Monday, December 21, 2009

cite ujung tawuns...

dear batikchantingss... lama tara apdet ini blog. bulan doblas pon da nak abes... but i believe there will definitely some wedding receptions keep running through out this month until the end of school holiday soon... as for me and my hubby, we will be going to kemaman this coming weekend - attending apiz+ila's wedding belah lelaki... i dont't have a chance to go to bad's wedding aritu... pekan pon camtu as the weather was not so good lately... so hopefully dapatla kitorg ke kemaman ni. tanak lg stranded mcm nak pg knduri ached aritu huhuhu... stranded in our own taman perumahan plak tu... adulaaa... so to ached, really2 sorry for not able to join ur ceremony at mersing tu... our atoz not capable enuff to pass thru the deep water up to our knee... nnt ada plak kete atoz gold tersadai kat tepi jalan sbb enjin masuk air huhuhu...

last week i was spending 3 days 2 nites at summerset hotel, rompin... sad to say, the facilities, services and foods were unfortunately doesn't align and reflect with its beautiful name of the hotel huhuhu... so to those who wants to coti2 somewhere in rompin, cari je la hotel lain... but if u able to compromise with the money u invest to the hotel's facilities, services and foods... so terfulangss... as for me, since this is a fully gov-sponsored workshop, so bersyukurla dengan apa yang ada...

okla pren... till then, byess..

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