Tuesday, December 05, 2006

reception @ sekilau hills

dear batikchantingss... feel like dont have much time to write more lately... my own proposal pon blom stat ngarang...huhu... anyway, the reception ceremony @ Sekilau Hills ran as it supposed to be, Alhamdulillah... both of my parents looks happy...so do my relatives especially my lovely grandies, the loving couple ever - tok mid and tok midah. tok midah pon dah siap sedia utk majlis den...my cousin keep asking me to have an english style...memacam laa k.tie sorang tuss...tp chntek gak english style kanss? hiks..hiks...:p .... well, nothing much to be elaborated. tuan blog nak kena out station plak esotss... straaaaaight until 9 or 10 dec 2006. the travel will inclusive the session of attending my youngest bro's convocation at KLIUC, serdang. so here is just a pic from the numberss of piccass taken from a day before the tahlil, the tahlil day...and of course the dooms day of hakimin + mastura @ sekilau hills... more piccasss at my fotopages. last but not least, congrates to my bro and my sis in law. may both of ur love keeps blooming until the end of time...

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