Friday, December 05, 2008

quote of the day

dear batikchantings... last few weeks, i've attended a Program Pengukuhan Universiti held at UMP. i felt a bit discontented as i was not bringing anything to jot down... (walopon seblom ni x penah pon bawak buku ke pen ke kalo pg event tu huhuhu)... but this time, the organizer had invited Mr Arifin Hassan who has been the consultant for my previous course. so many things yang dia cakapkan dlm program tu... tp phrase yg betul2 get into my head was just :

it's good if u r a good staff... but it's not good if people dont know that u r really good

i think that's not the exact phrase he said but the meaning still there... so where are we? hmm...

...something to ponder....

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