Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Full House" in Malaysia

"Full House" live in Malaysia..
RAIN-ing in Sepang... huhuuh.
dahla currently dok repeat cite nih...
dan dah la baru 2 ari lepas tgk ninja assassin...
~ wink!!!

by the way, it's a doom's day for the SPM holders
year 2010 today... so all the best...

result SPM pakai sms je skrg...

Taip SPM jarak SEMAK jarak (no ic) jarak (no giliran)
sms ke 15888. Cth SPM SEMAK 800207111111 A123
sms ke 15888

 no need to go and rushing to the school anymore...
moga dpt result cemerlangsss and flying2 colorsss!!

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pergilah melancongss!!