Tuesday, June 03, 2008

hepi 3rd besday batikchanting

dear batikchantingsss... smlm genap 3 tawon umo blog niss... and until today, if I’m not mistaken, I’ve changed it's skin for 5 times - the latest bluish one is the 5th one. This entry is the 132nd entry throughout its 3 years of its age. Meaning that, in average I’ve posted 3 – 4 entries per month which I think good enuf to make sure the blog is not being isolated + bersawangss2… hehe…

Primarily, my intention of creating this blog is just for the sake of polishing up my English language as I continue my studies during 2005. So did I accomplish the target? Hmm…sort of jugak la kots walopon takdela sampai berabuk2 my English language tu…

So happy 3rd birthday to my blog. Hope it will be kept blooming lively foreva!!

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pergilah melancongss!!