Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformer : Revenge of the Fallen - review

dear batikchantingss.... as i said in my previous entry... here's the review for one of the best movie watched this year.... Transformer : Revenge of the Fallen...

fuh!! mmg pueh ati la tgk cite ni. i did read some reviews before i went and watched this moview last nite... quite strange when one of the reviewers said that this movie was such a noisy, underplotted, and overlong special effects extravaganza that lacks a human touch.... my bro also mentioned me the more or less reviews regarding this movie thru his surfing...

for me, mudah je.... if u r expecting to see a LOTS of human touch, then i advise you not to go and watch this movie... but i was wrong finally... sbb as i watched this movie last nite.... there were soooo many human touch applied by michael bay into the autobots' character. riuh banget panggung layan those autobots... huhuhu...

the contest sponsored by this bigcinema pon bess!! but u have to buy the SXL (super extra large) punya set pop corn to enter the contest ... aduilaa... air pepsi beso...pop corn beso... really cannot make it to finish it. The biggest prize is an exclusive seven-foot Optimus Prime figurine worth RM45,000!!! huuhu...mana nak letak seven-foot optimus prime tu kalo sape2 memang nnt... jadi JAGA depan umah je la ye...

so to those who will be going and watching this movie, do henjoice your watching to the fullest!! bak kata amy search "berbaloi-baloi..."

rate : 2 thumbs up + 5/5 starsss!

p/s: balik dr wayang smlm terasa2 sume knderaan atas jln tu buley transform jd autobots... hehehe... my bro said - "katun jgak kakak aku niss...:P "

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