Sunday, March 13, 2011

CMM and cake decoration's demo

After went to watch Chronicles of Merong
Mahawangsa yesterday...we went to the demonstration of cake
decoration session at Megamall's foyer... huhuu.. mmg best laa...
dapat gak merasa test2 decor depan k.zati...
and lagi happy when k.zati still remember me
as one of her hundreds of students... vanggerss!!

then managed to buy her book at popular's book fair...
got her signature for the book and got the special discount
for her coming classes...oh sgt2 bestt!! Alhamdulillah...

"usaha tak cukup sekali... buku sekadar panduan"

ai ai k.zati... caiyukk suzana!gambate kudasai!!

p/s: cite Chronicles of Merong
Mahawangsa did not meet my expectation..
but it's a very good and brave try of them
to spend 8 millions for this huge project
and i'm sure KRU alerts that they need more and more
improvement for their coming product
All the best for them

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