Sunday, April 09, 2006

yess...yess!!..prizentasi da abis!!!....

Dear batikchantingsss...fuuuhh...alhmadulillah and a very deep zillionth of pray to Almighty HIM for the smooth and stress-free presentation session for my final project smalam... ermm...presentation je yg stress-free, tapppi..... the preparation for the session tu, adehss... i feel sort of nak crack pale ni haa... sampai je ke umah my kazen at kemensah heights at about 530pm, penat driving tak abis lg...terus kena stress out my head ni straaaaaight sampai kol 3 pagi.... suzana dah tak macam suzana je rasa masa tu... sib baik aaa chat ngan "mr shoulder to cry on" kejap mlm least, ilang kejap the stress-ness tu... tenkiuuu... ;)

anyway, along the hardship tu....i also would like to extend my gratitude to my supportive team members - halim and amli for being so commited and progressive even we did face a tough and very "challenging" period of time masa nak siapkan sume2 tu... at least, after completing the presentation smalam, there's a tiny free slot in my head ni to be filled in with the rest queued assigmntsss for SAD paper as well as OS paper plaks.... pusing2, rupa2nya berderet lagi keje skolah while waiting for the last class smlm which is schedule to be started at 530pm (tp lecturer lambat sejamss...adehss..), we did have a discussion among the classmates. all of us nmpknya mmg tgh bengosngess ngan keje opis as well as keje skolah niss... those yg married laaaagi la bertambah peninssnye... luckily jugak den solo... so, the peningss is not as strain as them. i do salute gillerss kat doranss.... especially ibu2 yg anaknya sampai 4-5 org tu... anak2 laei...keje opis laie...keje skolah laie...umah tangga laie...huh!! all of u r such a very strong and sturdy ladies in the world!!...girl poweerrrrr!!...hehe...anyhow, seriously, becos of them jugak, i do bear and cultivate in myself that, there will never ever be a shortcut in our life to achieve the triump and victory. and i need to put the strength, the spirit, the zest and the enthusiasm in myself that xde mnde dlm donia ni yg impossible if we do believe in ourselves and strive, strive and strive to get it.... waaaaa....macam pakar motivasi plakss...nges..nges...ngess...

wokess la batikchanting readerss... nnt den sambung laie crite2 kat sini.... panjang2 sgt bercrite kat sini, terdelay plakss keje skolah den tu yg sgt2 SETIA keep waiting for me to finish it up...huhu....

....tinta anak pak zahid kali ni dr kemensah heights, kolumpo...tq so much abg lan!!..:D

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