Friday, June 30, 2006

MINDS 06/07 without me...

dear batikchantingsss....never thought that this entry is the awaited one by my fren... den sendiri pon buhsan tgk blog den yg x terapdetss ni... practically, there were so many activities happened during a few weeks back. but me myself just dont have enuff intention to do the writing... ICT family day... futsal ICT vs Ames... my coming schedule for the new semester, dinner at NARA for our Boss's besday ....and of course the hectic week of KUKTEM's MINDS. So atas permintaan ramai (cheewass) laa sket the intross...the long one will probably be entered very soon...

i'll be departing to KL within half an hour from now i guess...jap lg my beloved bak will fetch me here. so it means that i'll not be around during the MINDS preparation which is scheduled to be started tomorrow. tp takpela...ICTians dah ramai... and i know sume ICTians ni accountable and reliable as well, rite guys??? :D

ermm... i think i'll continue my writing once i come back from KL nnt la kots... so all d bess my fren for the MINDS! May d force be wif u.... byessss....

p/s: the attached pic is just to show how honoured...blooming semangkukss i am being chosen as one of the lucky person masa ICT Family day ari tu... tq prof!!

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