Wednesday, October 15, 2008

storis after rayers

dear batikchantingss... lamanya blog ni dibiarkan sepi... takpela... since dah lama kesepian, i do updates here some stori moris coverred for certains days starting from raya aritus... my aidilfitri this year was different. i was celebrated the Hari Kemenangan for the muslims tu at Johor. hehehe... interesting because so many new things i've learned there. dah ala2 terel anyam ketupat bawang and learned how to bake kek lapis betawi & lapis masam manis walopon rupanya tak seindah yg jual punya huhuhu... yg penting rasanya rite?... ;)

as for my 1st day raya, i was visiting my hubby's grandma at Muar... the best moment at Muar was absolutely eating the mabeles batang buruk... which finally dibungkus dek hubby's grandma for me because there was a terengganurian yg kemaruk mkn batang buruk kat umah dia tahap ala2 lupa daratan gitu hehehe... :p ... thanx grandma for the mabeles btg buruk :D

last week... i was attending training at PJ starting from 7th aritu... it was a terrible xperience as its soooo hard to find a halal food there huhuhu... summme restoren cina looo... 2 restoren jowo which i'm not sure with the halal status... sudahnya, merapu2 je la our lunch during the 3 days training. but alhmdlh... we still manage to completely proceed the training session...

this is what we've been given when we request
chili sause from the counter huhuhu...
chili flakes and icing sugar... adehss... lemau lidah
den mkn pizza ngan empeng cili
dan gula icing ni

our dinner pon dingdongs2... most of malay's restaurant still closed for raya. so attached below are some piccas taking when we entered a restaurant which we don't know the owner until we've being entertained by the waiter with the xclusive menu book... teng.. teng.. teng... bukan sebrg restoren khadijah.... tp Khadijah Ibrahim punya kedai rupanya... and the cost for nasi goreng kampung is rm15!!! huhuhu... and that's why those piccas below was taken... terguris with the price, air je laa kitorg order huhuhu

arini dah 15 ari today, i am attending the internal training handled by the HR starting from yesterday. finally i've got the opportunity to attend training for this year. 3 days at KL, 2 days at UMP..... so cukupla kots for this year. ermm... what's the assessment requirement for each staff to attend training in a year ekk? lupa sudaa... tp xpela... at least dah ada tu, better than nothing at all huhuhu...

okla... thats all for now... chowcincauss!! :D

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