Monday, May 12, 2008

PTMK 2008's family day @ Cherating

dear baikchantingss... yesterday was our 2008's family day at Riverside Beach Resort, Cheratingss... everything went very well even "certain" of us did not turn up in this event (tak kesah pon actually hahaha)... i dont think to stori-mori more here sbb batikchanting's readers pon mostly & definitely those yg attend that event jugaks... here are the selected piccass...

Anak Dol sedang menunjukkan bakat terpendemss... hehehe...chantek kuda syahmi :D

Terelss plak rasa main giant clogs kali niss.. siap leh kalahkan guys lagis.. fuh!! herbatss2 ;)

haikal tiup belon tak hengatss... yg finally bomb up in front of his face... sian haikal...huhuhu...

And finally, sbb eden and my hubby tak main paintball, maka here is a paintball video which i coincidently found at youtube this morning... hmmm... mcm bess la pulotss!!... ada pluang lain kali rasa nak cubers2 laa... hehehe...

that's all for the piccas... lots and lots of piccass can be viewed from the 'ictian'... apapon, really henjoice the event very much... c u next-next coming event!! :)

below are the "test-test" punya new free software utk value-addedkan the available image hehehe... very nice maaa... like it very2 much!!!

Click to play Andyana PTMK FamilyDay08

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