told me that he's outstation...amli lak mentioned that he'll probably quit as he was getting an offer from uitm kelantan to be a tutor... adehss... cemana niss... all my frens in the class dah ada group. what is left is just me yang terkontang-kantingss niss... huhu... sadissnyers ...isk..isk...

hmm... life is not easy.. kalo Dr Rusnah manages to get her PhD at age near 50, why can't i for my studies ni, rite?... (cheeewass...ayat nak sedapkan ati + boost back my anxiousness laa kunuss2..)

Friday, June 30, 2006

MINDS 06/07 without me...

dear batikchantingsss....never thought that this entry is the awaited one by my fren... den sendiri pon buhsan tgk blog den yg x terapdetss ni... practically, there were so many activities happened during a few weeks back. but me myself just dont have enuff intention to do the writing... ICT family day... futsal ICT vs Ames... my coming schedule for the new semester, dinner at NARA for our Boss's besday ....and of course the hectic week of KUKTEM's MINDS. So atas permintaan ramai (cheewass) laa sket the intross...the long one will probably be entered very soon...

i'll be departing to KL within half an hour from now i guess...jap lg my beloved bak will fetch me here. so it means that i'll not be around during the MINDS preparation which is scheduled to be started tomorrow. tp takpela...ICTians dah ramai... and i know sume ICTians ni accountable and reliable as well, rite guys??? :D

ermm... i think i'll continue my writing once i come back from KL nnt la kots... so all d bess my fren for the MINDS! May d force be wif u.... byessss....

p/s: the attached pic is just to show how honoured...blooming semangkukss i am being chosen as one of the lucky person masa ICT Family day ari tu... tq prof!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day...

Dear batikchantingss...Fuuh...fernatss kenduri x abis lagi...even me myself takdela involve in so many rewang activities pons...:p ... but as i have a pack schedule for last week, and suddenly my bak asked me to come back early on friday tu, sbb nak bertolak terus ke kemaman... then after arrived the kemaman's town, we directly headed to my Pak Su's house at Binjai... nothing much i can help them, as most of my Mak Su's relatives dah ramai merewangkan diri eversince that morning. lepas dah borak2, help my kazen siapkan the groom's room, solat maghrib sume2 and etc, we go back to overnite at my mak ha's house at Ayer Putih... even kefernatanss mlm tu, i still manage to watch the World Cup (argentina vs serbia) keh...kehss..kehss... :P .... pity serbia, being terribly striked by argentina....

by the way, 18 June is annouced as a father's day celebration. As what happen during previous mother's day ari tu, i did plan to give my parents a treat tp tak tau lg bila... coz one of my bro is not here. so tak best la if one of us is not together with us to celebrate it. tak cukup corum maaa.... what ever it is, i just wanna say that it is such a tremendous miracle feeling to have an understanding dad like my bak. he really tought me a lot. and i really mean it.... A LOT!!... so for bak, i'm so blessed by HIM to have a dad like u. thank you so much for everything... and i really want u to know that i'm gonna love u forever, until the end of my life... "happy father's day bak.... and ana sayang bak forever...".. also happy father's day to all of the father thru out the world....

huh...termengalir air mata la plakss kat entry niss...isk...isk...

p/s: d photo is being "cilok"ed from my bro's fp... hihihi...

Monday, June 05, 2006

throb of awaiting day...

dear batikchantingss.... its 5th june 2006, and according to my previous conversation with en. zaihan last week, tommorow will be the most awaiting day in my life. GOD!...really worried what will be the listed grades in the slip for my prexious semester's exam...riso maaaa... i do hope i manage to maintain the result as well as last semster. kalo dapt "kaler terbang", better!!...:D apapon, a deep pray for HIM, may my coming results will keep inspiring me to do better in the next coming semester. go!!...go suzana!!

by the way, seems like i have to be a very2 strong survivor for next semester. by choosing not to take the YT's offer, i actually risking myself to face the tough and pressure condition. the fussy prerequisite will not give me any merit to ease myself during my studies. so suzana, it's gonna be a harsh and sturdy moment for u to go thru... please dont give up, and prove to yourself, as well as to "him" that u can!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

"tua mengejar kita"...

dear batikchantingsss.... i actually in the middle of ngosngess condition sejak smlm lagi... tapi, even the ngosngess condition keep revolving in my head... the result of new 2006 american idols did fabulously fascinate me... yeahooo!!... taylor hicks finally rawkss the competition as i wish.
well...katherine pon not bad actually... she do have a good and miracle voice... dah la lawa plak tu... but, taylor is much much more deserve to win this american idol season... congrates to taylor... even i'm TOTALLY not the person who will contribute the sms in voting his name as the winner, tapi... deep down inside i did satisfy with the least, he did a very good job and he really2 ougth to have those 1st prizes!!...

err...ok la batikchantingss...all of the above writing cuma stakat intro for this entry jeks...and i think i should change the topic...tetiba plak den jd american idol's reviewer tak bertauliah dan x bergaji niss...hehehe...

so tomorrow, i'll be going to KL... to attend my cousion's reception kat PJ. sounds so weird to have a wedding reception on friday, tp tak kesahlaa... it's his ceremony, so he do have rights to plan for his own ceremony... maka, akan berkonvoi2an laa segerombolan my family and my relatives from kemaman, to kuantan and straiiiiiight to the most popular family's check point everrrr - the kemensah heights...hehehe...

and tommorow jugak there's a "girl" (ye ke girl lg??) who will celebrating her 30th birthday... huhuhu... tuerssnye when the front number of the age is turning to the next level .... but anyway, life is short actually. bak tajuk sebuah lagu sang by fauziah latiff tu... "Tua Mengejar Kita".... lots of lesson from the lyric that can beneficially be kept for myself and all of us in this world... yet this life is just a temporary platform given by HIM... pinjaman semata2... but somehow, last but not least - happy birtday to you...may GOD bless u alwis "girl"... and may all of ur "dreams" come true one day...insyaAlh...

p/s: tenkiu so much to mas for the beautiful e-card besday...

Tua Mengejar Kita

Ingatkah semua
Hari tua pasti menjelma
Detik waktu yang laju
Pantasnya tak akan menunggu

Begitu usia
Makin hari makin meninggi
Siang malam berganti
Yang pergi tak berulang sekali lagi

Begitu cepat putaran masa
Terkadang tanpa pun kita sedar
Siapa yang lebih bersedia
Dialah yang selesa

Tua mengejar
Pasti tiba masanya
Kau merasa
Hidup tak segagah
Waktu remaja
Di mana tenaga
Di hari tua
Makin terpadam semua

Tua mengejar di mana kau berada
Tak berbeza semua kan merasa
Itu hakikat tak bisa hindari
Walau seinci bersihkan diri
Sebelum terlewat nanti

Hey kawan semua
Aku cuma memberi pesan
Andai cukup bekalan
Tak mungkin kita kehausan

Usahlah menunggu
Uban memutih di rambutmu
Cepat-cepat berilmu
Semoga tak menuju di jalan buntu

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day...

dear batikchantingss... its a beautiful sunday, 14 May 2006. i'm not sure how does this mother's day being initially celebrated. who's the initiator... when did this day being initiated and why does 14th May was chosen as a day to celebrate mother's day...what ever it is, yg fentingss... i truly deeply wanna say "Happy Mother's Day" to my beautiful beloved mama who alwis...and alwis.. and alwis be there for me no matter what's the cicumstances are....

this fair-chinese-look mama did raise me +-30 years ago... and baru 2-3 days back she did tell me a story when she was pregnant for me, she did fall down from a stairs!!!... my mama said, kalo x silap she slipped down atas 4 anak tangga... addduss!!... dgn kandungan yg baru nak masuk semilan bulan tu... anything can happen sebenonye.... fuuuh...alhamdulillah, HE still allow me to see this world. tapi kan, my beloved bak did say something lepas tu, " wonder u alwis falls down from some where..." then
hahahaahha...riuh satu umah gelakkan den...huhuhu... especially my two brothers yg mmg hobi suka kenakan akak doran ni... but anyway, i love this family. i love all of them very much!!!...isk..isk... sedey plaks bila tulis ayat2 camni... okla batikchantingss... need to go and bersiap2 utk celebrate mother's day kat lua jap lg... will give this family a lunch treat... Happy Mother's Day Mama... and ana sayang mama forever and ever...and u will alwis and alwis stays special in my heart...

p/s: also happy mother's day to all of the mother in this world....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

ups and downs of early MAY 2006

dear batikchantingsss... its another MAY... byk mnde yg i expect to beautifully happend during 2006 punya MAY ni... but then, life is just like a jagged wave... ups and downs...twist and turns... swirls ans wobbles... but somehow, Alhamdulillah... at last i did successfully pass through the interview session at YT siang tadi... the questionss, errm... i think i have to categorize them as quite tough and very objective. those 3 interviewers were very firm and serious abbis maaaa... well, they suppose to act so pon, yet this is a matter of laoning a thousands of money to the eligible students, rite?... bukan nak kasi pinjam singgit dua jekss... but overall, i manage to answer
all of the questions pretty well, even there were so many butterflies flies around in my stomach masa adegan menunggu turn to be called into the interview room...

anyway, tommorow seems like i have to take an emergency leave. my cuty beige atos was again being hit... hadehss... pity atos. uhukss.. uhukss... dah jadi pemandu berhemah tahap gabanss jek rasa, tup...tup... the ngosngess riders tu plak sesedap rasa hit my cuty beige atos... kemek calarnya atos den, camtulaa ancusssnye ati den. huhuhu... nangess berkodi2 pon wont make my atos looks cute and better back IF i dont withdraw fulusss to recover her body.... ampessdotcom sungguh den rasa... :(( ...these circumstances really makes me keep suffocatezzzzzxcmvnkfjgtpwsss.... huh....tensi...tensi...

sabo suzana...sabo... sesungguhnya sume ni adalah ujian drNYA... just always keep the beautiful 286 of HIS firman in ur heart.... then u will feel much more better...

Monday, April 24, 2006

slamat ber"cuntiss" semesterss...

dear batikchantingsss.... waaaaa.... kuterasa bagaikan lapang sungguh kepala ku ini... walopon keje opis yg byk tertangguh seminggu itu terus menerus setia menungguku utk diselesaikan.... anyway, a deep pray for HIM for always blessing me in what ever i'm doing and taking... without HIS bless and my supportive parents and brothers, i dont think i can make it sekaligus completing my 2nd semester. fuh!!.... never ever thought that i can reach this level...even the financially matters really suffocate me quite badly....hadehss...:(

the final exam on last 22 april was running as scheduled... and me myself buley la categorized as prepared la jugakss... tp xdela sampai well-prepared pon, coz i need to complete the triple assigmntss within 2-3 days...huhuhu... bengos2 den nak siapkan essay yg berkajang2 tusss... but b4 that, i did ensure to complete the group task dulu...sbb taknak bersimpang siur with my personal assgmnt. and alhamdulillah... everything completely done +-2 days before i took off to KL on last friday. as for the papers plak, huh!!... the DB paper was so tough!... case studynye, adduss!!... dah baca berkali2 pon, stil cannot grab what does the question mean actually....and for the last part of the question tu plak, never thought that the lecturer ada jugak include those too technical questions... pity of mossst of my classmates for not really into that zone of question... tp what ever it is, rite now everybody just have to wait for the result nnt... riso gak niss... really hope i still can menten the cg... insyaAlh...

anyway suzana, your 2nd semester da abiss... next sesi "berperang" will be started probably around july nnt. hermm...around july ekk?...july...july...july... seems like my nex agenda isss... to make sure that i'll be able to perform well in the interview session dan seterusnye being offered the study loan from my own hometown very soon ...really hope so.... all d bestosss suzana!!!! may de fos be wif u...

attached below is my latest feveret song by kelly clarkson lg... hmm... "lalalala....well if u dont have the answer, why you standing here....just walk away..."...henjoice!!

You've got your mother and your brother, every other
Under cover telling you what to say
You think I'm stupid
But the truth is, that it's Cupid
Baby, loving you has made me this way

So before you point your finger
Get your hands off of my trigger
You need to know this situations getting old
And now the more you talk, the less I can take

I'm looking for attention
Not another question
Should you stay or should you go
Well, if you don't have the answer
Why you still standing here
Just walk away

I waited here for you like a kid waiting after school
So tell me how come you never showed
I gave you everything and never asked for anything
And look at me, I'm all alone
So before you start defending, baby
Stop all your pretending

I know you know I know
So what's the point in being so,
"Let's get this show on the road today"

I'm looking for attention
Not another question
Should you stay or should you go
Well, if you don't have the answer
Why you still standing here
Just walk away

I want a love
I want a fire
To feel the burn
My desires
I want a man by my side
Not a boy who runs and hides
Are you going to fight for me
Die for me
Live and breathe for me
Do you care for me
Cause if you don't then just leave

I'm looking for attention
Not another question
Should you stay or should you go
Well, if you don't have the answer
Why you still standing here
Just walk away

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the week of stadiostosss...

dear batikchantingsss.... the "tekanan" seems like keep pressuring me lately. the final exam is again come into my schedule of life for this 2nd semester...and juuuuust around the corner.... aaaaaa...will i manage to menten the cgpa? i really2 do hope so and alwis pray from HIM. takmo aaa cg jatus2 nii... fernatss2 ulang alik kontan-shah alam, skali rizats just for the sake of alaa2 je... huhuhu...lugi maaaa...

so its the "study week" now. and i think most of the IPT students are currently face the same zone like me. this chptersss, that chptersss... might be 8,9,10 or even more chptrs to be covered. as for myself, hehehe...ari ni dah 18 april, and i juuuust start to flip the 1st page of the 1st
chpter...kes..kes...kesss.... bahaya laa suzana niii... cita2 nak menten cg kununss... teypi, stadi mallerss!!... not sure laa why...sejak 2-3 mnjak ber"usia" ni, the guts and courages to work it out sort of not so strong as zaman muderss2 dulu.... i know that there's nobody can help me now as well as in the final nnt, but...huh!!... xpe...xpe... come on suzana... u r not suppose to let the negative side keep stimulates urself. kena lawans....keep striving...keep striving!!...musti...musti!!!....

anyway rite now i at least can take a deep breath laaa all of my assgmnt dah completely done...cuma ada a few part skeeet lg nak ditouch up. hopefully i can score for the non-final exam paper tu... and so do for the 2 papers for my final nnt jugak... all the best to u suzana. make sure this 22nd april is one of the best dooms day in ur life!!! *kipidap d good work!!

*hehehe..memetik word mr shoulder to cry on...;)

p/s: errm...wish to have a cup of chrysanthemum tea after finishing my final paper ptg sabtu nnt...mana nak cari ekkss??....

Sunday, April 09, 2006

yess...yess!!..prizentasi da abis!!!....

Dear batikchantingsss...fuuuhh...alhmadulillah and a very deep zillionth of pray to Almighty HIM for the smooth and stress-free presentation session for my final project smalam... ermm...presentation je yg stress-free, tapppi..... the preparation for the session tu, adehss... i feel sort of nak crack pale ni haa... sampai je ke umah my kazen at kemensah heights at about 530pm, penat driving tak abis lg...terus kena stress out my head ni straaaaaight sampai kol 3 pagi.... suzana dah tak macam suzana je rasa masa tu... sib baik aaa chat ngan "mr shoulder to cry on" kejap mlm least, ilang kejap the stress-ness tu... tenkiuuu... ;)

anyway, along the hardship tu....i also would like to extend my gratitude to my supportive team members - halim and amli for being so commited and progressive even we did face a tough and very "challenging" period of time masa nak siapkan sume2 tu... at least, after completing the presentation smalam, there's a tiny free slot in my head ni to be filled in with the rest queued assigmntsss for SAD paper as well as OS paper plaks.... pusing2, rupa2nya berderet lagi keje skolah while waiting for the last class smlm which is schedule to be started at 530pm (tp lecturer lambat sejamss...adehss..), we did have a discussion among the classmates. all of us nmpknya mmg tgh bengosngess ngan keje opis as well as keje skolah niss... those yg married laaaagi la bertambah peninssnye... luckily jugak den solo... so, the peningss is not as strain as them. i do salute gillerss kat doranss.... especially ibu2 yg anaknya sampai 4-5 org tu... anak2 laei...keje opis laie...keje skolah laie...umah tangga laie...huh!! all of u r such a very strong and sturdy ladies in the world!!...girl poweerrrrr!!...hehe...anyhow, seriously, becos of them jugak, i do bear and cultivate in myself that, there will never ever be a shortcut in our life to achieve the triump and victory. and i need to put the strength, the spirit, the zest and the enthusiasm in myself that xde mnde dlm donia ni yg impossible if we do believe in ourselves and strive, strive and strive to get it.... waaaaa....macam pakar motivasi plakss...nges..nges...ngess...

wokess la batikchanting readerss... nnt den sambung laie crite2 kat sini.... panjang2 sgt bercrite kat sini, terdelay plakss keje skolah den tu yg sgt2 SETIA keep waiting for me to finish it up...huhu....

....tinta anak pak zahid kali ni dr kemensah heights, kolumpo...tq so much abg lan!!..:D

Friday, April 07, 2006

err..."my daylight's nite??"....

dear batikchantingss.... nothing much to say today...cumerss nak paste seketul lagu which keeps buzzing in my heavily loaded head niss... its one of favourite song eversince zaman2 blaja dulu... i think that time was when this group hit the malaysian's industry music pretty boom. tapi kan...mana nak cari mp3 lagu niss.... pueh dah den "korek" internet niss...teypi tak jumperss maaa.... kalo dpt, best kan, zura??...hihihi... so enjoice the lyrics!!

Malamku kesiangan

Tiada beza malam atau pun siang
Payah lena ku menjelma
Sejak kau tiada

Tak menentu fikiran bercelaru
Tiada lain yang teringat
Hanya kenangan denganmu
Bertahun kita menciptanya
Retak hanya sekelip mata

Semuanya berpunca dari kita
Kerna di hati mempunyai
Keegoan sendiri

Tidak sekali pun
Kita nak mengalah
Masing-masing menegakkan benang yang basah

Tidak terniat aku mengungkit semua pemberian
Apatah lagi menarik semula
Sesuatu yang aku ikhlaskan
Padamu firasahku
Fahamilah aku
Apa yang ku lakukan demi kesungguhan
Cintaku padamu
Yang makin menyala
Namun kau rasa tertekan
Hingga tercetusnya perbalahan

Ku harap retak ini tak kan berkecai
Mari kita patrikan semula seperti asalnya
Keegoan kita bersama kita kuburkan
Jangan biarkan malam ku terus kesiangan

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Retreat ICT Program / 23 - 25 march 2006

dear batikchantingsss.... alhamdulillah...finally tersettle jugaks Retreat ICT Program which was handled at Legend Resort Cherating 23-25 March baru2 ni. Fuuuh... I'm not sure what are their respond to the program but i do hope that at least, all of my commitment satisfied them. and from my bottom of my heart, i generously want to say that i'm very2 proud of each ICTians. their pledge and commitments is highly appreciated. its a tough program for me as i am engage with lots of assignments as well as keje2 opis yg lain. But then, i do strongly believe with HIS firman in Al-Baqarah 286 tu. Hmm...May GOD bless u always everything u undertaking....and undergoing....

so, attached here are 2 pics taken during the days at Sri Chendana's hall tu. Banyak lg gambo2 yang di amek sebenonye.... u may browse more picss at my fp...the upper one is a pic of me and my hotel roomate, miss faie...and the lower one was a scene when we were generating a form of plan for our unit until 2010. serius tuuu muka den...hihihi....anyway, sedap pulak nama wawasan prof kasi kanss?...heheh...."WAWASAN 2010"... ermm...teringat plak lagu yg kitorg kena nyanyi berkali2 masa BTN ari tu..."wawaaaasan meningkat kemajuaaaan....tiada lagi kepincangaaaaan..."....ihikss... as imanss did designate me "guru mujikss laa katakan..." ;)

So okes laa batikchanting readers... got to keep screwing my head with the bundle of assignmentss tu...huhuuhu...finins...fininss...
Chow cincausss....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Shoulder To Cry On

dear batikchantingss...sometimes i do admit that i do need someone who can i trust and able to always make me feel so so relief... so to my dear mr "shoulder to cry on"... a zillionth of thank you for always be "available" for me... u r just some kind of wonderful thing happen in my life... and also thank you for dedicating this song to me....and i think u also deserve to be dedicated for the same song. A Shoulder To Cry On especially for u...

Life is full of lots of up and downs
But the distance feels further
When it's headed for the ground
And there's nothing more painful
Then to let your feelings take
you down

It's so hard to know
The way you feel inside
When there's many thoughts
And feelings that you hide
But you might feel better
If you let me walk with you
By your side


And when you need
A shoulder to cry on
When you need
A friend to rely on
When the whole world is gone
You won't be alone
I'll be there
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
I'll be there
I'll be your friend to rely on
When the whole world's gone
You won't be alone 'cause I'll be there

All of the times
When everything is wrong
And your feeling like
There's no use going on
You can't give it up
I'll help you work it out
And carry on

Side by side
With you till the end
I'll always be the one
To firmly hold your hand
No matter what is said or done
Our love will always continue on


Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on
Everyone needs a friend to rely on
When the whole world's gone, you won't be alone
'Cause I'll be there
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
I'll be there
I'll be the one to rely one
When the whole world's gone, you wont be alone
'Cause I'll be there
And when the whole world is gone
You'll always have my shoulder to cry on

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

unwell march...:(

for this third month of 2006, seems like suzana was not feeling very well. probably becos of the compact hectic shcedule...or perhaps becos of the changing of the environment... and also maybe becos of the unstable of her innerside... but the truth, it's only she and HIM know what had happend during this tough march... but i strongly believe that HE will only give such a very challenging task to the person that HE knew he/she capable to do it....

now its middle of march..means i have another half days of march to be undergone... huh... go! go! suzana. even deep down inside i do feel quite exhausted actually. exhausted of "many..many" things.... tak tau laa mampu ke tak nak cope up niss... tp apapon cabaran yg dtg, i've to make sure that i'll be stronger day by day for every single toughness that i need to face up ...sehinggalah menjelmanya peristiwa at the end of this year. you have to suzana! have to!... coz there's no turning back lagi pasni...all the best!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

outstation to my own hometown....

dear batikchantingss...huh..pejam celik pejam celik, i'm going to go to shah alam again next week for the 3rd seminar. keje skolah banyak lg tak siap nis...and what makes me feel worried more is the first test for DB paper this comin' seminars tuh...adehlaa ...satu apa pon den x baco laie niss..

mid of last week, i've been asked to go to KUSTEM, to observe and study their convo's session. but since the session is just a ceremony of special convocation to award the Raja Perempuan Kelantan with an honourable doctorate business degree (betul ke cantu namanya in englissh?), so i cannot cope a lot of actual information and facts on photography session for the students. The session is completely run in a very high protocol procedure, and i can see the yellow colors all over the Primula's ballroom as well as in the KUSTEM hall. But overall, i do salute KUSTEM for being able to set a high protocol ceremony for 2 kings from Terengganu and Kelantan as its not easy to set an appointment for both of them synchronizely.

when i was at K.Terengganu, I need to see all of the setup, the finalize task and last minute touch-up that they undergo for the big event on 23rd march tu...balik je dr dinner ceremony at Primula, we direct took off to KUSTEM malam tu jugak which took about 30-40 minutes driving... study that... observe what ever yg berkaitan then go back to hotel at 2 am... fenetss gillerss... and lebih fenetss when i need to be at KUSTEM at 7 am esoknye lak tu... i took sume gambo2 berkaitan ...cum videowoman skali...:D

i did arrive sekilau at about 8 pm. really exhausted actually... as i dont have enuff sleep on the day i arrive K.Terengganu. have a short rest...and sadly to say... den jatuh tanggerss malam tu...adehss... my right leg get swollen and my left shouder/arm cam terkehel... jalan dah hencot2.. cara solat pon tak sempurna sgt...huhhuu...sakit maaa.... last2, i took MC on friday tu... cannot drive as well as cannot properly walk...:(

oklaa to continue my pile of tasks niss...which i'm not sure sempat ke takss to be completed...isk..

Sunday, February 19, 2006

weekend at KL dan kawasan2 sewaktu dongannyo...

salams to my dear batikchantingss... i'm now accessing the net all over from cousin's house at kemensah heights... fuuuh...a bit tired today but not sure i'm tired becos of what... nak kata g ronggengss2, takdelaa kemana sgt pon... but i think the tiredness is probably becos of the trafficss...the strong hot weather (which suddenly turns to rain sebelah ptgnye)... smlm tu penat is probably becos of stressing myself in the class... luckily the test was forwarded to the next coming seminar... meaning that, i need to struggle 2 weeks from now laa.. adehss.. dokat beno jarak between this seminar and next coming seminar... dah laa the lecturer's requirement berlambak2ss... and all of them also need to be submitted next coming seminar jugakss... fensanss aa den lopeh ni...isk..isk... contraint tuuuu...

as for today plak, we were just went to my cousin's house at Damansara Utama je.....saja g ziarah2 since we havent meet for a few yearss... it was a very memorable gathering among of us masa pg ke Damansara tu... and i actually really wanted to meet my close cousin - rafidah...but then, she's not at home masa kitorg pg tu... just meet my auntie and rafidah's siblings je... and i really touched by their warm welcom especially from DD... a handsome tough chinese-look guy.... hehehe.... lama betul tak jumpa dorang adik bradik.. and yet they still the same as previous years ago... hmm...not sure when i'm gonna have a chance to meet them again... rugi plak tak amek gambo2 td...

So esok, i'm going to drive back to Kuantan and my beloved bak said we gonna make a move at 10-11 am laa kot... tonite den nak update sket the uitm's forum, then go to sleep... umah pon dah golap as everybody is already fall asleep... nite batikchantingss... c u sooooooons...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Torino...FIFA....and AF4.....

dear batikchantingsss... it has been quite a long time i dont update this blog, almost 2 weeks i guess... tp xde laa lama mana pon.... as i dont have interesting story to be jotted down here... nak cakap pasal sukan mukan, those stories are already jotted by my fren ached, ICT Sport's Manager...heheheh... but frankly speaking, even i'm not into sports very much, but i do follow the updates. Mgkn tak hebat mana laa follownye but at least den tau laa sketss2...

The opening ceremony utk Torino 2006 - Winter Olympic Games baru2 ni was very happening!!!... the ceremony occured at big stadium located kat Turin, Italy tu really gives me a big impact...padahal i myself ni is actually not even into winter sport pon... tambah2 laa kat mesia ni mana ada salji malji tu... yg ada tmpt salji buatan tu pon i never been there yet, ice-sakting area at Subang parade pon, den tgk + jenguk2 dari atas jek....hihihi...but the exciting of the opening ceremny tu is probably becos of their well-prepared agnda, good sound system and fantastic customary performance along the opening ceremony tu... with all of their energetic spectators... dan paling chantekss is the attractive whitish snow mountains skirts worn by the ladies yg dok pegang each countries banner tu... never expect that the skirt is actually a replication of a snow mountain!!....kretip...kretip... siap ada lampu lip lap lip lap lg kat skirt tu...

and tak lama from now, we also gonna be attacked by football fever plaks... :D and den myself pon
is one of the extreemist who suddenly turn myself as football fanatics bila FIFA World Cup muncul every 4 years ni... tak tau laa nape keterujaan tu tetiba datangss...heheheh.... exciting maaa!!... and i'll never ever forget masa FIFA World Cup 8 years ago i think and masa tu muderss remaja lg...;) ... i did watch the tv until early in the morning just for the sake of waiting to watch my feveret team...hahahah...ape laaa nak jd ngan anak pak zahid niss... but this year, i dont think i manage to stay up as 8 years ago laa... tp it is not impossible ponss... sbb my 2nd semester baru je abis masa tu..keh..keh..keh...

so okla for now... tak pasal2 this post covered about sports... just enjoice the happening sportss for this year!!...daaan..AF4 pon dah nak mula tak lama lg niiiss....hahahaha...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

reflexology's treatment

dear batikchantingsss... ever heard about reflexology? well, last week i did accompany my fren to go to the reflexology center at kuantan town. pretty scary to see her screaming kesakitan... adehss.. sian pon ada... and i did imagine if i was at her place masa tu...konpem nangis maaa.... as i knew that my own body also have certain health problem. when my fren is being massaged by the reflexologist tu, i did hang around in his center...tengok2 all of the foot map attached to the wall... then i did reflect it to my own body... and i sighed and whispered, "hmm... patut laaa aku sakit kat situ...isk..."

as usual, to find more information regardnig reflexology ni, i go for internet... and from the articles that i browsed just now, most of them state that reflexology is the art, science, and study of specific touch techniques. The concept of reflexology holds that various organs, nerves and glands in your body are connected with certain "reflex areas" on the bottoms of your feet, hands and other areas of the body. Moreover, reflexology claims that by massaging these corresponding areas or "maps," prompt relief from a variety of conditions in the body can be obtained. In most instances the thumb, or sometimes a knuckle (knuckel - a rounded protuberance formed by the bones in a joint.), is used as the massaging force, although some therapists use vibrators or other external forces. When properly administered, reflexology is thought to help relieve stress and tension, stimulate deep relaxation, improve the blood supply, and bring balance to the entire body.

so here i attach a foot map taken from one of the sites that i browsed for my own reference as well as batikchanting readers....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

it's just a mug of milo maaa...

dear batikchantingss... its 12.40am already. i did switch off the light jap tadi, but then my eyes keep blinking in the dark... not sure whats the point of idea that plays around my mind. i think its becos of the drink that i took for my dinner td. tapppi..its just a mug of milo jekss.. nape mata ni keras as i took a mug of hot "kaw-kaw" nescafe ekks??... so finally i woke up back, turn on the notebook and browse...browse and browse... read all of my fren's blog, read all of the memos and the emails as well. now, have a brief discussion with my classmate regarding our group project which should be weekly updated in the forum... adehlaa... luckily i have teamed up with a group which i hope will be a very supportive team member for this challenging group project, insyaAlh...

okla batikchantingss... tommorow i need to go to the office... MC da abis and the pain at my chest pon dah slightly better than 2 days back... so good nite, and sweet dream to all of you out theressssssssszzzz...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


ever feeling pain at your chest as it is being stabbed by something sharp?...adehss...thats what i'm feeling ever since last monday. the pain really hurts me and it trails until i'm jotting this entry.... i actually just dunno whats the exact name of the pain that i felt until i met the doctor today. i did meet the doctor yesterday, but he did not give me an mc as he probably thought that my pain ni will not getting serious agaknye... last2, when i woke up this morning, i just cant move my right hand very much... i cannot exhale and inhale my breath normally.... i cannot rush myself cam slalu. uiks!!...pelikss ni... tak penah2 den rasa camni. then i just "sms"ed my frens, telling them that i'll not be able to go to the office today. then again i went and met the doctor, this time i met the doctor yang slalu deal with my illness. he told me that the pain is called "costochondritis"... uish!!..never ever heard the word before this... terkial2 lidah den nak nyebut penyakit tuss... anyway, the doctor did give me two days of mc. sekarang ni pon still sakit, but dah bley overcome sket as i did take my meds about an hour tadi... so naik kat bilik and terus surf the information regarding this "costochondritis" ni... and all of the information was absolutely precise with what i felt at my chest ni... so here are the information for my own reference as well as for the batikchanting's readers...

Costochondritis -- Tietze's Syndrome
From Jonathan Cluett, M.D.,
- Diagnosing costochondritis

What is costochondritis (Tietze's Syndrome)?
Costochondritis is a syndrome of chest wall pain that is due to inflammation of the cartilage and bones in the chest wall. Also called Tietze's Syndrome, costochondritis occurs when there is inflammation at the junction of the rib bone and breastbone (sternum). At this junction, there is cartilage joining these bones. This cartilage can become irritated and inflamed. Depending on the extent of the inflammation, this condition can be quite painful.

What causes costochondritis?
Most commonly the cause of costochondritis is classified as 'idiopathic,' or unknown. This means that there is no identifiable cause for the condition. This does not imply that idiopathic costochondritis is any less painful of a condition than if the cause can be identified. The most frequently affected age group is young adults between 20 and 40 years old. The most common cause of costochondritis that can be attributed to a source is costochondritis as the result of a traumatic injury.

For example, a car accident where the driver's chest strikes the steering wheel can cause costochondritis by injuring the ribs and cartilage on the front of the chest. Viral infections, usually upper respiratory infections, have also been identified as a cause of costochondritis.

What are the symptoms of costochondritis?
The most common symptom is pain over the front of the upper chest (the area of the sternum). haaa...sinilaa yg den raso sakit tu...upper chest, sobolah kanan... Because of serious conditions, most importantly conditions related to heart problems, costochondritis should only be diagnosed after excluding other more serious problems. Costochondritis pain is usually worsened by activity or exercise. One of the most common symptoms is that the pain is present when taking a deep breath. This stretches the inflamed cartilage and can cause exquisite pain. Often simply touching the area involved will be extremely painful for the patient. Because of the many nerves that branch away from the chest, pain may be experienced in the shoulder or arms as well. When called Tietze's Syndrome, the pain is accompanied by redness and or swelling in the areas most tender.

Treatment of costochondritis
There is no definitive treatment that will cure costochondritis, however there are several helpful things to do in order to help manage the symptoms of this problem:

In order to decrease the inflammation, you will have to avoid activities that cause pain and exacerbation of the inflammation. Exercise, deep breathing, and strain on the muscles of the chest
may worsen the symptoms of pain and slow the healing process. As a general rule of thumb, avoid or limit activities that worsen your pain.

Ice Packs or Heating Pads
Whichever of these techniques help to decrease your pain may help you better manage your symptoms. These are just two suggestions that may help you with your symptoms.

hmm... the doctor told me, in my case ni...this pain attack my chest was probably becos i did lift something which was so heavy a few weeks back.... which was correct. so suzana... as you are aging, memacam plak penyakit yang menjengahss... :( ...u probably need to do something after this.. go and do activate ur lifestyle as it is actually prerequisitely needed for everybody in this world...cuma rajin ngan malas jek... *wink!*

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

selamat hari raya eiduladha 10 Zulhijjah 1426

dear batikchantingss...i'm currently accessing the net all d way from ayer putih, kemaman... we are just celebrating our aidiladha stakat sini jeks, will not extend it to Terengganu as the raya day falls on Teusday...which is middle of weekdays. my brothers pon tak balik raya as both of them commit with their routine jobs and classes there... so, berayolaa den dongan beloved parents, sepasang makcik pakcik, seorang kazen and seorang anak sepupu, cuty beauty Adriana a.k.a nana.... so this raya is not happening as last eidulfitri... met my kazenss and their children pon kat tepi jalan jek tadiss...all of them rushed back to KL, masing2 got to go to school, my kazen lak keje esoknye... kalo nak cuti panjang, just have to wait for this comin chinese new year laa kotss.. my both bros pon also will having a long holiday for that chinese festive nnt...

neway, my first seminar for this new sem last 3 days ran well. i did meet my feveret lecturer balikss... heheheh... and never thought that he still remember me, the ngosngess student in his class previously.... hahahahh...but i'm glad to again have a class with him. this subject pon den suko, but not sure either i can perform ke takss for his paper. masa degree level doluss2, lain laa citerssnye...siket2, spoon feeding...keh..keh...keh.... ermm... another 2 classes pon, oklaaa... but i'm a bit worried with the database class tu... the lecturer is ok, cuma.... ntohler...maybe my ears was not very good in the class ari tu... awal2 lg dah kantoi tak konsentret dlm kelas... once he asked me, terkial2 aku tak paham... dah la my eyes masa tu was just like kena sepit ngan batu....adehlaa... malu maaa... "err...sorry sir... i just dont understand ur question just now...would u please repeat the question?".... hahahahah... that question was just for the sake of covering my extreem sleepy jekss....

third class lak...dah malam...aduss... sampai ke malam kelas den kali ni...sombab otak den. after finishing the database class, i did take panadolsss. cannot stand with the crash swirl swing swoss swesssss in my head at that time... lepas telan 2 ketul panadol tu, then i'm a bit stable...but
the head started to swirl balik when the lecturer ask us to get the topic masa2 tu gaks.... adeh...adehss... but he's very nice man as well... bait2 percakapan dia tu very clear... i do admire those who can throw out their words in such a precise and exact meaning... jelas, terang, nyata....
ecececee.... tetiba laaa pulak den suke org cenggitu ekks?...kikiikiki....

but overall, i did henjoice my first seminar for this 2nd semester. classmate pon is getting smaller compared to 1st semester... and this time, one of my class ada combine with the seniors... hopefully i'll be able to carry this semester brightly...(buley ke guna term brightly sini..?)

i'll be going back to sekilau this evening gaks...tomorrow den cotiss lg...hehehe... really need to have a complete rest as i'm still a bit tired travelling from KL to kuantan last nite...and today travel lg ke
kemaman...and again will be going back to kuantan... fuuuh... fernatss...fernatss.... dan yg lebey meng"fernatss"kan...those assigmntss pon da start burdening my head gakss...

wokeslaa batikchanting readers... will update u more soon... ni tgh pening2 kesemputan becoz of the smokess from the open burning sebelah umah makcik den berkebuk2 masuk umah ni...suffocated maaa..... so c you soooonss...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

sem baru dah nak mulerss??...erkk...

dear batikchantingss....huh...pejam celik...pejam celik...the class for the new semester will be started a day after tomorrow... i use to feel unpatient previously just becos the period of holiday seems like cam lama...kununss2 aaa...but eventually, when the beige atos is scheduled to be departed to Shah Alam tomorrow, my heart starts to feel "alaaa....malasnyersss...."...hehehe...rasa cam nak naik kelas baru lepas kelas darjah satu duluss2....the different are, i dont have those new school shoes, new uniform and new school bag anymore laa... but the feeling totap samo...(ye ke samo??)...

my result for last semester pon kira ok jek...and i'm not proud enuff of it as most of my classmate did score better than me...what a very good platform they have...isk..isk...:( ..jeles ni....hmm.. canni takley jadiss... coz next2 coming semesters, for sure the subjects must be tougher...and tougher.... i should score better gak recently...but ntohlaa...anyway, still a zillionth thanked to HIM for His blessing, His Love and the unbelievable strength given to me... also to the remarkable trust and support from my lovely parents and bross.... without His bless and my family support, i dont think i can cope up with all these trials and tribunalss...

so welcome to (my feveret number) 2006!!...may all of my wishes come true this year... so do for all of batikchanting readers!!!.....



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