Saturday, February 25, 2006

outstation to my own hometown....

dear batikchantingss...huh..pejam celik pejam celik, i'm going to go to shah alam again next week for the 3rd seminar. keje skolah banyak lg tak siap nis...and what makes me feel worried more is the first test for DB paper this comin' seminars tuh...adehlaa ...satu apa pon den x baco laie niss..

mid of last week, i've been asked to go to KUSTEM, to observe and study their convo's session. but since the session is just a ceremony of special convocation to award the Raja Perempuan Kelantan with an honourable doctorate business degree (betul ke cantu namanya in englissh?), so i cannot cope a lot of actual information and facts on photography session for the students. The session is completely run in a very high protocol procedure, and i can see the yellow colors all over the Primula's ballroom as well as in the KUSTEM hall. But overall, i do salute KUSTEM for being able to set a high protocol ceremony for 2 kings from Terengganu and Kelantan as its not easy to set an appointment for both of them synchronizely.

when i was at K.Terengganu, I need to see all of the setup, the finalize task and last minute touch-up that they undergo for the big event on 23rd march tu...balik je dr dinner ceremony at Primula, we direct took off to KUSTEM malam tu jugak which took about 30-40 minutes driving... study that... observe what ever yg berkaitan then go back to hotel at 2 am... fenetss gillerss... and lebih fenetss when i need to be at KUSTEM at 7 am esoknye lak tu... i took sume gambo2 berkaitan ...cum videowoman skali...:D

i did arrive sekilau at about 8 pm. really exhausted actually... as i dont have enuff sleep on the day i arrive K.Terengganu. have a short rest...and sadly to say... den jatuh tanggerss malam tu...adehss... my right leg get swollen and my left shouder/arm cam terkehel... jalan dah hencot2.. cara solat pon tak sempurna sgt...huhhuu...sakit maaa.... last2, i took MC on friday tu... cannot drive as well as cannot properly walk...:(

oklaa to continue my pile of tasks niss...which i'm not sure sempat ke takss to be completed...isk..

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