Monday, December 22, 2008

coming 2009 with full-throttle of zest!!!

dear batikchantingsss... alhmdulillah finally abis jugak exam PTK which i keep reseating and reseating huhuhu... ntah mana silapnya kena reseat berkali2 cenggini... zaman blaja dulu pon tak seteruk nis... ampesdotcom btul rasanya. tp thats the fact i should face. really hope this is the wrap up for me utk tk1 ni... tak larat lagi nak ngadap dan membaca nota2 lapuk tu huhuhu burins2...

apa2 pon, esok laaa stat wat keje smula after consistently stressing myself for 3 days respectively utk exam ptk tu... miung la jugaks kepala niss... tp itula my unpleasant-habit which i myself discovered since i was taking SRP yearss ago, prefered to have a last minute study... which finally leads myself to huru-hara circumstance.....

ermm... so many things to go thru at the end of 2008 and coming 2009 niss... by the way, coti x'mas ni beroggeng di johor... can't wait to go and see to my MIL's 'new place'...:) As for the conclusion for this entry, selamat bertunang kepada yang akan bertunangss... selamat bercoti dan selamat menghadapi tahun 2009 with full-throttle of zest!!!

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