Monday, March 10, 2008

agenda balik kampung mertua

dear batikchantingss... last week was my agenda balik kampung mertua :)... but this time, the plan was a combination of going to my ex-housemate's wedding at kota tinggi - miss suraya hani, now pn suraya hehehe... her wedding was entitled to be held on 09032008. i was sooo excited to attend her wedding as we dont have much time to chat and stori mori on my previous wedding recently. never thought she did turn up on my big day tu sbb we've never met since my last day at UiTM in 2001. so after 7 years, definitely there were so many things to be shared.

unfortunately, i did not manage to attend her wedding as planned huhuu... my beloved hubby fell sick at Senai tu.... kesian suamiku itu... so on 09032008 tu, we just drive back straight to kuantan... the wrapped present tu nampaknya kenala diposkan... takpela... it has destinied that i cannot attend her big day tu... so to suraya, hope u have a very beautiful day yesterday. may ALLAH bless u and your hubby always and live happy ever after together...

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