Tuesday, February 03, 2009


dear batikchantingss.... before i packed up balik keje ni, i just got to browse certain pages about cooking as well as sewing.... browse punya browse, i found this 2 blogs which passionately doing their hobby... what an exciting hobby they have! (den pon suko sume2 ni tp tak berbakat la pulokss... huhuhu)... many of us knows that nowadays, there were soooo many cupcake business reels down in google search (buley coba google kalo tak caye).... and this attached pic really attracts me very much!!... kiut miut betul "cupcake" si Laurraine ni.... wish i can have 1 for my personal collection walopon i myself don't have skills in sewing... tp buley la letak2 jarum peniti... hiasan meja solekss rite? :D

pic courtesy from laurraine's site

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