Friday, April 11, 2008

big day of zarinawati

dear batikchantingss... this sunday, i'll be attending my cousin's wedding at Kemensah Heights. hihihi... never thought that k.ina is going to marry again. anyway, alhamdulillah and a very big congrates to her and her hubby-to-be. moga2 this marriage will be lasting until the end of their time. perhaps, this might be the most precious time in her life after several years... ada rejeki i'll upload some of her wedding photo nnt... (huhu... tingats plak masa eden kawen aritu.. hikss)

so see you k.ina tomorrow!... the big-big wedding present will be sent to u soonss :)

p/s: tha cake's pic is just a pic taken from nets. reason for choosing this pic is just because the flower on top of the cake was exactly match with the wedding present for k.ina... hehehe

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