Thursday, February 28, 2008

Allahyarham Muhammad Ridzwan bin Hj Zahid

dear batikchantingss... today is 28th February 2008 – it’s my late elder brother’s birthday. And if he’s still alive, he turns to 35 years old this year… 15 years having such a protective brother was one of tremendous memories ever in my life… I still remember he always reminding me to study smart (while rubbing my head gently) when I was studying for my SRP in 1991 at my grandmother’s house… never thought that it was the last time he rubbed my head... :(

hmm.. ingat lagi masa kitorg main2 kat pantai batu burok. If I’m not mistaken, I was 6-7 years old masa tu. I went there with him and my bak. My bak just want to stay and wait for us in the car while reading… “baik2 main kat pantai tu… jaga adik molek2..” pesan my bak to him. I myself yg dah tak saba2 nak main pantai ni cepat2 running to the beach. When I was enjoyably playing with the waves tu…. Suddenly I feel like something is pulling my leg to the sea…. I lost my body-balance then… kecebbussh!!!! Huhuhu… I fell down and gulp down certain amount of air masin tu.. eyyyekss! …. What I’ve heard at that time was...”anaaaaaa...”.... tup2 sedo2... my brother lifted me to the secured place apart form the beach. Then…”kang abang doh kata bla..bla..bla…” cannot remember what exactly was the mumbling… but the point is… he’s mumbling at me because he knew that he’ll definitely be scolded by bak after that heeee…

One more thing which is still bloom in my mind was… he was the one who always being asked by my beloved bak to pick me up at my tuition… so I have to ride the motorcycle with him +- four times a week… “ huh!! Ana ni berat la… sampai begesek ekzos abang ngan bump jalan tau…” huhu that’s will always be his uttering pot pet pot pet to me sbb ekzos motornya scretch because of my heaviness heee... Maklumla… adiknya mulats masa tu, maunya tak berat moto nak jalan hahaha…

Anyway, that particular of 15 years will always be one of the most beautiful moment in my life. May Allah bless u always. I love u and miss u so much Ari… Al-fatihah

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

anger mgmt and general election

dear batikchantingss... semalam, this was what I felt so badly…. Huhu… gurams.. guramss!!

Angry Adjective
1. having a strong feeling against someone who has behaved badly, making you wants to shout at them or hurt them:
He's really angry at/with me for upsetting Sophie.
I don't understand what he's angry about.
[+ That] They feel angry that their complaints were ignored.
I got really angry with her.
It made me really angry.
2. LITERARY describes a stormy sea or sky
3. If an infected area of the body is angry, it is red and painful:
On her leg was an angry sore.

Angrily Adverb
"Don't do that!" she shouted angrily. Demonstrators protested angrily following the jury's verdict. The Prime Minister reacted angrily to claims that he had lied to the House of Commons.

No words to describe my anger feeling. Just a cut and paste from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Apapon, I have tried to just put the anger aside because I know the Almighty knows better (sabo suzana… sabo...) BTW... as everybody already knows that the Malaysia’s 12th general election will take place very soon. Have u registered to vote this year? ermm... lets have a look for some facts about this election taken from the newspaper...


Voting day 8 March (Saturday)
Candidate nomination - 24 February (Sunday)
Campaign period - 13 days
Public elector - 10,701,054
Post elector - 221,085
No of registered politic party - 30
No of Parliament seats - 222
No of DUN seats - 505

As for me, this is my 2nd time to vote hehehe… everybody have rights to vote. So vote for those who u think is capable, reliable, knowledgeable, rational, competent, expedient, proficient, well-defined, wise and judicious daaaan yg seangkatan dgnnya … (no advance comment upon this issue… this blog is liberated from any political issue huhuhu…..)

oklaa... eden stop dulu... will update later for the new entry with the new topic. Nak g padang jenguk dan sokong suami terchentass baling itu bula plaks… :D

Thursday, February 14, 2008

pergilah melancong!!

dear batikchantingsss... here are some photos taken during our holiday cum jemputan kawen of our opismet at kelantan. lazy to upload one by one, so i just lumpsum everything in a single pic...really enjoice the holiday-cum-jemputan-kawen walopon the level of stress facing the heavy traffic was terrrribly horrible... huhuhu...

last but not least, pergilah melancong! segala2nya ada di sini... (hehehe mcm tagline visit malaysia la pulots!!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

fernatss tak hengatsss..

dear batikchantings... adehss.. penats + ngantuks + lemaunyeee rasa badan eden ni. definitely becos of the non-stop travel starting from 29/1 until 9/2 recently. i never thought about it until i came to the the office this morning, wondering why my body feel such exhausted like this huhuhu... anyway, i will upload some photos taken during the travelling period... including my opismet-sebelah-bilik punya sanding mandings... hihihi... selamat penganten baru to azhar azura... may ALLAH bless both of u... moga kekal bahagia until the end of time and dapat baby comeys2... :)

this is one of the piccas taken by unauthorized photographer (a.k.a paparazi andyana gitu... hihihi)... sori zure and alangz... not heart feeling i hope... but i'm really happy for both of u. for other piccas, i probably upload nnt2 either here or at fp.... cant wait to meet the newly weds ... musti banyak lg gambo2 besss with the professional piccas....



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pergilah melancongss!!