Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bead's lover

Dear batikchantingss... lately I was enormously fall in love with beads and thread embroideries... I actually don’t have any experience at all in that particular sewing expertise but my mother in law’s embroideries book aritu really engaging me to have my own bead’s book walopon tak reti langsung nak menjahit sume mnde ni huhuhu….

I do plan to learn it one day. If permitted by HIM and my hubby, ingat nak beli 1 whole set of beads sewing ni. Tapi tak tau la jadi ke tak… ntah2 tinggal angan2 jek as I myself actually not a passion person in certain matter especially in sewing activity huhuhu… I really appreciate those handmade and creativity tp utk diri sendiri ni… ntahla… buleh ke?? sbb long-long time ago, i also terrifically fell in love with crochet and cros stitch... but what happen lepas tu, no progress at all
after i completed crocheting 1 small pencil case. mana pegi pencil case tu pon den dah tak tau huhuhu... sayang plak bila tingat balik skill ciput tu being forsaken ...lugi..lugi...

but nevermind. it's always not too late to start anything rite? better start tiny miny thing than never... hehehe... ayat nak coercing diri sndiri je tuu... wish me luck! ;)

* pic courtesy from marinacraft

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