Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Selamat Bulan May?

Dear batikchantingss... has anyone notice about the month of May? Hmm.. I’ve just notice that May is a month which celebrates many occasion / ceremony / holiday… there are labor’s day, nurse’s day, mother’s day, teacher’s day and of course suzana’s besday hehehehe…. What a wonderful May!

So its 26th may 2009 and someone has turn to 33 years old today huhuhu... tua la pulotss... tp takpe.. Everybody keeps ageing... and for sure no body in this world will getting any younger rite? tp mgkn ada yg awet muders hehehe... so on top of that… a deep gratitude to Allah Almighty for His willingness to give me such a beautiful life for this 33 years. May Allah bless me in everything I embark on, dipanjangkan umo dimurah rezeki, having a healthy life and happy with my hubby and family. cuma i'm feeling a bit discontented as i'll not receive a birthday wishes from my little brother anymore... he used to be the most excited person in our siblings when it comes to birthday wishes... miss u so much ikram :(

Okla my dear blog… that's all for now...May Allah bless all of us in everything we undertakingsss insyAlh…

Monday, May 18, 2009


dear batikchantingss... ermm.. simply lazy to update the blog... so i just paste some piccas of a son and his beloved dad... awish hakimin and hakimin zahid... manyyyaak winduu la sama itu budak kicikkk...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

X Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) - recommended to watch!

dear batikchantingss... end of last week, my hubby and I went to watch X-Men: The Origins of Wolverine... ilang sket stress kaplaku with the tingtongsss surrounding happened to me lately… as for the story, I can say it was an amazing marvelous fabulous tremendous action pack movie… (pack ke actionnya??... ermm… pack la jugak sampai ada org tertutup2 mata kengerian huhuhuhu…)

I’m not an X-Men’s fan… not even X-Men’s comic followers… but I can rate this movie as a 2 thumbs up punya muvi!!... Why??? It’s simply because of the story plot which appropriately elaborated. Even my brother (who’s a die-hard-fan of marvel comics) said that there were some plots changing here and there, but as for me… everything was outstanding! Terasa macam nak g tgk lagi je hehehehe… but never mind. Balik johor nnt, I’ll ask my hubby to buy the blue ray edition of this movie. Definitely pueh ati!

Okla frens… that’s all for the updates… till then byes…



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