Wednesday, March 15, 2006

unwell march...:(

for this third month of 2006, seems like suzana was not feeling very well. probably becos of the compact hectic shcedule...or perhaps becos of the changing of the environment... and also maybe becos of the unstable of her innerside... but the truth, it's only she and HIM know what had happend during this tough march... but i strongly believe that HE will only give such a very challenging task to the person that HE knew he/she capable to do it....

now its middle of march..means i have another half days of march to be undergone... huh... go! go! suzana. even deep down inside i do feel quite exhausted actually. exhausted of "many..many" things.... tak tau laa mampu ke tak nak cope up niss... tp apapon cabaran yg dtg, i've to make sure that i'll be stronger day by day for every single toughness that i need to face up ...sehinggalah menjelmanya peristiwa at the end of this year. you have to suzana! have to!... coz there's no turning back lagi pasni...all the best!!!!

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