Thursday, June 19, 2008

andyana vs perfumesss

dear batikchantingss.... ermm.. How should I start this entry ekk? Well, I guess many of my officemate and close-frenss already knew that both of us are perfume fanatic. In fact as far as I remember, perfume used to be the first topic ever being discussed between me and my fren-exboipren-exfiance-hubby thru ym at ICT office, kuktem indera mahkota. I cannot remember what the exact conversation was but definitely it revolves anything about perfume hehehe... what I remembered most was, I told to faie after chatted with my fren-exboipren-exfiance-hubby..."huh!! Finally jumpa jugak kawan lelaki yg antu perfume macam saya"... (tp tak ingat faie reply apa lepas tu… awak ingat tak, faie?)

I started to fall in love with perfume ever since I’m at secondary school. But at that time, maaane la mampu nak bli sume2 mnde tu. Duit nak g skolah pon cokop2 je ayahanda zahid allocatekan. So I just choose enchanteur lotion - itupon beli the smallest one je. When I continued my studies at L&G Twintech, then I started to buy yg bess sket but still not the big name of perfume – SweetHonesty from Avon and Charlie from Revlon… pon botol kecik je (masa ni survive ngan duit MARA… so kena pndai2 la allocate duit). at that time, I started to learn about imitate perfume, perfume essence dan macam2 lagi. During that time jugak, some of my housemate used to wear BodyShop’s perfume which smells quite good. I really fell in love with Focus, Japanese Musk and of course White Musk from BodyShop’s collection. Tp sekarang there are soooo many ranges and choices of perfumes available at BodyShop compared with my time masa tu.

Then when I studied at UiTM, ada peningkatan sket in terms of choosing perfume… hehehe… I chose to wear imitate polo for women – pon the smallest bottle… dah la imitate, smallest plak tu huhu (masa ni survive ngan duit ptptn, so again, kena pandai2laa jimats)… then when I almost finished up my final semester, I tried to buy yg slightly bigger than the secoet2 b4 niss (kompol duit tuuuu) – Clinique Happy for Women 50ml. yeaa… that was the 1st perfume I bought for my own collection… and what excite me most was… when my hubby pon cakap Clinique Happy for Men was also his 1st perfume in his collection. Waaa… what a match coincidence… hiks....hikss..

Then, as time goes by…. I keep buying and buying new perfume when I started to work (masa ni dah pakai duit sndiri… so bantai la bli bila terujerss). My beloved mama used to always pot-pet-pot-pet to me due to my fanatic-hobby ni. But I always persuade her and my beloved bak by buying them new perfume jugaks hehehe (ala2 nak suruh sokong gitu :p )… lama2 my beloved mama tend to take it as normal agenda of her daughter… hehehe… bosan la kotss… :D

so now… there were so many perfumes in my collection. Some of them given by fren-exboipren-exfiance-hubby as a gift ever since we were fren-to-exboipren stage lg. the piccas showed our current collection of perfumes. Some of my hubby’s perfumes were not here sbb da abis but the bottles are still being kept as his collection. As for me plaks, I left my 1st clinique happy’s bottle at sekilau hill, some of my bodyshop’s collection has been given to my bro and some of my miniatures also at sekilau hill.

Ermm… if calculated all together, dah almost ribanss I and my hubby shopped for perfumes ni. Sometimes I do think macam ridiculous je hobby camni but when it comes to browsing perfume either at mall counter or thru internet, the ridiculous word terbangss ntah kemana hehehe… it was such a strong magnet drags me to at least try the smell of the perfume…. then it will sometimes leads me to ting-tongs2 of buying it if permitted by my hubby hehehe… but now, my hubby asked me to stop in buying any perfume anymore. Just finish up the available bottlessss of perfume yg kat umah tu dulu… ermm… he’s absolutely rite actually… x baik mubazirin nis… (teng..teng..teeenng…. :P )

okla frens… just a “little” stori-mori about my irresistible hobby ni... huhuhu... hingga ketemu lagik!

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