Thursday, February 28, 2008

Allahyarham Muhammad Ridzwan bin Hj Zahid

dear batikchantingss... today is 28th February 2008 – it’s my late elder brother’s birthday. And if he’s still alive, he turns to 35 years old this year… 15 years having such a protective brother was one of tremendous memories ever in my life… I still remember he always reminding me to study smart (while rubbing my head gently) when I was studying for my SRP in 1991 at my grandmother’s house… never thought that it was the last time he rubbed my head... :(

hmm.. ingat lagi masa kitorg main2 kat pantai batu burok. If I’m not mistaken, I was 6-7 years old masa tu. I went there with him and my bak. My bak just want to stay and wait for us in the car while reading… “baik2 main kat pantai tu… jaga adik molek2..” pesan my bak to him. I myself yg dah tak saba2 nak main pantai ni cepat2 running to the beach. When I was enjoyably playing with the waves tu…. Suddenly I feel like something is pulling my leg to the sea…. I lost my body-balance then… kecebbussh!!!! Huhuhu… I fell down and gulp down certain amount of air masin tu.. eyyyekss! …. What I’ve heard at that time was...”anaaaaaa...”.... tup2 sedo2... my brother lifted me to the secured place apart form the beach. Then…”kang abang doh kata bla..bla..bla…” cannot remember what exactly was the mumbling… but the point is… he’s mumbling at me because he knew that he’ll definitely be scolded by bak after that heeee…

One more thing which is still bloom in my mind was… he was the one who always being asked by my beloved bak to pick me up at my tuition… so I have to ride the motorcycle with him +- four times a week… “ huh!! Ana ni berat la… sampai begesek ekzos abang ngan bump jalan tau…” huhu that’s will always be his uttering pot pet pot pet to me sbb ekzos motornya scretch because of my heaviness heee... Maklumla… adiknya mulats masa tu, maunya tak berat moto nak jalan hahaha…

Anyway, that particular of 15 years will always be one of the most beautiful moment in my life. May Allah bless u always. I love u and miss u so much Ari… Al-fatihah

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