Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 1430 Hijrah

Dear batikchantingss... esok dah masuk tahun baru 2009. anyway just wanna wish Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 1430 Hijrah. may these both new year bring us new determination with new effort and new pledge! :)

Ni lagu 1 Muharram which i used to sing sokmo2 masa kecik2 dolu... marching abbiss rentaknya... bersemangat gintus!!

Satu muharram detik permulaan
perkiraan tahun islam hijrah
perpindahan nabi dan umat islam
dari kota mekah ke kota madinah

Atas keyakinan dan iman yang teguh
kaum muhajirin dan ansar bersatu
rela berkorban harta dan nyawa
demi menegakkan islam tercinta

Hijrah itu pengorbanan
hijrah itu perjuangan
hijrah itu persaudaraan
hijrah membentuk perpaduan

Oleh itu, mari semua
kita sambut maal hijrah
tingkatkan semangat
tegakkan syiar islam
untuk sepanjang zaman

Monday, December 22, 2008

coming 2009 with full-throttle of zest!!!

dear batikchantingsss... alhmdulillah finally abis jugak exam PTK which i keep reseating and reseating huhuhu... ntah mana silapnya kena reseat berkali2 cenggini... zaman blaja dulu pon tak seteruk nis... ampesdotcom btul rasanya. tp thats the fact i should face. really hope this is the wrap up for me utk tk1 ni... tak larat lagi nak ngadap dan membaca nota2 lapuk tu huhuhu burins2...

apa2 pon, esok laaa stat wat keje smula after consistently stressing myself for 3 days respectively utk exam ptk tu... miung la jugaks kepala niss... tp itula my unpleasant-habit which i myself discovered since i was taking SRP yearss ago, prefered to have a last minute study... which finally leads myself to huru-hara circumstance.....

ermm... so many things to go thru at the end of 2008 and coming 2009 niss... by the way, coti x'mas ni beroggeng di johor... can't wait to go and see to my MIL's 'new place'...:) As for the conclusion for this entry, selamat bertunang kepada yang akan bertunangss... selamat bercoti dan selamat menghadapi tahun 2009 with full-throttle of zest!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"bukan superstar"

dear batikchantingss... so many things happened to me these days... but dunno how to describe the things in words... so i just upload 1 video... kinda +- releasing me from these stressed circumstances... enjoice the video of "bukan superstar"... (just ignore for any inappropriate action in this video)

"Kamu bukan super, kamu bukan setar
Kalo digabungin kamu bukan supersetarr....."

Friday, December 05, 2008

quote of the day

dear batikchantings... last few weeks, i've attended a Program Pengukuhan Universiti held at UMP. i felt a bit discontented as i was not bringing anything to jot down... (walopon seblom ni x penah pon bawak buku ke pen ke kalo pg event tu huhuhu)... but this time, the organizer had invited Mr Arifin Hassan who has been the consultant for my previous course. so many things yang dia cakapkan dlm program tu... tp phrase yg betul2 get into my head was just :

it's good if u r a good staff... but it's not good if people dont know that u r really good

i think that's not the exact phrase he said but the meaning still there... so where are we? hmm...

...something to ponder....

Friday, November 21, 2008

mari membina semangats!!!

dear batikchantingss...

task, job, duty, assignment or whatever we call it, it still defines to the same meaning i guess. what's more important is responsibility to make sure the given task-job-duty-assignment is appropriately implemented. we might be forcing by many resources - circumstances, surroundings, people... but that's the fact. hence, face it with the given strength from HIM and try to fulfill them as well as u can. HE always knows what's the best and the most suited things that should happend to u.... may Allah bless u in everything u undertakings....

pic courtesy from incredible today

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bead's lover

Dear batikchantingss... lately I was enormously fall in love with beads and thread embroideries... I actually don’t have any experience at all in that particular sewing expertise but my mother in law’s embroideries book aritu really engaging me to have my own bead’s book walopon tak reti langsung nak menjahit sume mnde ni huhuhu….

I do plan to learn it one day. If permitted by HIM and my hubby, ingat nak beli 1 whole set of beads sewing ni. Tapi tak tau la jadi ke tak… ntah2 tinggal angan2 jek as I myself actually not a passion person in certain matter especially in sewing activity huhuhu… I really appreciate those handmade and creativity tp utk diri sendiri ni… ntahla… buleh ke?? sbb long-long time ago, i also terrifically fell in love with crochet and cros stitch... but what happen lepas tu, no progress at all
after i completed crocheting 1 small pencil case. mana pegi pencil case tu pon den dah tak tau huhuhu... sayang plak bila tingat balik skill ciput tu being forsaken ...lugi..lugi...

but nevermind. it's always not too late to start anything rite? better start tiny miny thing than never... hehehe... ayat nak coercing diri sndiri je tuu... wish me luck! ;)

* pic courtesy from marinacraft

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

addiction period da abesss...

dear batikchantingss... finally SOLEHA yg difolo2 sejak berbulan2 yang lalu telah officially tamat petang smalam huhuhu... manyyyaks sedey ooo tgk endingnya... walopon endingnya suda ku tau, tapi sedihnya tetap sedih huhuhu :(( ... aaaanndd... i extreemly sure most of my frens kat opis tu pon dah jd SOLEHA followers rite? takyah la malu2 nak ngaku... admit je laa... bukan kena denda pons... lalalala... :P

by the way.... i think, after this i wont get into those dramas anymore. tersangaaatla bahayanya as both of us turn to be heavily addicted to the sinetron. tp tak tau la kot2 terrrsangkut lg ngan mana2 sinetron pasni huhuhu... tp i really want to avoid it this time... really2 want to hehehe... addict to malay drama would'nt effect very much as most malay drama's plot is not as long as indon's sinetron...

okla fren... got to go now... ronggeng2 at nite market near to my house... babaiss...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

press + sure = tekan pasti?








human being are always human being. sometimes its hard to define them because there are sooo many variations of human being living in HIS world. and what makes me "tekan+pasti" ni jugak also because of these variations... arrghh... busan!

what say you? i actually have got nothing to say pertaining to "this" matter. really sick of it very much! tp apakan daya... life is full with trials and tribunals. and time keeps ticking without waiting for anybody. hence i've to face all "these irritating" conditions definitely ala2 half-hearted je ... ye ke half-hearted? ke xde ati langsung? huhuhu... :((

Monday, October 20, 2008

OST Drama Cinta Batu Belah

Dear batikchantingss... frankly speaking, i never ever pay any attention to AF6's song ever since they have been 'graduated' from that season... tak tau la nape... mgkn ada sikit prejudice towards them as AF became boring season by season.... tp, since this drama aired at tv3 (repeated at tv9), i've been xtreemly in love with this song huhuhu... definitely because the lyric tersgtlaa matchingnya with the stori mori... sedey isk..isk... :(

i'm pretty sure probably ramai yg dah basi dengo lagu ni... but never mind...
i just paste the lyric je la for this entry... song can be downloaded anywhere... hehehe... tp blila original to support our music industry cececece...:p ... so henjoice!

Nubhan - Ada Untukmu

Di sana pungguk menanti
Mengharap bulan membalas rindu di hati
Di sini aku berdiri
Menunggu penuh dengan kesabaran
Tanpa manis madah
Janji yang puitis
Tuk persembahan
Hanya ketulusan
Sekeping hati suci

Aku berikan kasih
Kalau itu yang kau mahu dari ku
Aku berikan cinta
Untuk membahagiakan hari mu
Aku sayang dirimu (menyayangimu)
Biarpun nafas ku sampai terhenti
Akan ku kota janji kita
Mendirikan Taj Mahal cinta
Seteguh kasih Shah Jahan kepada Mumtaznya

Terasa indah pabila berdua
Semakin tiba saat bahagia
Merai cinta kita

Lagu : Zeti Akmar Lirik : Abie Abdullah

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

storis after rayers

dear batikchantingss... lamanya blog ni dibiarkan sepi... takpela... since dah lama kesepian, i do updates here some stori moris coverred for certains days starting from raya aritus... my aidilfitri this year was different. i was celebrated the Hari Kemenangan for the muslims tu at Johor. hehehe... interesting because so many new things i've learned there. dah ala2 terel anyam ketupat bawang and learned how to bake kek lapis betawi & lapis masam manis walopon rupanya tak seindah yg jual punya huhuhu... yg penting rasanya rite?... ;)

as for my 1st day raya, i was visiting my hubby's grandma at Muar... the best moment at Muar was absolutely eating the mabeles batang buruk... which finally dibungkus dek hubby's grandma for me because there was a terengganurian yg kemaruk mkn batang buruk kat umah dia tahap ala2 lupa daratan gitu hehehe... :p ... thanx grandma for the mabeles btg buruk :D

last week... i was attending training at PJ starting from 7th aritu... it was a terrible xperience as its soooo hard to find a halal food there huhuhu... summme restoren cina looo... 2 restoren jowo which i'm not sure with the halal status... sudahnya, merapu2 je la our lunch during the 3 days training. but alhmdlh... we still manage to completely proceed the training session...

this is what we've been given when we request
chili sause from the counter huhuhu...
chili flakes and icing sugar... adehss... lemau lidah
den mkn pizza ngan empeng cili
dan gula icing ni

our dinner pon dingdongs2... most of malay's restaurant still closed for raya. so attached below are some piccas taking when we entered a restaurant which we don't know the owner until we've being entertained by the waiter with the xclusive menu book... teng.. teng.. teng... bukan sebrg restoren khadijah.... tp Khadijah Ibrahim punya kedai rupanya... and the cost for nasi goreng kampung is rm15!!! huhuhu... and that's why those piccas below was taken... terguris with the price, air je laa kitorg order huhuhu

arini dah 15 ari today, i am attending the internal training handled by the HR starting from yesterday. finally i've got the opportunity to attend training for this year. 3 days at KL, 2 days at UMP..... so cukupla kots for this year. ermm... what's the assessment requirement for each staff to attend training in a year ekk? lupa sudaa... tp xpela... at least dah ada tu, better than nothing at all huhuhu...

okla... thats all for now... chowcincauss!! :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


dear batikchantingss... pity blog for being neclegted huhuhu... previous entry was on 4th ramadhan... and today it's another 6 days more to go for us to leave this barakah month. hmm... ntah apa dibizinya suzana tu, den pon tatau... buat2 bizi gamaknye... :P

Ice cream cookies - but doesn't taste like eskrem ponss...

popular cookies, almond london
- why "london"? ermm...not sure why it has been entitled as that name

biskut... err...tak tau namanya
- also ready to be booked for raya biscuits

please state ur order according to ur preferences... hehehe..

well.... i still cannot jotting much. just uploading some piccas to ensure the this blog is being rejuvenated... hehe... lepas raya la kot nak aplod more stori moris.... byess...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

scenery before 1 Ramadhan 1429

dear batikchantingss.... nothing much to update. kinda bz la plaks... (kununsss... huhu)... anyway, here are some piccas of clouds and skies, taken on evening sebelum 1 Ramadhan recently at Sekilau Hills...

Masya-Allah... what a miracle scenery...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

bercoti di senai

dear batikchantingss...

last week i went back to my hubby's hometown for my in-law's merisik agenda.... during 3 days there, my hubby brought me hang around at Angsana Plaza and some nice places there... He did inform me that murtabak singapore is one of the best murtabak ever... so eden pon teruja laaa nak makan murtabak tu. we finally found the stall which sell the singapore murtabak (which is recommended by my father-in-law).... but unfortunately, the stall is closed on Sunday.. adusss! terkilan la pulots nak makan murtabak singapore after we indeed keep looking the recommended stall tu huhuhu... :(

so as for the replacement, we filled up our stomach at somewhere near to the closed stall with rojak, baked cakui and taraaa....

coconut jelly iced hehehe.... never thought that the taste of coconut jelly iced was as good as how it was presented in the bowl. sedap tuuu... so at least terubat la rasa terkilan den nak makan murtabak singapore tu...

anyway, end of this week, i'll be again going back to senai for my in-law's engagemnt plaks... hopefuly, ada pluang nak makan murtabak singapore tu insyAllah.... ada gmbo nnt eden aplodkans... hehehe

Friday, August 15, 2008

minyak... minyak... dan minyaks...

Minyak dijangka turun
Harapan kerajaan turunkan harga adalah baik

(Utusan Malaysia - 15 Ogos 2008 / 13 Syaaban 1429)

‘‘Nampaknya pada waktu ini jika dilihat harga minyak dunia, Alhamdulillah bertambah kurang. Oleh itu, harapan untuk kita kurangkan harga minyak adalah baik. Lagi banyak ia (harga) turun, lagi baik untuk kita dan harap-harap (trend ini) tidak berundur (harga tidak naik). Jika ini yang berlaku susahlah kita,’’ - quoted Malaysia's PM.

i also hope so....

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

today's working environment?

dear batikchantingss... a short update for this week. any of this pic / cartoons reflect your working environment?

terus x jadi komplen huhuhu...

"...dan kami sedang bz main solitaire" :p


during interview session...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

bila "sakuras" berguguran

dear batikchantingss... I'm sure many of us did see this view several times. in fact, this view can easily being seen everytime we go thru jalan nak ke bando kontan tus... this picture is one of them
  • date of picture taken : somewhere in May 2008
  • location of picture : not sure apa nama taman tu but on the way to my parent's house
  • season in the picture : tak kemarau, tak tengkujuh... tp bunga2 gugurnya kakya gini
  • conclusion : autumn @ kuantan hehehe

Monday, July 21, 2008


dear batikchantingss...

+- 10 years ago, i did play this game by using my brother's Sega video game. it sounds so boy's toy tp ntahlaa... not sure why this game really attract me very much. ever heard about CONTRA? hehehe... well, itu la game yg buat den fanatic main game... masa tu masih lg 2D punya version... and i kept playing that game almost everyday at that time huhuhu...

and after +- 10 years, i started to play it again masa ujung mnggu baru2 ni... oh my GOD! it was extreemly fun!!! playing the 3D version of CONTRA game from the PS2 really makes me feel 10 years younger!! :p teng teng teeennggg...

and what excited me most was... i managed to finish all of the stages available in the game with my hubby ... best!!! bestt!!! ada free time, i would like to repeat the stages lagi... eventhough jari jemari dah kesakitan sbb bersemangat + over-pressing the joystick aritu huhuhu...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"semutan" kereta

RIBUAN kenderaan terkandas di Lebuh Raya Hubungan Timur-Barat (Metramac),
berhampiran Bandar Tun Razak dan Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras pagi semalam.
Pengguna jalan raya di sekitar Lembah Klang terpaksa menempuh kesesakan
lalu lintas luar biasa akibat sekatan jalan raya yang diadakan untuk
menghalang perhimpunan haram.
- Foto Nik Rosli Ishak
- quoted from beritaharian15thjuly2008

sib baik tak terlibat dgn jem2 yg
tahap cenggini...
kalo tak, mau krem kaki den nekan
pedal break + clutch + minyak huhu

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

pantun kerat2an

dear batikchantingsss...

borong kain berpukal-pukal
hendak dijual di pasar tani
kalau kail panjang sejengkal
jangan lautan hendak direnangi

kalau kail panjang sejengkal
jangan lautan hendak direnangi
hidup ini bukannya kekal
beringatlah selalu hidup dibumi

hidup ini bukannya kekal
beringatlah selalu hidup dibumi
kalau bawak kuih sebekal
jangan lupa kawan di sisi

kalau bawak kuih sebekal
jangan lupa kawan di sisi
buat kerja bertoggakkan akal
moga diri sentiasa dihormati

buat kerja bertoggakkan akal
moga diri sentiasa dihormati
tunduk patuh jangan disangkal
untuk mereka yang layak disegani

tunduk patuh jangan disangkal
untuk mereka yang layak disegani
jangan hanya kosong berbual
kelak mungkin memakan diri

jangan hanya kosong berbual
kelak mungkin memakan diri
masuk awal balik pon awal
tapi beringat kita sentiasa diperhati

Sekian pantun kerat rotan :)

p/s: pantun ini sekadar pantun segera dicipta within 5 minits, before nak balik dr opis ni... dan ianya definitely takde kena ngena at all with anybody sama ada hidup atau pon telah meninggal... just something to ponder for each of us...

Monday, July 07, 2008

findahs + kutaks2...

dear batikchantingss... the jumaat - 11th july 2008 is just around the corner. but i myself still not packing anything to move to the new office. what worst the most is... sebijik kutaks pon nggak ada lagi utk menyumbat all of my stuff! addehss... busannya kena findahs2 ni... far from my hubby, far from my freinds here... ermm.. far apa lagi ekk? alaa.. in a short words, i am just in a resistance condition gintus...

maleh laa nak ngemas2 ni... busan!... within 2-3 days ni, i supremely need to find some kutakss...

Monday, June 30, 2008

ayat-ayat cinta

dear batikchantingsss...


hubby : kak... bagi tiket ayat2 cinta 2

counter girl : (tekan2 keyboard utk sistem ticketing tu)

(sambil memandang skrin sistem ticketing tu) uik!!... takde org lagi beli tiket cite ni kak?

counter girl : a'a... mmg kosong lg. tak tau la kot2 nnt ada org beli. bess ke cite ni? (sambil print out tiket dan bagi kat hubby den)

hubby : bess tuuu kak.


well that was the +- conversation between my hubby and the teruntum cineplex's counter girl . sharp 915pm, wayang pon mula. and guess what... mmg kami nonton filem tu berDUA-DUAAN. yaaa... berDUA PRIVATELY di layar lebar teruntum cineplex last few back days. huhuhu...

tp bess jugekss... imagine you are watching a big-big tv complete with good sound system privately together with your beloved one hehehe... bess kanss??

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hepi besday sayang

dear batikchantingss... it's my hubby's besday today! happy besday to him, may GOD bless u in everything u undertakings, dimurahkan rezeki, dipanjangkan umo dan always in a good health. i luv u very2 much and hope you luv the given present as well :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

andyana vs perfumesss

dear batikchantingss.... ermm.. How should I start this entry ekk? Well, I guess many of my officemate and close-frenss already knew that both of us are perfume fanatic. In fact as far as I remember, perfume used to be the first topic ever being discussed between me and my fren-exboipren-exfiance-hubby thru ym at ICT office, kuktem indera mahkota. I cannot remember what the exact conversation was but definitely it revolves anything about perfume hehehe... what I remembered most was, I told to faie after chatted with my fren-exboipren-exfiance-hubby..."huh!! Finally jumpa jugak kawan lelaki yg antu perfume macam saya"... (tp tak ingat faie reply apa lepas tu… awak ingat tak, faie?)

I started to fall in love with perfume ever since I’m at secondary school. But at that time, maaane la mampu nak bli sume2 mnde tu. Duit nak g skolah pon cokop2 je ayahanda zahid allocatekan. So I just choose enchanteur lotion - itupon beli the smallest one je. When I continued my studies at L&G Twintech, then I started to buy yg bess sket but still not the big name of perfume – SweetHonesty from Avon and Charlie from Revlon… pon botol kecik je (masa ni survive ngan duit MARA… so kena pndai2 la allocate duit). at that time, I started to learn about imitate perfume, perfume essence dan macam2 lagi. During that time jugak, some of my housemate used to wear BodyShop’s perfume which smells quite good. I really fell in love with Focus, Japanese Musk and of course White Musk from BodyShop’s collection. Tp sekarang there are soooo many ranges and choices of perfumes available at BodyShop compared with my time masa tu.

Then when I studied at UiTM, ada peningkatan sket in terms of choosing perfume… hehehe… I chose to wear imitate polo for women – pon the smallest bottle… dah la imitate, smallest plak tu huhu (masa ni survive ngan duit ptptn, so again, kena pandai2laa jimats)… then when I almost finished up my final semester, I tried to buy yg slightly bigger than the secoet2 b4 niss (kompol duit tuuuu) – Clinique Happy for Women 50ml. yeaa… that was the 1st perfume I bought for my own collection… and what excite me most was… when my hubby pon cakap Clinique Happy for Men was also his 1st perfume in his collection. Waaa… what a match coincidence… hiks....hikss..

Then, as time goes by…. I keep buying and buying new perfume when I started to work (masa ni dah pakai duit sndiri… so bantai la bli bila terujerss). My beloved mama used to always pot-pet-pot-pet to me due to my fanatic-hobby ni. But I always persuade her and my beloved bak by buying them new perfume jugaks hehehe (ala2 nak suruh sokong gitu :p )… lama2 my beloved mama tend to take it as normal agenda of her daughter… hehehe… bosan la kotss… :D

so now… there were so many perfumes in my collection. Some of them given by fren-exboipren-exfiance-hubby as a gift ever since we were fren-to-exboipren stage lg. the piccas showed our current collection of perfumes. Some of my hubby’s perfumes were not here sbb da abis but the bottles are still being kept as his collection. As for me plaks, I left my 1st clinique happy’s bottle at sekilau hill, some of my bodyshop’s collection has been given to my bro and some of my miniatures also at sekilau hill.

Ermm… if calculated all together, dah almost ribanss I and my hubby shopped for perfumes ni. Sometimes I do think macam ridiculous je hobby camni but when it comes to browsing perfume either at mall counter or thru internet, the ridiculous word terbangss ntah kemana hehehe… it was such a strong magnet drags me to at least try the smell of the perfume…. then it will sometimes leads me to ting-tongs2 of buying it if permitted by my hubby hehehe… but now, my hubby asked me to stop in buying any perfume anymore. Just finish up the available bottlessss of perfume yg kat umah tu dulu… ermm… he’s absolutely rite actually… x baik mubazirin nis… (teng..teng..teeenng…. :P )

okla frens… just a “little” stori-mori about my irresistible hobby ni... huhuhu... hingga ketemu lagik!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

sinetron's addictor?? erkk...

dear batikchantingss... anybody here layan sinetron dan cite2 from indons? well, i might have to say that i and my hubby lately dah jadi sinetron's addictor teng.. teng...tenggg.... :P

actually, i never put high intention towards indons drama but since i dont have astro kat umah (ayat ini bukan ayat perli ye bang :D ), then ntv7, tv8 and tv9 turned to be the alternatives...

the title of those dramas sometimes sound so so so plain and no catchy words at all. but somehow, the plain title really means a lot and very straight forward. the drama contents also good enuff for both of us. most of the contents revolves anything about the reality of life. below are some sinetrons / dramas that i've gone tru (especially masa demam baru2 ni... kepala berat, badan panas... tp mata ini bisa menteeennn utk nonton gitu... erkk... bhs indons??)

- anakku bukan anakku (tgk masa demam je... sbb on air pukul 230pm gitu huhu)

- model yang sombong (ujung mnggu Slot Hidayah Jun)

- dongeng aladin & lampu wasiat (this drama was fun to watch even i know ni cuma dongeng kanaks2)

- soleha
(as the above pic)
- bawang putih bawang merah (ditayangkan semula based on high rating. i dont watch this sinetron masa ditayangkan dulu... so seems like i need to catch it up tis time :p )

waiting list:
some dramas at tv9 for their "Slot Hidayah Jun"....

okla frens... got to go back now to catch soleha tis evening.... permisi duluk! ketemu lagi dilaen entri (hahahaha... suzana dah jd ala2 minah indon gitu)

Below is the lyric for Soleha's sinetron OST:

Sesungguhnya by Ungu

Saat dunia berhenti berputar
Saat manusia tak sanggup lagi berharap
Ketika mentari tak sanggup lagi berjanji
Menyinari dunia yang tlah kau singgahi

Mampukah kau untuk berbagi
Tanpa hasrat ingin diberi
Di hadapan-Nya…
Di hadapan-Mu ya Allah…

Sesungguhnya manusia takkan bisa menikmati surga
Tanpa ikhlas di hatinya
Sesungguhnya manusia takkan bisa menyentuh nikmat-Nya
Tanpa tulus di hatinya

Mampukah kau untuk berbagi
Tanpa hasrat ingin diberi
Di hadapan-Nya
Di hadapan-Mu ya Allah

Sesungguhnya manusia takkan bisa menikmati surga
Tanpa ikhlas di hatinya
Sesungguhnya manusia takkan bisa menyentuh nikmat-Nya
Tanpa tulus di hatinya

Sesungguhnya manusia takkan bisa menikmati surga
Tanpa ikhlas di hatinya
Sesungguhnya manusia takkan bisa menyentuh nikmat-Nya
Tanpa tulus di hatinya

Monday, June 09, 2008

how fast you type in a minute?

14 words

lembab jugak aku naip rupanya huhuhu... xde bakat nak jd established SU. you can try yours here...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The prolong fever of andyana

Dear batikchantingss... starting from 23rd May - 4th June 2008, it was such a tingtongss week for me huhu... at first, the fever attacked my hubby which exaggerates up to +- 7 days! Adusshh….riso²... but Alhamdulillah he did recovered from the fever after being flat for a week.

Within that 1st tingtongs week, I myself slightly felt not really well + my rhinitis lagi. So I just kept enduring and tried to make sure that I’ll be ok along the week. Tapi things was not happened as I hoped. Just after my hubby got well, eden pulaks demam huhuhu…

Demam..demam..demam…then baik…then it recurs back which consequently continues up to 6 days… I previously tot that, common fever wont take that long to recover tapi itu silaps sama skali…. “it will keep recurs until your antibody able to fight back the virus” said Dr Nurita aritu…

Today I pray to Him as I feel much better and I hope ni dah betul2 recover. This time I really learn that fever is just not fever… u’ll know the frail once u face it…. Bersyukurla dgn nikmat kesihatan yang Allah kurniakan selama ni…

errmm.. as an entry wrap up... a LITTLE news for a LITTLE increment huhuhu :(

FENOMENA SATU NEGARA... Harga petrol di negara ini dinaikkan sebanyak 78 sen seliter kepada RM2.70 seliter effective 5 Jun 2008...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

hepi 3rd besday batikchanting

dear batikchantingsss... smlm genap 3 tawon umo blog niss... and until today, if I’m not mistaken, I’ve changed it's skin for 5 times - the latest bluish one is the 5th one. This entry is the 132nd entry throughout its 3 years of its age. Meaning that, in average I’ve posted 3 – 4 entries per month which I think good enuf to make sure the blog is not being isolated + bersawangss2… hehe…

Primarily, my intention of creating this blog is just for the sake of polishing up my English language as I continue my studies during 2005. So did I accomplish the target? Hmm…sort of jugak la kots walopon takdela sampai berabuk2 my English language tu…

So happy 3rd birthday to my blog. Hope it will be kept blooming lively foreva!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my bday shouldn’t be this sad huhuhu...

dear batikchantingss... my hubby was not well on my bday huhu :( and I really care about him very2 much. but it was a very2 tough bday ever for me thru out this life.... or I can say - my bday shouldn’t be this sad huhuhu... as early as 820am, the A ******** thing started to happened which really makes my heart burning. panasnya hati Allah saja tau... but its ok, I still try to serene myself, always calm to face that A ******** thing. Then again at 830am, 930am, 10am and it keeps repeating until 7pm, the B ******** thing happened which extremely challenge myself. But I still keep myself be patient because I know HE knows better in everything. 1230pm - another C ******** thing happened, 430pm - another D ******** thing happened. Ya Allah besanya dugaan that I have to face on that day... which I really hope it will be the sweetest day for me this year....

Last nite, my beloved Bak gave a beautiful tazkirah and thoughts for me when I came to him and telling him my hardness day. He advised me to take it easy and it is not worth at all for me to take all the A B C D ******** things seriously. Of cos I’m damn hurt for those ******** thing but yet it is still not worth to put too much heart felt on those matters. My Bak told me that inside Al-Quran (Al-Baqarah : 286) Almighty quotes 'La yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha' which means 'Allah will not burden someone unless it suits with their capability'...

Thus I think and believe that I should be strong to face these entire things in the next coming future. I may not be the worst person to face this hardship. Life is full with pain and throbs... and I pray HE will always give me guts to face all this hardship... and more one thing, I’m sure that everybody will ONLY learn something when they themselves stay in my shoe on last 26 May 2008... thank u for my frens WHO really consider my situation for the last 2 days...

Picture Captions

Thursday, May 22, 2008

contestssss di mana2

Dear batikchantingss... I think this week will be a memorable weekend for those who will be winning any contests and also the reality show program (either AF or American Idol)... hmm... who will be selected as the winner for both programs? tengokla cemana nnt. I dunno much about AF this season as most reviews said that AF6 is ntahape2... probably betul jugak the reviews. "tak tumbuh tak melata... tak sungguh takdenya org nak ngate"... huhuhu... berpepatah plak eden :p

David Cook, David Archuleta take 'American Idol's stage for final time

So talking about season 7's americal idol ni, same as AF but I did pay extra attention to this program as I still manage to watch the delayed program on 8TV. I was not following the program every single week but yet i still get in touch with the Archuleta's news hehehe... he's just 17 years old tp sore power bangetss!! So today is the d-day for both Davids (final contestants - David Cook & David Archuleta) and the live performance can be watched at Star World channel. Both definitely have strong voice and strong aura (hehehe... omputih caya pasal aura jugak kerS?) but I personally prefer if Archuleta wins this singing competition even i know Cook pon nyanyi bess... never mind. Lets see who will win today... Go Archuletasss!!!

p/s: a big congratess to the Man-U team and the followerss... sorry chedss to hear that ur favorite team has been defeated in the last nite's European Champions League. Hehehe… nex time coba lagiks :D

Monday, May 12, 2008

PTMK 2008's family day @ Cherating

dear baikchantingss... yesterday was our 2008's family day at Riverside Beach Resort, Cheratingss... everything went very well even "certain" of us did not turn up in this event (tak kesah pon actually hahaha)... i dont think to stori-mori more here sbb batikchanting's readers pon mostly & definitely those yg attend that event jugaks... here are the selected piccass...

Anak Dol sedang menunjukkan bakat terpendemss... hehehe...chantek kuda syahmi :D

Terelss plak rasa main giant clogs kali niss.. siap leh kalahkan guys lagis.. fuh!! herbatss2 ;)

haikal tiup belon tak hengatss... yg finally bomb up in front of his face... sian haikal...huhuhu...

And finally, sbb eden and my hubby tak main paintball, maka here is a paintball video which i coincidently found at youtube this morning... hmmm... mcm bess la pulotss!!... ada pluang lain kali rasa nak cubers2 laa... hehehe...

that's all for the piccas... lots and lots of piccass can be viewed from the 'ictian'... apapon, really henjoice the event very much... c u next-next coming event!! :)

below are the "test-test" punya new free software utk value-addedkan the available image hehehe... very nice maaa... like it very2 much!!!

Click to play Andyana PTMK FamilyDay08

Friday, May 02, 2008

Iron Man on Labour Day

dear batikchantingss... yesterday was a labour day, means holiday!! so my hubby and I were going to watch a movie - Iron Man. I am not a Stanley’s Marvel comic fan, but I knew that this fantasy action hero was also one of his comic figures. the story was good and I still think the director probably should prepare with next sequel (belum pon semnggu tayang, den dah cadang wat sequel :D ) becos at the end of this episode, the iron man just fight with his own enhanced prototype-iron-man-suit wore by his father's best friend who indirectly betrayed him huhuhu... so macam kuren sket la challenges tu as he already knew the capability of his own prototype-iron-man-suit tu…

So, I just rate this film as 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Recommended to be watched for fun!! hehehe... dah macam ala2 film reviewer la pulots! ;)

Monday, April 28, 2008

darwish : 8 months

Dear batikchantingss... it has been quite long for me not to put some stories about my only nephew si darwish tu... there were so many "upgrades" about him since last few months. and yesterday, i manage to "huhahuha" with him for +-2 days... but this uploaded pic was taken @ Klang when his family were preparing to go to my cousin’s wedding at Kemensah Heights early April recently...

He is now starts to crawling, climbing and holding anything slightly higher from him which can support him to stand…. And if he cannot get or do or anything that not match with his desire, so just prepare the ears to hear his waaaaaaa!!... huhuhu… nama pon budak2 but I hope he will be a very good son and hamba Allah. hope to c u very soon awish… luv u a LOTS!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

the locked blog huhu

Dear Blogger user,

This is a message from the Blogger team.
Your blog, at, has been identified as a potential spam blog. You will not be able to publish posts to your blog until we review your site and confirm that it is not a spam blog. We will take a look at your blog and unlock it within four business days.

Please note that if we do not hear from you within 20 days, we will remove your blog. If this blog does not belong to you, then you do not have to do anything. Any other blogs you may have will not be affected.

Since you are an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not spam. We find spam by using an automated classifier. Automatic spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and occasionally a blog is flagged incorrectly. We sincerely apologize for this erroneous result. By using this kind of system, however, we can dedicate more storage, bandwidth, and engineering resources to users like you instead of to spammers.

Thank you for your understanding and for your help in our spam-fighting efforts.


The Blogger Team


dear batikchantingss... huh! finally my blog is free from being locked. i actually quite confused with the locked notice received thru my email a few days back. they told me that my blog has been identified as a potential spam blog huhuhu... ntah kot mana jd spam pon, den x pasti... kesian blog eden ni di"missunderstood"kans... :(

but somehow, they already unloacked my blog just now... after i responded to them once i received the notice of locked blog tu. they did apologized for misidentified my blog. so buleyla den apload a pic of my cousin's wedding recently... nothing much to stori-moris, because sometimes a picture elaborates a thousands words (err.. betul ke pepatah yg den guno tus?? huhu...)

ok laa my fren... tomorrow UMP will organize a family day at holiday villa cheratingss.. i and my hubby definitely insyAlh will join it, and i believe everybody is extreemly hoping to be the lucky one utk cabutan bertuah tuss... moga2 murahla rejeki kami hubby-wife ni :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

big day of zarinawati

dear batikchantingss... this sunday, i'll be attending my cousin's wedding at Kemensah Heights. hihihi... never thought that k.ina is going to marry again. anyway, alhamdulillah and a very big congrates to her and her hubby-to-be. moga2 this marriage will be lasting until the end of their time. perhaps, this might be the most precious time in her life after several years... ada rejeki i'll upload some of her wedding photo nnt... (huhu... tingats plak masa eden kawen aritu.. hikss)

so see you k.ina tomorrow!... the big-big wedding present will be sent to u soonss :)

p/s: tha cake's pic is just a pic taken from nets. reason for choosing this pic is just because the flower on top of the cake was exactly match with the wedding present for k.ina... hehehe

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MEIPTA @ KK and its story

dear batikchantingss... alhamdulillah finally i was safely arrived peninsular malaysia at 240pm td. my first journey to sabah was incredibly bess!!! walopon the vertigo was still there where ever i go at sabah tu huhuhu... now i'm at klia, waiting for my next flight to kuantan at 520pm nnt.

anyway, the most memorable time during my stay at KK was when i went to pasar filipina. since i was one of the cokia staff among the participants of the conference, meaning that i have to make frens with those professors and doctors... memula, mmg la rasa i'm too "small" for them... tambah2 la plak everybody keep speaking those academic issues... about this conferences laa... that conferences laa... and all of them international punya konperen plak tu... huhuhu lagi la terasa kekerdilan diri ini... tp, the session of shopping at pasar filipina tu totally changed my perception towards them. all of the professors and Doctors ni suddenly jadi huha2 tak hengatss!! one of them keep saying..."yeaaa ... mari kita shopping!! shop till u drop!!!"... dan mmg aku ke"drop"an pon mlm tu... even my shopped stuff were not as much as them, but since my vertigo tu still dingdong2 in my head as well in my body, so i just buy small2 one je...

eh okla ... time's up... got to go and chk-in now... byes!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

penginapan perchoma 3 hari 2 malam!!!

dear batikchantingss...

Conversation between me and the 5 star hotel's representative (ye kerss??) ....

cik 5 star : hello... boleh saya becakap dgn cik suzana?
suezahid : ye saya becakap
cik 5 star : saya buat panggilan dr hotel tuuuuut... no telefon cik suzana telah terpilih dan kami ingin menawarkan pakej penginapan percuma 3 hari 2 malam kepada cik suzana
suezahid : ermm... mana dapat no fon saya ni?
cik 5 star : sebenarnya kami telah mendapatkan 200 no telefon yang bertuah daripada pihak tuuut dan tuuut untuk menerima tawaran kami ini. kami sebenarnya dalam proses mempromosi hotel kami kepada orang ramai dan cik telah terpilih sbg salah seorang yang bertuah. so saya nak minta cik suzana datang ke hotel tuuut untuk mendapatkan voucher percuma kami tu
suezahid : (bertuahnyeeee aku... huhuhuhu)... ermm... takpela... saya tak berminat
cik 5 star : alaa cik... cik antara 200 org yang bertuah ni tau. boleh saya tau kenapa cik tak berminat?
suezahid : (eh eh budak ni... lebey2 plaks)... takpela... saya tak berminat. terima kasih.
cik 5 star : (dengan nada gloomynya menjawab...) ermm... takpela kalo camtu. terima kasih.

Have anyone of you ever received a call, informing that you have been chosen and offered to have a free stay for 3 days 2 nites at 5 star hotel?? huhuhu... actually i've received this type of call for a few times since i've got married. hmm... macam tau2 je eden ni baru kawen ekk? the first invitation from tuuuut hotel, i was sooo excited. maklumlaa... dpt tido hotel 5 bintang for free... sape tak nak rite? then... i did refer this thing to my beloved bak. my bak adviced me just ignore the invitation as there definitely will be lots of this and that once you agreed to come and meet them to take the free voucher. my bak said, the same thing was happened to my uncle. datang penat2 dari kemaman for free voucher at one hotel di kuantan... pastu there were sooo many steps for him to do including pay for for that in order to get the free voucher huhuuhu... pitty paksu den itu...

so to batikchanting's readers... just be aware. there's nothing free in this world. kalo ye pon nak tido hotel free... tnggu je la retreat program ke or any programs organized by the office... hehehe... otherwise, berjimat2la duit gaji... pastu leh g berchoti2anss sesedap rasa...

Monday, March 10, 2008

agenda balik kampung mertua

dear batikchantingss... last week was my agenda balik kampung mertua :)... but this time, the plan was a combination of going to my ex-housemate's wedding at kota tinggi - miss suraya hani, now pn suraya hehehe... her wedding was entitled to be held on 09032008. i was sooo excited to attend her wedding as we dont have much time to chat and stori mori on my previous wedding recently. never thought she did turn up on my big day tu sbb we've never met since my last day at UiTM in 2001. so after 7 years, definitely there were so many things to be shared.

unfortunately, i did not manage to attend her wedding as planned huhuu... my beloved hubby fell sick at Senai tu.... kesian suamiku itu... so on 09032008 tu, we just drive back straight to kuantan... the wrapped present tu nampaknya kenala diposkan... takpela... it has destinied that i cannot attend her big day tu... so to suraya, hope u have a very beautiful day yesterday. may ALLAH bless u and your hubby always and live happy ever after together...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Allahyarham Muhammad Ridzwan bin Hj Zahid

dear batikchantingss... today is 28th February 2008 – it’s my late elder brother’s birthday. And if he’s still alive, he turns to 35 years old this year… 15 years having such a protective brother was one of tremendous memories ever in my life… I still remember he always reminding me to study smart (while rubbing my head gently) when I was studying for my SRP in 1991 at my grandmother’s house… never thought that it was the last time he rubbed my head... :(

hmm.. ingat lagi masa kitorg main2 kat pantai batu burok. If I’m not mistaken, I was 6-7 years old masa tu. I went there with him and my bak. My bak just want to stay and wait for us in the car while reading… “baik2 main kat pantai tu… jaga adik molek2..” pesan my bak to him. I myself yg dah tak saba2 nak main pantai ni cepat2 running to the beach. When I was enjoyably playing with the waves tu…. Suddenly I feel like something is pulling my leg to the sea…. I lost my body-balance then… kecebbussh!!!! Huhuhu… I fell down and gulp down certain amount of air masin tu.. eyyyekss! …. What I’ve heard at that time was...”anaaaaaa...”.... tup2 sedo2... my brother lifted me to the secured place apart form the beach. Then…”kang abang doh kata bla..bla..bla…” cannot remember what exactly was the mumbling… but the point is… he’s mumbling at me because he knew that he’ll definitely be scolded by bak after that heeee…

One more thing which is still bloom in my mind was… he was the one who always being asked by my beloved bak to pick me up at my tuition… so I have to ride the motorcycle with him +- four times a week… “ huh!! Ana ni berat la… sampai begesek ekzos abang ngan bump jalan tau…” huhu that’s will always be his uttering pot pet pot pet to me sbb ekzos motornya scretch because of my heaviness heee... Maklumla… adiknya mulats masa tu, maunya tak berat moto nak jalan hahaha…

Anyway, that particular of 15 years will always be one of the most beautiful moment in my life. May Allah bless u always. I love u and miss u so much Ari… Al-fatihah

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

anger mgmt and general election

dear batikchantingss... semalam, this was what I felt so badly…. Huhu… gurams.. guramss!!

Angry Adjective
1. having a strong feeling against someone who has behaved badly, making you wants to shout at them or hurt them:
He's really angry at/with me for upsetting Sophie.
I don't understand what he's angry about.
[+ That] They feel angry that their complaints were ignored.
I got really angry with her.
It made me really angry.
2. LITERARY describes a stormy sea or sky
3. If an infected area of the body is angry, it is red and painful:
On her leg was an angry sore.

Angrily Adverb
"Don't do that!" she shouted angrily. Demonstrators protested angrily following the jury's verdict. The Prime Minister reacted angrily to claims that he had lied to the House of Commons.

No words to describe my anger feeling. Just a cut and paste from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Apapon, I have tried to just put the anger aside because I know the Almighty knows better (sabo suzana… sabo...) BTW... as everybody already knows that the Malaysia’s 12th general election will take place very soon. Have u registered to vote this year? ermm... lets have a look for some facts about this election taken from the newspaper...


Voting day 8 March (Saturday)
Candidate nomination - 24 February (Sunday)
Campaign period - 13 days
Public elector - 10,701,054
Post elector - 221,085
No of registered politic party - 30
No of Parliament seats - 222
No of DUN seats - 505

As for me, this is my 2nd time to vote hehehe… everybody have rights to vote. So vote for those who u think is capable, reliable, knowledgeable, rational, competent, expedient, proficient, well-defined, wise and judicious daaaan yg seangkatan dgnnya … (no advance comment upon this issue… this blog is liberated from any political issue huhuhu…..)

oklaa... eden stop dulu... will update later for the new entry with the new topic. Nak g padang jenguk dan sokong suami terchentass baling itu bula plaks… :D

Thursday, February 14, 2008

pergilah melancong!!

dear batikchantingsss... here are some photos taken during our holiday cum jemputan kawen of our opismet at kelantan. lazy to upload one by one, so i just lumpsum everything in a single pic...really enjoice the holiday-cum-jemputan-kawen walopon the level of stress facing the heavy traffic was terrrribly horrible... huhuhu...

last but not least, pergilah melancong! segala2nya ada di sini... (hehehe mcm tagline visit malaysia la pulots!!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

fernatss tak hengatsss..

dear batikchantings... adehss.. penats + ngantuks + lemaunyeee rasa badan eden ni. definitely becos of the non-stop travel starting from 29/1 until 9/2 recently. i never thought about it until i came to the the office this morning, wondering why my body feel such exhausted like this huhuhu... anyway, i will upload some photos taken during the travelling period... including my opismet-sebelah-bilik punya sanding mandings... hihihi... selamat penganten baru to azhar azura... may ALLAH bless both of u... moga kekal bahagia until the end of time and dapat baby comeys2... :)

this is one of the piccas taken by unauthorized photographer (a.k.a paparazi andyana gitu... hihihi)... sori zure and alangz... not heart feeling i hope... but i'm really happy for both of u. for other piccas, i probably upload nnt2 either here or at fp.... cant wait to meet the newly weds ... musti banyak lg gambo2 besss with the professional piccas....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bila Nak Saksi - 'LabahLabah'

dear batikchantingss... ermm... since I'm so lazy-mazy to update the blog, so i just paste a song lyric sang by SPIDER (hehehe... tiru ached apdet blognya :D )... My brother used to be a big fan to this group... sume album SPIDER dia bli ori huhuhu... bagus2... "sokonglah industri muzik malaysia" nges.. nges.. ngess... anyway, i myself can rate this song as attractive enuff to be listened... enjoice listeningss!!

Bila Nak Saksi -

Wajah mu kerap ku mimpi
Wajah mu sering ku puja
Buatku terasa sepi
Kala ku bukakan mata
Kau masih belum pun ku punya
Rinduku masih kau tak peka

Cintamu kerap ku mimpi
Cintamu sering ku damba
Buatku terasa sedih
Kala ku bukakan mata
Kau masih belum pun ku dakap
Rinduku masih kau tak singkap

Bila nak saksi
Kau datang terkulai
Bila nak saksi
Kau datang membelai
Bila nak saksi
Cintaku sampai

Dirimu kerap ku mimpi
Dirimu sering ku khayal
Aku angan-angankan
Kau dapat bersama
Nyatakan cinta yang terpendam
Membina istana tersergam

Bila nak saksi
Kau datang terkulai
Bila nak saksi
Kau datang membelai
Bila nak saksi
Cintaku sampai
Kau masih belum pun ku punya
Rinduku masih kau tak peka

Bila nak saksi
Kau datang terkulai
Bila nak saksi
Kau datang membelai
Bila nak saksi
Cintaku sampai
Bila nak saksi
Cintamu kugapai

Dirimu kerap ku mimpi
Dirimu sering ku khayal
Aku angan-angankan

Monday, January 21, 2008

migarid-10 vs migraine

dear batikchantingss... I’m not sure why but it was such a prerequisite for me to have a migraine after sitting any exams... rasanya this condition was not so bad when I was muda-remaja-jelitass dulu but now, the pain keeps attacking pretty bad. Probably because I’m aging (definitely laa..) huhuhu…

My latest migraine attack was on last 2 days back. After I finished the PTK exam, my head started to ngosnges soooo bad. And that’s why I chose to take unrecorded leave je even jam masa tu dah kol 3pm lebey huhuhu… (lugi.. lugi…) the pain keeps ‘weng2’ in my head sampai la esoknya… lepas masak2 ujung mnggu tu pon, sakit tu berterusan lagi. Adehh… feels like my medulla oblongata nak diketuk2 gitu… finally my beloved z.e.z suggested to me to take migarid-10 (prescripted by a verified doctor). Never heard about this pill before sepanjang kena migraine ni. So I just take the meds… and Alhamdulillah within half an hour, the ‘weng2’ is gone...

So after this, I think I’ll look for migarid-10 je bila dtg migraine. And if the pain dtg lagi after my coming exam tomorrow, then I know what should I do… Don’t have to take those other pills anymore :)

p/s: leh la sape2 batikchanting’s readers yg ada migraine try out this pill… (hehehe dah jd minah jual ubat je rasa :p )... anyway, all d best to those who will be sitting the ptk exam (
specific paper) tmrow. g'lucks my pren!!



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pergilah melancongss!!