Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my bday shouldn’t be this sad huhuhu...

dear batikchantingss... my hubby was not well on my bday huhu :( and I really care about him very2 much. but it was a very2 tough bday ever for me thru out this life.... or I can say - my bday shouldn’t be this sad huhuhu... as early as 820am, the A ******** thing started to happened which really makes my heart burning. panasnya hati Allah saja tau... but its ok, I still try to serene myself, always calm to face that A ******** thing. Then again at 830am, 930am, 10am and it keeps repeating until 7pm, the B ******** thing happened which extremely challenge myself. But I still keep myself be patient because I know HE knows better in everything. 1230pm - another C ******** thing happened, 430pm - another D ******** thing happened. Ya Allah besanya dugaan that I have to face on that day... which I really hope it will be the sweetest day for me this year....

Last nite, my beloved Bak gave a beautiful tazkirah and thoughts for me when I came to him and telling him my hardness day. He advised me to take it easy and it is not worth at all for me to take all the A B C D ******** things seriously. Of cos I’m damn hurt for those ******** thing but yet it is still not worth to put too much heart felt on those matters. My Bak told me that inside Al-Quran (Al-Baqarah : 286) Almighty quotes 'La yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha' which means 'Allah will not burden someone unless it suits with their capability'...

Thus I think and believe that I should be strong to face these entire things in the next coming future. I may not be the worst person to face this hardship. Life is full with pain and throbs... and I pray HE will always give me guts to face all this hardship... and more one thing, I’m sure that everybody will ONLY learn something when they themselves stay in my shoe on last 26 May 2008... thank u for my frens WHO really consider my situation for the last 2 days...

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

contestssss di mana2

Dear batikchantingss... I think this week will be a memorable weekend for those who will be winning any contests and also the reality show program (either AF or American Idol)... hmm... who will be selected as the winner for both programs? tengokla cemana nnt. I dunno much about AF this season as most reviews said that AF6 is ntahape2... probably betul jugak the reviews. "tak tumbuh tak melata... tak sungguh takdenya org nak ngate"... huhuhu... berpepatah plak eden :p

David Cook, David Archuleta take 'American Idol's stage for final time

So talking about season 7's americal idol ni, same as AF but I did pay extra attention to this program as I still manage to watch the delayed program on 8TV. I was not following the program every single week but yet i still get in touch with the Archuleta's news hehehe... he's just 17 years old tp sore power bangetss!! So today is the d-day for both Davids (final contestants - David Cook & David Archuleta) and the live performance can be watched at Star World channel. Both definitely have strong voice and strong aura (hehehe... omputih caya pasal aura jugak kerS?) but I personally prefer if Archuleta wins this singing competition even i know Cook pon nyanyi bess... never mind. Lets see who will win today... Go Archuletasss!!!

p/s: a big congratess to the Man-U team and the followerss... sorry chedss to hear that ur favorite team has been defeated in the last nite's European Champions League. Hehehe… nex time coba lagiks :D

Monday, May 12, 2008

PTMK 2008's family day @ Cherating

dear baikchantingss... yesterday was our 2008's family day at Riverside Beach Resort, Cheratingss... everything went very well even "certain" of us did not turn up in this event (tak kesah pon actually hahaha)... i dont think to stori-mori more here sbb batikchanting's readers pon mostly & definitely those yg attend that event jugaks... here are the selected piccass...

Anak Dol sedang menunjukkan bakat terpendemss... hehehe...chantek kuda syahmi :D

Terelss plak rasa main giant clogs kali niss.. siap leh kalahkan guys lagis.. fuh!! herbatss2 ;)

haikal tiup belon tak hengatss... yg finally bomb up in front of his face... sian haikal...huhuhu...

And finally, sbb eden and my hubby tak main paintball, maka here is a paintball video which i coincidently found at youtube this morning... hmmm... mcm bess la pulotss!!... ada pluang lain kali rasa nak cubers2 laa... hehehe...

that's all for the piccas... lots and lots of piccass can be viewed from the 'ictian'... apapon, really henjoice the event very much... c u next-next coming event!! :)

below are the "test-test" punya new free software utk value-addedkan the available image hehehe... very nice maaa... like it very2 much!!!

Click to play Andyana PTMK FamilyDay08

Friday, May 02, 2008

Iron Man on Labour Day

dear batikchantingss... yesterday was a labour day, means holiday!! so my hubby and I were going to watch a movie - Iron Man. I am not a Stanley’s Marvel comic fan, but I knew that this fantasy action hero was also one of his comic figures. the story was good and I still think the director probably should prepare with next sequel (belum pon semnggu tayang, den dah cadang wat sequel :D ) becos at the end of this episode, the iron man just fight with his own enhanced prototype-iron-man-suit wore by his father's best friend who indirectly betrayed him huhuhu... so macam kuren sket la challenges tu as he already knew the capability of his own prototype-iron-man-suit tu…

So, I just rate this film as 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Recommended to be watched for fun!! hehehe... dah macam ala2 film reviewer la pulots! ;)



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