Sunday, November 05, 2006

dear batikchantingsss... huh!!..sonots... happening... mables meals and enjoyful event occured at ptmk last previous 10 syawal 1427h. with +- 3 days early preparation, finally open_opis@ptmk ni successfully implemented. there were so many foods yg ada besides those kuih raya... chocolate moist cake, fried bihun, batik cake, laichee puding, triffle, fried popia, baked macaroni, nasi minyak, nasi impit kuah kacang, caramel puding, chocalate cup cakes, many things to be listed here... i was so exciting during the event, even i have to break for a while for a meetg kat HR... balik dr meetg, den poie sambung makan lg...hwa..hwa...hwaa...:P (sapelaa yg ngap apple then amek gamboss tu...huhuhu)

but i think, the best part was when almost all of the ptmk's guys togetherness wearing complete
baju melayu bersamping... huhu...sumenye nampak segak kacak tampan ensem gintuss... anyway, feeling a bit discontented for not having a chance to bergambo ramai2 masa event tu berlangsung. but never mind... lots of pics taken during the event... can be viewed at admie's album, ached's blogs, faie's fotopages and maybe byk lagi at my other fren's pages lg thru the net niss... so my fren, really hope we gonna have the same event lg nex year. yg pasti... all ictianss ni mmg wonderful!!!

p/s: finally dapets gak bergamba ngan ex-hosmet yg "something and happeningss" ni... miss the momentss forever...

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