Tuesday, October 10, 2006

mid Ramadhan 1427H / October 2006

dear batikchantingsss....it's 101006 today...meaning that it has been 2 days i have gone thru the 2 days of dooms day for this semster. yet completing the dooms day still not allow me to feel relief as i have another 3 more essays and 1 proposal to be touched up....huhuhu.. fininss...fininss... due datenye pon mmg dah di extendkan but... i should compresses all those thing lesser than the given due date... maklumlaa... staying outside klang valley will definitely requires me to be more earlier compared to my fren who are working there....

ermm....raya is just around the corner.. my preparation pon is just in a matter of ala2 jek. concertration is being given more to my brother's wedding ceremony which will be celebrated +- a month after Aidilfitri'06 ni. the wedding theme will be in green!!...hihihi... lawa2... musti fresh peace and calm jek rasa nnt... as for this year, same as the last previous yearss... dah lama den xde anto2 physical aidilfitri cards to my relatives and fren... definitely becos of the easy access of internet from my house and office as well. nak g bli pon malas dah skrg ni.... but since my ensem-getting-married-bro is currently tgh jual kad raya, then i suddenly feel excited to have it for my personal collection. what is more important, those cards are exclusively designed by my bro tuss... haaa... den mmg terujerss bab2 self design ni... terasa je exclusiveness tuss... so those who want to have it utk anto kat sape2, or to have it as a personal collection, u may call him - HAKIMIN a.k.a KIMIN @ 013-3715010. u may browse here kalo nak tgk kad2 tu close up. attached above is one of the the sample from his design collection. hehehe.... its my exclusive promotion for my bro's exclusive design... demi adinda terchentasss... so okess la batikchanting readerss... need to continue touchup up my essaysss tu as there will be no more extension of submission date lg pasni....huhuhu... suzana musti buleyss!!!

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