Monday, March 28, 2011

Food review : "Trade rice" :p

sape suka makan nasi dagang??
i mean version terengganu punya laaa... no the colored
punya nasi tu... i'm terengganurian but doesn't like
to eat this "trade rice" hehehe...
hence, dapatla hubby yg favour bangets
ngan this trade rice.... tapi payah benoo nk cari
nasi dagang tebaekk kat kontan niss... until yesterday,
after settled our thingy at kontan town, we hang around 
somewhere at tanjung lumpur looking for our breakfast...
pusing2... just try2 je drop by at one of the food stalls
near to the ghani black punya kepok lekor tebaeek tu
oh!!... the gravy is absolutely tiptop.. the ikan aye / ikan tongkol was
marvelously big for a plate of this trade rice! sort of eating nasi
dagang masa kecik2 dulu... really worth to try at that stall...
ok, now mark this stall utk datang lagi... ehehe...

p/s: bila nak buat nasi dagang sendiri ekk?
as Dani Mirzan's quoted in tiramisu ~
"mengapa membeli kalau boleh buat sendiri?"
tapi reti ke buat sendiri?....fufufufu...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Full House" in Malaysia

"Full House" live in Malaysia..
RAIN-ing in Sepang... huhuuh.
dahla currently dok repeat cite nih...
dan dah la baru 2 ari lepas tgk ninja assassin...
~ wink!!!

by the way, it's a doom's day for the SPM holders
year 2010 today... so all the best...

result SPM pakai sms je skrg...

Taip SPM jarak SEMAK jarak (no ic) jarak (no giliran)
sms ke 15888. Cth SPM SEMAK 800207111111 A123
sms ke 15888

 no need to go and rushing to the school anymore...
moga dpt result cemerlangsss and flying2 colorsss!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kemaruk main game

really can't stop myself from keep playing this game
even I've completed the levels for many2 times huhuhu..

ada game lain yg cam ni lg taks?
nak main angry bird, "byk sgt" duit nak bli ipad tuss..
nak main cincang2 sayo, need to change
SE to aipon plak...huhuhu...
sian my SE, abis bateri sbb game ni jek ...ngee..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

CMM and cake decoration's demo

After went to watch Chronicles of Merong
Mahawangsa yesterday...we went to the demonstration of cake
decoration session at Megamall's foyer... huhuu.. mmg best laa...
dapat gak merasa test2 decor depan k.zati...
and lagi happy when k.zati still remember me
as one of her hundreds of students... vanggerss!!

then managed to buy her book at popular's book fair...
got her signature for the book and got the special discount
for her coming classes...oh sgt2 bestt!! Alhamdulillah...

"usaha tak cukup sekali... buku sekadar panduan"

ai ai k.zati... caiyukk suzana!gambate kudasai!!

p/s: cite Chronicles of Merong
Mahawangsa did not meet my expectation..
but it's a very good and brave try of them
to spend 8 millions for this huge project
and i'm sure KRU alerts that they need more and more
improvement for their coming product
All the best for them

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Chronicles of Merong Mahawangsa

At hollywood, they have Chronicles of Narnia
Here at Malaysia, we have Chronicles of Merong Mahawangsa
yeah!! vanngga je bunyis...
Merong Mahawangsa used to be one of the name
quoted during our history subject masa secondary school dulu2
Mmg dah tak ingat langsung apa kesahnya sbb i don't like history
as always get cangkul mangkul for every test, trial or
exam before SPM huhuu

apapon, really can't wait to watch this movie...
hopefully it will be a full-blast experience
for all over 72 countries in the world

Thursday, March 03, 2011

harith azlan

spending 2 days with harith,
really makes me in love with him
harith - 3 months in this world
1 month - his exact age huhuhu...
such a very strong boy...
i pray may Allah bless u alwis...

miss to see u again this july'11, InsyAllah...

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Movie's review : I Am Number Four

doesn't have any plan to watch movie that day...
it's just a hang around day of us
but the marvelous smell of caramel pop corn all over the mall
really crazzzes to to get it huhuhu...

sampai kat TGV to buy the savory pop corn,
suddenly cam terasa nk tgk wayang plak
look at the schedule... then at the current time...
huh! cantiks! 5 minutes to go...
ok jom tgk wayang hehehe

the story?? besst bangets!!
highly recommended - as the hero of this story has
some of Jumper's + Ironman's concept...
annnnd... can't wait to see no 5,7, 8 and 9 huhuu...

apapon, what a fun day to have such an adhoc activity =)



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