Friday, November 13, 2009

xtahu nak letak tajuk mende

dear batikchantingss... my body is aching here and there after coming back from the camp... and i'm pretty sure almost everybody who joined the teambuilding course will definitely feel the same way as mine huhuhu... ada yang terpeleot... ada yg luka... ada yg scratch2 maybe... ada
yang hilang wane asal gelang kakinya ...uppss!!! terlebey sudaaa... but the aching is keep healing day by day insyAlh... so no matter what the condition is, such a deep thankful and Alhamdulillah to HIM for letting us finishing our 4 days 3 nites course at El-Azzhar Camp...

xmo cite banyak2 la as i think everybody probably shares same storimori more a less ... kalo lain pon sbb naik bas lain2, umah pon lain2... so i put the one and only pose of me and beloved hubby while everybody is busy handling the kisa (what is "kisa" in english ekk?)... we've been shooted
by wahyu in the middle of the pengkisaan tu hehehe... thnx wahyu!

moral grabbed from the teambuilding session? hmm... pandai2la grab apa2 yang patut + any good valuess... sekian, terima kaseyss..

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