Thursday, February 26, 2009


dear batikchantingss...

No words to describe my feeling towards the sad incident. may Allah bless his soul dan moga Allah tempatkan dia bersama2 org2 yg soleh.... Al-Fatihah

-akak sayang ikram very much-

Monday, February 16, 2009

mencara cara

yesterday, i've baked a traditional kuih for my hubby and my parents as well. this is my 2nd time i made this kuih. mabeles jugak la rasanya (hehehehe...terangkat bakul seniri plakss :D...) at first, i just mix 1 semi-thick dough for the kuih... baked...baked baked... skali terlebih la plak inti ayamnya... dah terpaksa mix another dough.... for the inti, i've prepared it a nite before... so xdela kalut malut nak siapkan nnt.... so here are the cara berlauk and cara bergula... i attached herewith the recepi... buleyla coba2 for breakfast or minum petang... after 30years++ baru la pandai wat kuih tradisional melayu dgn jayanya huhuhu...chaiyok!!!

since i left my resepi at the office, so all of the ingredients were meant to be "bantai je la labuuuu"...

For the Semi-thick dough

2 cups of flour
1 cups of coconut milk

1 1/2 cups of water

a half teaspoon of yellow/green colour

a pinch of salt

For the Filling

2 chicken breasts - diced

2 shallots - ditumbuk
4 cloves of garlic - ditumbuk
the spices family (cinnamon, bunga lawang, cengkih and buah pelaga)
curry powder
chilli powder
a bit of water

a pinch of salf
a pich of sugar

soup leaves

chillies (cili api lg sedaps!) --> minced together

1 - mix together all of the ingredients for the semi-thick dough.

2 - fry the garlic and shallots until its turn so-so yellowish.
3 - put in the spices family.... goreng lagi sampai naik bau
4 - mix the curry and chilli powder with the water... stir and pour it into the pan/kwok/cooking pot. goreng2 lagi
5 - then, put the diced chicken, put somemore water ikut kesesuaian.

6 - put the salt and sugar according to yor preferences.
7 - goreng2 sampaila pekat... but make sure not too dry... nnt x bes plak nak letak atas dough
8 - pour the mixed dough tadi into the kuih cara pan.
9 - once poured, put the filling onto it.
10 - then put the minced soup leaves and chillies on top of it.
11 - for the sugar filling, just pour the sugar after pouring the dough into the kuih cara pan.

12 - cover up the kuih cara pan for +- 5-10 minutes. then buley angkat utk dihidangkan....

caution: jgn mkn kuih cara yg bergula tu masa baru angkat kerna mulut anda akan kepanasan kepijaran utk 2-3 ari huhuhuhu...

Selamat mercubers!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


dear batikchantingss.... before i packed up balik keje ni, i just got to browse certain pages about cooking as well as sewing.... browse punya browse, i found this 2 blogs which passionately doing their hobby... what an exciting hobby they have! (den pon suko sume2 ni tp tak berbakat la pulokss... huhuhu)... many of us knows that nowadays, there were soooo many cupcake business reels down in google search (buley coba google kalo tak caye).... and this attached pic really attracts me very much!!... kiut miut betul "cupcake" si Laurraine ni.... wish i can have 1 for my personal collection walopon i myself don't have skills in sewing... tp buley la letak2 jarum peniti... hiasan meja solekss rite? :D

pic courtesy from laurraine's site



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