Thursday, August 21, 2008

bercoti di senai

dear batikchantingss...

last week i went back to my hubby's hometown for my in-law's merisik agenda.... during 3 days there, my hubby brought me hang around at Angsana Plaza and some nice places there... He did inform me that murtabak singapore is one of the best murtabak ever... so eden pon teruja laaa nak makan murtabak tu. we finally found the stall which sell the singapore murtabak (which is recommended by my father-in-law).... but unfortunately, the stall is closed on Sunday.. adusss! terkilan la pulots nak makan murtabak singapore after we indeed keep looking the recommended stall tu huhuhu... :(

so as for the replacement, we filled up our stomach at somewhere near to the closed stall with rojak, baked cakui and taraaa....

coconut jelly iced hehehe.... never thought that the taste of coconut jelly iced was as good as how it was presented in the bowl. sedap tuuu... so at least terubat la rasa terkilan den nak makan murtabak singapore tu...

anyway, end of this week, i'll be again going back to senai for my in-law's engagemnt plaks... hopefuly, ada pluang nak makan murtabak singapore tu insyAllah.... ada gmbo nnt eden aplodkans... hehehe

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