Monday, December 28, 2009

wedding ceremony @kemaman... ermm... terasa nak makan pizza

dear batikchantingss... we have been at kemaman last satuday... visited my uncle's house at air putih... huhahuha a bit with my cousin's daughter... jarang jmpa tp buley plak berpren2 ngan pakngah zaharinya huhuhu... pity of nana, she just need a friend to accompany her... then we go to apis+ila's sambut menantu's ceremony at kampung besut... near to my previous house when my family were staying at kemaman +-17 years ago... tp x amek gmbo la pulak... teruja bangetee kots tgk pengantens heheheh... anyway, congrates to both of them... moga bahagia until the end of time and having cuty-muty babies... mana tau ada rezki dpt baby kembar macam ila ;)... insyAlh...

the next day, we just spend our day at home sweet home jekss... actually, the feeling of eating pizza tu was keep mouthwatering us since +- last 2 weeks ago... since we haven't go to pizzahut anymore, wama'naaha... kena la wat sendiri... this is my 2nd time making pizza for our own meal... for this time, i just reduce the ingredients for the dough aligned with its topping… after tungtangtungtangss at the kitchen for several hours... then our lunch is deliciously prepared with some coleslaw... and the meals become... taddaaa.....

for the name of the pizza, i just simply put it as chicken hawaiian... why? becos i put some cubed pineapple and minced chicken as the topping... and for the taste of our pizza... hehehe... alhamdulillah mabeles!!... u may have the recipe from here... so do not hesitate to try it out!

p/s: i did add/reduce some content of the ingridients according to my preference...

okla prenn... till then byess...

Monday, December 21, 2009

cite ujung tawuns...

dear batikchantingss... lama tara apdet ini blog. bulan doblas pon da nak abes... but i believe there will definitely some wedding receptions keep running through out this month until the end of school holiday soon... as for me and my hubby, we will be going to kemaman this coming weekend - attending apiz+ila's wedding belah lelaki... i dont't have a chance to go to bad's wedding aritu... pekan pon camtu as the weather was not so good lately... so hopefully dapatla kitorg ke kemaman ni. tanak lg stranded mcm nak pg knduri ached aritu huhuhu... stranded in our own taman perumahan plak tu... adulaaa... so to ached, really2 sorry for not able to join ur ceremony at mersing tu... our atoz not capable enuff to pass thru the deep water up to our knee... nnt ada plak kete atoz gold tersadai kat tepi jalan sbb enjin masuk air huhuhu...

last week i was spending 3 days 2 nites at summerset hotel, rompin... sad to say, the facilities, services and foods were unfortunately doesn't align and reflect with its beautiful name of the hotel huhuhu... so to those who wants to coti2 somewhere in rompin, cari je la hotel lain... but if u able to compromise with the money u invest to the hotel's facilities, services and foods... so terfulangss... as for me, since this is a fully gov-sponsored workshop, so bersyukurla dengan apa yang ada...

okla pren... till then, byess..

Monday, November 30, 2009

hati, papadom, 2012

dear batikchantings.... its +-40 minutes pass 5pm... i'm about to take a move to go back... tp nak jot2 something here... ermmm...hati manusia ni ada macam2 conditionnya... ada baik hati... ada sebaliknya... ada makan hati... ada sebaliknya... ada murah hati... ada sebaliknya... ada sedap ati dan ada jugak sebaliknya... DCT pon ada lagu tajuk HATI... apapon, pendek kata, setiap conditionnya PASTI ada suaipadannya... pasti ada acronym antonymnya... so where are you located in? ermm... sendiri tanya, sendiri la jawab... because normally we know ourselves better than everybody... its either we want to know or we are not bother to know... keep asking people about ourselves pon useless because u'll probably get a bias answer for the sake of jaga hati... but the sure thing is, HATI is just an organ in our body... and i believe a good heart + a good mind will insyAllah transmit our outer side to be a good person... tapi kan, why at the spur of the moment i'm talking about "heart"?... ntahla... tetiba rasa nak tulis something yang berbahasa bahasi... even i know my bahasa bahasi is not as good as the well-known writer/blogger out there... bantai je laaa...

what ever it is, 2012 and PAPADOM were amazingly marvelous! both are highly recommended to be watched... for the 2012, just watch and take it as an entertainment... jgn terpesong with the story content... just enjoy the high quality of CGI technique tu... and for the PAPADOM... really enjoy afdlin's masterpiece very much... such a beautiful signature...

okla pren... nnt tulis lg...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

selamat ari raya aidil adha!

dear batikchantingss... joomla training has just finish noon tadi... awal setengah hari from the given schedule... certain of my opismet probably have made a move to their kampung starting noon tadi lagi... balik beraya haji huhuhu... since now its tengkujuh season, so ramaila yang berkira2 lepas ke tak nak balik kampung... what ever it is, hope all of them safely arrive at their own destination insyAlh.... nak tuka topik japss... above are the korean dramas which i have watched and still watching... i might be sort of outdated la in watching those dramas... out of dated banget agaknye... tp never mind... janji layannnss...

ni plak video yg beloved hubby anto satni... huhuhu... not sure 6 of them ni sextuplet ke or its just an edited video... tp muka masing2 mmg sejebon2 sama... and they sing MJ's medley amazingly harmony... so layanss jugakss...

ok la pren... since dah nak cuti ni... and after this aidil adha break, our office is going to be audited, so mari la kita sama2 me'5S'kan opis tti ni huhuhu... nok wat mnde dulu ni ekks?? :p

Apa2 pon, mohon maaf atas sume salah silaps... selamat hari raya aidil adha...

Friday, November 13, 2009

xtahu nak letak tajuk mende

dear batikchantingss... my body is aching here and there after coming back from the camp... and i'm pretty sure almost everybody who joined the teambuilding course will definitely feel the same way as mine huhuhu... ada yang terpeleot... ada yg luka... ada yg scratch2 maybe... ada
yang hilang wane asal gelang kakinya ...uppss!!! terlebey sudaaa... but the aching is keep healing day by day insyAlh... so no matter what the condition is, such a deep thankful and Alhamdulillah to HIM for letting us finishing our 4 days 3 nites course at El-Azzhar Camp...

xmo cite banyak2 la as i think everybody probably shares same storimori more a less ... kalo lain pon sbb naik bas lain2, umah pon lain2... so i put the one and only pose of me and beloved hubby while everybody is busy handling the kisa (what is "kisa" in english ekk?)... we've been shooted
by wahyu in the middle of the pengkisaan tu hehehe... thnx wahyu!

moral grabbed from the teambuilding session? hmm... pandai2la grab apa2 yang patut + any good valuess... sekian, terima kaseyss..

Monday, November 02, 2009

update segera

dear batikchantingss... not much storimori... just some piccas from hari ict and ptmk raya as well...

a - dah lupa slot mendes...
b - never thought ramai jugak org pegi booth ptmk
c - one of them lost her phone kejap... bila nak balik jmpa phonenya inside her freind's paper bag huhu...kecoh japss..
d - sume x saba2 nak jawb kuiz... ada yg score full mark rasanya... budak2 skrg... jauh beza with my own old times...

Selamat hari raya... walopon gmbo ni sort of out dated .... err... mcm tinggi beno songkok ached ekks compared wif otherss .. hehehe... sowi cheds... ;)

teambuilding kat morib plak pasni... adulaaa....

Sekian, terima kaseyss...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my hectic syawal 1430h... huhuuh

dear batikchantingss... fuh... alhamdulillah.. such a relief feeling after completing an event which keeps clouding in my head for several months!!... adu laaa... penat betul otak rasa... the previous SUN conference aritu was not so exhausted as this one... hmmm.. nape ekk? probably i'm getting ageing... dah tua.. tu yg kepenatans berdo'oh tu huhuuhu...

one of my friends did ask me to uppdate my blog which has been ignored since lepas raya aritu...... well, takdela lama beno diignorekan rite... yet we are still in raya mood... so i guess the entry is still valid for a month... lusa plak nak sambut potluck raya-maya kat opis lagi... kira ok lagi laa.... kan Mar? hehehe...

anyway, this event really gives me a LOT! apa yang a LOT tu? macam2 a LOT yang ada dalam tu which i just dont know how to elaborate here... certain people perhaps can just presume anything towards the LOT tu... but as for me, vast event requires vast sacrifice... full-shape determination, massive enthusiasm and intact cooperation... otherwise anco bederai la sudahnya... i know there were sooo many loop holes here and there during projecting this event but i've putting my very best to implement this... hence i hope the loop holes can be a very good checklist for the next person to continue the next agenda, next year insyaAllah...

takde gambo ke?... hehee... ada.. adaa... dont worry as i have 2 professional photographers to make a coverage during the events... tp sekeping pon den blom tgk lagi... nnt dah ada, i'll aplod here some of it... i did capture some piccas during the booth's installation process using my enset... tp x dapek plak nak transfer ke nbook ni sbb "gigibiru"nya macam pening2 ayam gitu huhuu...

okla guys... tqvm for the support and may those practices during this project reward us with an amazing and wonderful experience!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

aidilfitri 2009 - 1 syawal 1430 hijrah

Bergema takbir di pagi raya
Menyambut menyambut Syawal bulan mulia
Uh! Bersyukur insan pada Yang Esa
Berhari raya kita semua

Pohon kemaafan doa restu dari mu ayah ibu
Dipagi hari raya ikhlas kasih anakmu
Keinsafan kesabaran bermaafan
Menjanji kita semua insan yang mulia

1 Syawal hari raya
Aidilfitri yang mulia...

nak sambung nyanyi lg?... please surf the song and lyric kat internets.... hehehe...

well its the song from 4u2c punya group... one of the popular boy band during 90's... with the chained cd hang on their neck huhuhu...apa punye pesyen laa... anyway, its not the song that i wanna storimori here.... its my raya with family and husband's family this year...

my raya was celebrated from sekilau - kemaman - sekilau - KL -pagoh, muar - senai - tmn tas putra, kuantan... huhu...quit hectic raya i guess... several houses has been visited and of course varieties of food and kuehssss able to to be tasted hehehe... the mabeles one was at my Pok Di's house at kemaman... the food was marvelously nyum..nyum... nyumm!!! the mouth watering kuzi chicken, the original batupahat beriyani... the unforgetable cakesss... adulaa... but unfortunately, i was 80% full when we arrived at his house... makanya, i just eat ala kadar je huhu... (ye ke ala kadar?? fufufu :p ) ....

the other houses was normal2 je... tp as a whole, i can conclude my raya this time as one of the most enjoyably raya as i manage to learn baking several types of cookies and cake. sonotss bangettss!... maklumlaa.. adik ipo dah jd tokey kueh + cake.... so numpang la kakak iponya ni... muley kan kiah? :D

okla frens... gmbo raya ada kat atas tu sekeping... nak g gerai exponiaga + carnival akademik plaks cari lunch... byeiss... :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

selamat ari raya aidil fitri!

dear batikchantingss... dia tak diam... dah nak abis ramadhan,... and syawal is coming soon. as for me, i'm sooo excited sbb esok baru nak buat kuih raya teng...teng..tennnng... org lain dah berbalang2 siap, myself baruuu je cari bahan smlm... but there's no worries to much sbb i do have my MIL/SIL's cookies... so definitely can fill-up my zebra's canister raya nnt...

this raya, i'll be celebrating it here at Kuantan and Kemaman... 3rd day of raya, i'll be going back to Senai... huhuhu... xsaba2 nak pg plaza angsana nihss... org soping b4 raya, myself soping lepas raya huhuhu... (ada ke org wat gitu?)... but never mind... tp angsana plaza will insyAlh be my place to shop and shop... and shop walopon raya dah abes...

okla frens... the rain is pouring heavily outside... hopefuly reda ptg karang as i need to go to pasar malam gambang ni to get some ingredients for the preparation of the food for hari raya nnt...

so wishing all of the readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri... maaf atas sume salah silap..

p/s: jgn obedos makan masa raya nnt... kang dah elok2 slim melim, terrrrnaik plak a few kilos lepas raya hehe... abis keberjayaan menguruskan badan selama sebulan rmdhan nnt... :p

Friday, September 11, 2009

new skin!

dear batikchantingss... it has been a month and half for me to ignore this blog huhuhu...sian dia. i don't have specific reason for ignoring it tp the reason tu mmg ada... tp maleh la nak tulih nape...

and the reason for me to update this blog is because i've received a reminder email for several times from geocities informing me that it will be closed sooner in October... uik?? close?? ayyoo... most of my images in this blog previously located in my geocities account... kalo geocities totop... means my blog pon golong tiko le nmpknya... tggal tulisan je la kots... hence i choose to randomly pick any free template kat internets tuu... pastu tempek je kat layout blog niss... as for the touchup activities tu, nnt2la di pikirkan huhu... so this is why my blog is changing into the new skin...

alang2 dah apdet ni, i just paste2 piccas and its recipe which i've tried to prepare it last week... probably will also be prepared during raya nnt as my brother tu mmg gilakan creampuff sejak dolu2 lg huhu... and now my beloved hubby plaks... so selamat mncubers resepi nis!!

during baking the puff

creampuff is ready to be ngaaapss!! hehee

Ingredients for the cream
500ml fresh milk
100g sugar
80g custart flour

Ingredients for the puff
250ml water
125g butter
150g flour (all-purpose), sifted
¼ tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
4 eggs beaten

1. Preheat oven to 200°C.
2. To make the puff, put the water and butter in a large pan. Heat until the butter has melted, then bring to the boil. Tip in all the flour in one go and beat with a wooden spoon until the mixture comes together in a smooth ball and leaves the sides of the pan clean.
3. Remove the pan from heat and let stand for 5 minutes.
4. Beat in the eggs, one at a time to form a smooth shiny paste and thick enough to hold its shape.
5. Spoon or pipe the pastry onto an ungreased baking sheet.
6. Bake for 25 minutes, until golden brown.
7. When the puffs are cool, split and fill them with the custard mixture.

source: jenilicious

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

queen of the fruits!

dear batikchantingss... previous entry is a tribute to the king of fruits.... so this entry is the vice versa's entry....yeaa... queen of the fruits!!! if my hubby, my parents, my brother and my in-laws are durianzz fans... as for me, i'm a big fan of this fruit - mangosteen...

i'm a bit lazy mazy to jot down the stories pertaining to this fruit... tekak pon dah sakit dok makan manggis tahap gabanzekpotonglapan aritu huhuhu... so i just paste some stories about this queen of fruits... never thought that the juice of this fruit may cost us +-RM150 perbottle huhuhuhu... xpela kalo x merasa pon... baik makan buah originalnya je...

After harvest, mangosteen fruit undergoes a proprietary process that washes and softens the rind; at the same time, pre-ship mangosteen samples are tested and approved before the harvest is accepted and prepared for the production process. Fruit that meets strict quality guidelines is then submitted to a three-stage purée process to preserve flavor and nutritional integrity, and create the Queen of mangosteen juices from the Queen of Fruits. To meet impressive demand and secure a fresh final product, XanGo® Juice is formulated and manufactured daily.

Mangosteen Juice Supplement Standards

The premium standard of XanGo's mangosteen juice supplement is guaranteed through a number of quality controls, including:

  • Definition and analysis of every processing step.
  • HACCP system to find and keep quality in every part of the process.
  • Implementation of CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • FDA and USDA audits.
  • Hundreds of quality control tests, checks, balances, controls and processes—from orchard to order.
  • ISO certification of WILD Flavors, a partner in the formulation of XanGo's premium mangosteen juice supplement—XanGo Juice.

XanGo's Mangosteen Juice Supplement

When XanGo Juice arrives at its destination, every consumer is guaranteed the same incredible experience—unmatched flavor and premium nutritional support. The final product boasts:

  • The nutritional attributes of the whole mangosteen fruit. In fact, our mangosteen juice supplement is the only product on the market that utilizes the entire mangosteen fruit.
  • A category-creating, market-leading, premium dietary supplement.
  • A flavorful experience unlike any other.
  • The harnessed power of xanthones—one of the mangosteen’s powerful, biologically active components.
  • Decades of promising research and continuing health revelations.
  • A supplement that is safe for everyone
more information here

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

king of the fruits!

dear batikchantingss... yesterday, today, tommorrow... lusa...tulat until the season is finish... everybody is talking and eating this king of the fruitss... for me, ermmm... as usual mmg kuren gemo makan durian nis... not sure why tp mmg kuren gemo laa...

so this entry is a tribute to this king of the fruits as well as it's big fanzzz... since my hubby, my parents, my siblings and my in-laws sumenya durianzzzz big fan... huuuuhuu...

Durian Kaya Cake huhuhu... the texture of the cake looks sooo moisture... tp toppingnya tu kita bagi la kpd penggemar2 durians hehehee... those who wants this recipe can have it here :)

selamat mncuberss!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformer : Revenge of the Fallen - review

dear batikchantingss.... as i said in my previous entry... here's the review for one of the best movie watched this year.... Transformer : Revenge of the Fallen...

fuh!! mmg pueh ati la tgk cite ni. i did read some reviews before i went and watched this moview last nite... quite strange when one of the reviewers said that this movie was such a noisy, underplotted, and overlong special effects extravaganza that lacks a human touch.... my bro also mentioned me the more or less reviews regarding this movie thru his surfing...

for me, mudah je.... if u r expecting to see a LOTS of human touch, then i advise you not to go and watch this movie... but i was wrong finally... sbb as i watched this movie last nite.... there were soooo many human touch applied by michael bay into the autobots' character. riuh banget panggung layan those autobots... huhuhu...

the contest sponsored by this bigcinema pon bess!! but u have to buy the SXL (super extra large) punya set pop corn to enter the contest ... aduilaa... air pepsi beso...pop corn beso... really cannot make it to finish it. The biggest prize is an exclusive seven-foot Optimus Prime figurine worth RM45,000!!! huuhu...mana nak letak seven-foot optimus prime tu kalo sape2 memang nnt... jadi JAGA depan umah je la ye...

so to those who will be going and watching this movie, do henjoice your watching to the fullest!! bak kata amy search "berbaloi-baloi..."

rate : 2 thumbs up + 5/5 starsss!

p/s: balik dr wayang smlm terasa2 sume knderaan atas jln tu buley transform jd autobots... hehehe... my bro said - "katun jgak kakak aku niss...:P "

Thursday, June 25, 2009

beloved besday

Dear batikchantingss... it's 25th June 2009 and my beloved hubby is turning another 1 year old hehehe... happy besday sayang... moga panjang umo murah rezeki dalam sume perkara... diberkati dan dirahmatiNYA sokmo2... may u achieve in everyhting u undertakings... and don't forget our date at bigcinema tonite! ;)

luv u very much!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

past tense... present tense... future tense

dear batikchantingsss... here are some piccas taken when myself and hubby balik senai last 2 weeks... we dropped by at our favourite stalls at Chaah... sotonya huhuhu... such a marvellous one!! those who wants to try and have a pure jawa's made-soto, u are welcome to do so... hehehe... mcm rancgn jalan2 cari makan plakss... :P

pehtu, below is my core activity when i was at Senai - helping my MIL sewing the beadss... indahnya donia menjahit beads. i was soooo carried away sewing the beads (smpai ada org tu mnjahit smpai kol 1 pagi lebey huhuhu...) ... i manage to sew 1 and half of baju kurungs within 2 days.... hehehe... not bad for the first timer i guess...

then the nex pic was taken when i and my hubby going out for ronggeng2 at Skudai Parade... saja la amek gmbo... sbb the drawing is nice for me and creatice as well...

and last but not least...jeng ...jeng... jeng... our date on this coming 25th June 2009 hehehee... Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen...

"Tansformers... More than meets the eye... transformers robots in disguise"... huhuhu... siap lagu lagi

teringat2 plak zaman kecik2 dulu... my brothers and i used the be the die-hard-fan of this cartoon... takbley miss punya katun ni ... so awal2 tiket suda bli... i'll update the preview nnt insyAlh...

okla frenss...that's all for today... pening pale x abis lg dok stndby kat kaunter karnival wanita td huhuhu....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

17 years ago....

dear batikchantingss... lotsss of stories to be jotted here when i was at senai last week... tp kemalasan tahap gabanzz ni really hinders me to do so... hence i just paste a pic of mine and frensss when i was in form 5... this picture was taken at my secondary school ... huhuhu... pengawas zaman schema tak hengats sume... and thanx to my junior rukini for this lovely digital scrap picture! :)

where's me? hehehehe... adala kat celah2 pmpuan2 kat bhgian atas tu ;)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Selamat Bulan May?

Dear batikchantingss... has anyone notice about the month of May? Hmm.. I’ve just notice that May is a month which celebrates many occasion / ceremony / holiday… there are labor’s day, nurse’s day, mother’s day, teacher’s day and of course suzana’s besday hehehehe…. What a wonderful May!

So its 26th may 2009 and someone has turn to 33 years old today huhuhu... tua la pulotss... tp takpe.. Everybody keeps ageing... and for sure no body in this world will getting any younger rite? tp mgkn ada yg awet muders hehehe... so on top of that… a deep gratitude to Allah Almighty for His willingness to give me such a beautiful life for this 33 years. May Allah bless me in everything I embark on, dipanjangkan umo dimurah rezeki, having a healthy life and happy with my hubby and family. cuma i'm feeling a bit discontented as i'll not receive a birthday wishes from my little brother anymore... he used to be the most excited person in our siblings when it comes to birthday wishes... miss u so much ikram :(

Okla my dear blog… that's all for now...May Allah bless all of us in everything we undertakingsss insyAlh…

Monday, May 18, 2009


dear batikchantingss... ermm.. simply lazy to update the blog... so i just paste some piccas of a son and his beloved dad... awish hakimin and hakimin zahid... manyyyaak winduu la sama itu budak kicikkk...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

X Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) - recommended to watch!

dear batikchantingss... end of last week, my hubby and I went to watch X-Men: The Origins of Wolverine... ilang sket stress kaplaku with the tingtongsss surrounding happened to me lately… as for the story, I can say it was an amazing marvelous fabulous tremendous action pack movie… (pack ke actionnya??... ermm… pack la jugak sampai ada org tertutup2 mata kengerian huhuhuhu…)

I’m not an X-Men’s fan… not even X-Men’s comic followers… but I can rate this movie as a 2 thumbs up punya muvi!!... Why??? It’s simply because of the story plot which appropriately elaborated. Even my brother (who’s a die-hard-fan of marvel comics) said that there were some plots changing here and there, but as for me… everything was outstanding! Terasa macam nak g tgk lagi je hehehehe… but never mind. Balik johor nnt, I’ll ask my hubby to buy the blue ray edition of this movie. Definitely pueh ati!

Okla frens… that’s all for the updates… till then byes…

Thursday, April 16, 2009


dear batikchantingss... tatau apa mau cakap... sometimes, the picture probably speaks louder than writing... just feeling sooo anxious to face the d-day huhuhu... kalo leh lepak2 kat tmpt chanteks2 time kepala tgh miung2 ni musti best!!!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

cake anyone?

dear batikchantingss... its either u're truly bz or probably u r just buat2 bz... but the word is stil bz... its up to u where to put he condition in ur situation... what ever it is... people still need to eat to live... to survive and to carry the responsibility given faithfully... yang penting ialah "EHSAN" dalam diri...(quoting prof's speech pagi tadi hehehehe...)

so slmt menjamu mata ngan coffee cheese cake ni huhuhu... (i'm not cheese-craze person... but the presentation of this cake really magnetize me very much!!)... those who wants the recipe can go here... kalo buat byk buleyla kongsi2 ngan kawan2 kat hopis :D

* pic courtesy from gracekitchencorner

Friday, March 20, 2009

restoren dapur thai

dear batikchantingss... this entry is actually a tribute to my fren who loves tomyam (very much kot)....seblom ni, i did promoted him the SR's tomyam but unfortunately, the taste of SR's tomyam did not reach his expectation... tp tak kesahla kan... lain org, lain preferencesnya... for me, tomyam tu dah sedap... but after eating tomyam at thai kitchen last week… I can say this is one of the “bestest” tomyam that I’ve ever eaten. The location of the restaurant is just beside the furniture shop... i'm not sure batu bape area tu but if u're from kuantan, u'll meet this restaurant on your left hand side, before u reach Zaman...

This restaurant only operates from evening until late nite i think... siang mmg totops... we've tried their menu for 3 days respectively! all of their menu that we've tried were terrifically marvelous... kinda of thinking to go to this restaurant again BUT... kena jarak2kan sket our attendance there... sbb their food are quite salty... so for those who have high blood pressure, i'm sorry as this restaurant is 100% not advisable for you... bimbang ada yang tumbang plak right after u’ve taken their food… tp utk once in a blue moon, xde mslh… balik umah minum byk2 air suam to balance back your blood ciculation system hehehehe….

So below are some piccas taken b4 and after our meal at the restaurant on the 1st day… licin mangkuknya walopon I’m kind of tingtongss2 kepedasan lepas tu huhuhuhu…

ujung sana - hubby's nasi goreng belacan thai. for me is mee tomyam. i did ordered my favourite meal - kueyteow tomyam tp dah try2 kuahnya... baru noticed they gave me mee... so bantai je mkn sbb sedap jugaks...

we've been questioned with so many strange and weird name of lauk-pauk there...
sudahnya kami pilih sayur ni which is less weird in their name - broccoli udang... bestos jugaks!!

endingnya begini... tat tadaaaa...
burrppp... alhamdulillah... sodakallahum'azim... hehehee

Thursday, March 12, 2009

life has to go on...

dear batikchantingss....

hampir 3 minggu ikram pegi... tp hati ni masih terasa dia ada di KL sana menghabiskan sesi trainingnya di mercedes trraining center tu... huhuhu... ntahlaa.. payah benar nak lupakan kisah2 aku ngan dia... dulu berempat... lepas tu bertiga... dan skrg cuma berdua... i just can pray for him moga2 Allah letakkan dia di kalangan orang2 yang soleh. dan moga2 bakmama aku tabah untuk sume dugaan ni....

anyway, i know that life goes on... kita yg masih bernyawa ni still ada byk mnde lg dlm kehidupan yg perlu diuruskan... ujung bulan ni kalo xde aral, i'm going to move out from our rent house tu... so sort of bz tak hengatss with the current house ala2 tongkang terpecah huhuhu... hpfully everything will be under schedule....

again al-Fatihah utk adik tercinta... akak sayang ikram sgt2... may Allah bless him there... and may Allah ease our shifting matter ni insyAlh...

Thursday, February 26, 2009


dear batikchantingss...

No words to describe my feeling towards the sad incident. may Allah bless his soul dan moga Allah tempatkan dia bersama2 org2 yg soleh.... Al-Fatihah

-akak sayang ikram very much-

Monday, February 16, 2009

mencara cara

yesterday, i've baked a traditional kuih for my hubby and my parents as well. this is my 2nd time i made this kuih. mabeles jugak la rasanya (hehehehe...terangkat bakul seniri plakss :D...) at first, i just mix 1 semi-thick dough for the kuih... baked...baked baked... skali terlebih la plak inti ayamnya... dah terpaksa mix another dough.... for the inti, i've prepared it a nite before... so xdela kalut malut nak siapkan nnt.... so here are the cara berlauk and cara bergula... i attached herewith the recepi... buleyla coba2 for breakfast or minum petang... after 30years++ baru la pandai wat kuih tradisional melayu dgn jayanya huhuhu...chaiyok!!!

since i left my resepi at the office, so all of the ingredients were meant to be "bantai je la labuuuu"...

For the Semi-thick dough

2 cups of flour
1 cups of coconut milk

1 1/2 cups of water

a half teaspoon of yellow/green colour

a pinch of salt

For the Filling

2 chicken breasts - diced

2 shallots - ditumbuk
4 cloves of garlic - ditumbuk
the spices family (cinnamon, bunga lawang, cengkih and buah pelaga)
curry powder
chilli powder
a bit of water

a pinch of salf
a pich of sugar

soup leaves

chillies (cili api lg sedaps!) --> minced together

1 - mix together all of the ingredients for the semi-thick dough.

2 - fry the garlic and shallots until its turn so-so yellowish.
3 - put in the spices family.... goreng lagi sampai naik bau
4 - mix the curry and chilli powder with the water... stir and pour it into the pan/kwok/cooking pot. goreng2 lagi
5 - then, put the diced chicken, put somemore water ikut kesesuaian.

6 - put the salt and sugar according to yor preferences.
7 - goreng2 sampaila pekat... but make sure not too dry... nnt x bes plak nak letak atas dough
8 - pour the mixed dough tadi into the kuih cara pan.
9 - once poured, put the filling onto it.
10 - then put the minced soup leaves and chillies on top of it.
11 - for the sugar filling, just pour the sugar after pouring the dough into the kuih cara pan.

12 - cover up the kuih cara pan for +- 5-10 minutes. then buley angkat utk dihidangkan....

caution: jgn mkn kuih cara yg bergula tu masa baru angkat kerna mulut anda akan kepanasan kepijaran utk 2-3 ari huhuhuhu...

Selamat mercubers!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


dear batikchantingss.... before i packed up balik keje ni, i just got to browse certain pages about cooking as well as sewing.... browse punya browse, i found this 2 blogs which passionately doing their hobby... what an exciting hobby they have! (den pon suko sume2 ni tp tak berbakat la pulokss... huhuhu)... many of us knows that nowadays, there were soooo many cupcake business reels down in google search (buley coba google kalo tak caye).... and this attached pic really attracts me very much!!... kiut miut betul "cupcake" si Laurraine ni.... wish i can have 1 for my personal collection walopon i myself don't have skills in sewing... tp buley la letak2 jarum peniti... hiasan meja solekss rite? :D

pic courtesy from laurraine's site

Thursday, January 29, 2009

makan dan makananss

dear batikchantingss... since my fren dah sebut one the menus, so i just upload one of them which i used to order a few times when i & beloved hubby pg secret recipe tu.... kadang2 rasa mcm x pecaya sbb i managed to clear-up the whole bowl everytime i order this menu hehehehe... mmg unsangkarable laaa...

tp dah aplod2 gambo ni, ayyaakss... lapo la pulaaakk...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

how come how long - babyface feat stevie wonder

dear batikchantingss... this song doesn't mean anything... i just like the song, the melody and the v-clip as well... tp part of the lyric tu is what i feel now huhuhu... tak tau la guane the condition is going to take the place... burinss...

how come how long
- babyface feat stevie wonder

There was a girl I used to know
She was oh so beautiful
But shes not here anymore
She had a college degree
Smart as anyone could be
She had so much to live for
But she fell in love
With the wrong kinda man
He abused her love and treated her so bad
There was not enough education in her world
That could save the life of this little girl

How come, how long
Its not right, its so wrong
Do we let it just go on
Turn our backs and carry on
Wake up, for its too late
Right now, we cant wait
She wont have a second try
Open up your hearts
As well as your eyes

She tried to give a cry for help
She even blamed things on herself
But no one came to her aid
Nothing was wrong as far as we could tell
Thats what wed like to tell ourselves
But no, it wasnt that way
So she fell in love
With the wrong kinda man
And she paid with her life
For loving that man
So we cannot ignore
We must look for the signs
And maybe next time
We might save somebodys life

I on occasion met that guy
He stirred up bad feelings deep inside
Something about him wasnt right
The way he proves himself a man
By beatin his woman with his hands
Oh I wish shed seen the light
How can someone like that
Call himself a man
In reality hes far more less than that
And we cannot ignore
Whenever we see the signs
cause any kinda of abuse
God knows isnt right

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

awish hakimin 17mths

Awish tggu gepren kat tepi tiang huhuhu...
manyak geram + windu sama ini budak...
sik saba mauk jmpa CNY ni

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Selamatkan Palestin....

May Allah bless them...

Boycott Israel!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


dear batikchantingss... since i've been attached to "another office" due to the circumstance's insist, i've noticed that my entries lately revolved with something like these statements - 'kipidap' laa... 'teruskan perjuangan' laa... 'chaiyuk' laa... 'go-go' laa... 'all the best' laa... huhuhu... skema jek bunyi padahal kat dalam berserabut-serabets!!

tomorrow will be another challenging for me pertaining my task at temporary-attached's place ni huhuhu... moga dikuatkan diri ni to face this challenge...

as the conclusion, once again 'kipidap'-'teruskan perjuangan'-'chaiyuk'-'go-go' and 'all the best'.... Allah knows better in whatever happen to you...

penutup entri ni is a pic of layered triffle... somehow this triffle pic takde kena ngena ngan content entri ni... uploaded just becos of lapo plak ptg2 ni huhuhu...

pic courtesy from rinnchan



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