Monday, October 30, 2006

syawal 1427h

dear batikchantingsss.... i think its not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kat sume batikchanting's readers.... esok pon dah nak raya 6 (only for those who did fast last 6 days before laaa...den pon x termasuk...huhuhu), this aidilftri was just the same as previous aidilfitri. my family and i went back to kemaman a day before raya, having a happening breaking fast with my relatives there.... but for this year, the joyfull tu probably lesser as most of my cousins went to their other grandparent's house. so tinggalla den dan adik2 den je yg mude remajerss (kononss2) at my beloved aunty's house tu. nak main munge api pon, xde eager childrenss maaa... my bros pon dah besa panjang... myself plak, err...suka tgk budak2 main munge api jek... then, i have to help my aunty to prepare the rendangs, the nasi kapit (instant punye jek...people here use to call it as nasi himpit), satay goreng... and some more menus which me myself pon did'nt notice so much sbb byk sgt periuk2 belanga dan kuali2 yg occupied masa tuss...:p

on the day of aidilfitri itself lepas solat raya, we went to most of my relative's and family's frens houses all over kemaman. kalo tahun2 lepas, dtg beraya is just for the sake of dtg beraya, meeting the relatives, eratkan silaturrahim...but as for this year, another agenda is embedded together with the activity of ziarah menziarahi nis... my beloved bro is getting married very soon. so his beautiful wedding card is being distributed kat sume sedara mara kat kemaman as well as at KT nun... ermm... i did receive a few "mabeles" question tappppi... never mind... just put it aside (simpan dlm poket, nnt kita buka balikss....)

the 2nd day of raya, we went back to KT, singgah at a few relatives' houses all the way sepnjang perjalanan balik KT tu. kat dungun for 2-3 houses, kat kuala ibai for 2 houses.... my stomach sort of fenuhss gak laa ngan "tepung" & air teh o... huhuhu... celebrating aidilfitri at my hometown was just wonderful as usual. my cousins mmg definitely were there as both of their parents are terengganurianss... so dont have to worry about nak balik kampung datuk nenek mana satu...:) so here, my bro did entertain my cousins to play the munge api and mercun as well... chantekss tuuu... tapi sumenye recorded at my bro's video camera. digital camera plak rosak, so most of the pics for this aidilfitri is captured manually. my beloved mama pon suke, as she herself prefered to touch, belek2, pegang2 the pics when ever she wants in the physical album.

3rd day raya is another hectic day for me. i was not in a good "condition" sebelah ptgnya. so i just keep following my parents to go here and there beraya2 until +-5 pm jek. lepas tu, my beloved bak sent me to my aunty's home. i was terribly feeling not so good, flat, exhausted dan sebagainye... (huhuh...byk2 nye ketidak"best"an ituss..).... so my 3rd day raya went very dull for me... almaklumlaa... badan x sihatss...huhu..:(

we went back to kuantan on 4th day raya. sadly to say, i was attacked by stomach ache badly huhuhh:(... tp tahan jek as i dont want to disturb the raya's mood among my family tu. but finally, the pain makin menjadi2 bila sampai kuantan. i was flat... and cannot eat anything as i will feel to vomit out. the stomach keep spinning...spinning...and spinning until i was fall as asleep... i thought esoknye ok tp things getting worst as i cannot stand straingt at all... :( aduss suzana... padan muka sndiri... asalnya tanak susahkan family, last2 makin susah pulak jadinye...huhuhu...and i finally have to MC for today... as my stomach still grumpy inside. hopefully tomorrow will be ok... having the meds given by the Docs td (yg sgt tak sedapss),i hope HE will let me getting better after this. at least ptg ni pon dah better compared to last few dayss.. alhmdulillah....

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