Saturday, September 09, 2006

-sue'01 vs sue'06-

Errm..since ached did tag me with those questions, then i just take a few minutes to answer it. fuh!! has been 5 years ago maa...

5 years ago...2001
How old were you?:-25
Where did you go to school?:-uitm shah alam
Where did you work?:-practical at PTG, kontanss..
Where did you live?:-skilau hills
Where did you hang out?:-den homely type maa...
How was your hair style?- xde style...pakei tudungss
Did you wear braces?:-no
Did you wear glasses?:-na'am
Who was your best friend?:-hafez, lin, mar, da and nadia
Who was your regular-person crush?:-ermm...ada kers??... kalo ada pon, he didnt notice me...huhu:(
Who was your celebrity crush?:-dont mind much about them
How many tattoos did you have?:-ape ke hey plakss tantuss2 nis...
How many piercings did you have?:-ada kat tinge je laa sepasang
What car did you drive?:-car? tumpang drive honda ayahanda den jek..
What was your favorite band/group?:-BSB?...hahaha
What was your worst fear?- riso takot x dapet keje lepas grad
Had you smoked a cigarette yet?:-nehi
Had you driven yet?:-nehi he
Had you been arrested?:-lagi la nehi maaa..
Had you been to a real party yet?:-errmm... kenduri bese2 je kotss..
Had your heart broken?:- healing my pain masa ni...huhu...
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter:-single again..:(

then apo jadi after 5 years which is now...
September 2006
How old are you?:- biarlah rahsia....hahahaha...
What grade are you in?:- sem 3 (again...)
Where do you go to school?:-uitm puncak perdana plaak..
Where do you work?:-kontanss..
Where do you live?:- still @skilau hills
Where do you hang out?:-masih cam 5 years back...homely type..:P
Do you have braces?:-nope
Do you wear glasses?:- fact getting powerful
Who is your best friend?:- many
Still talk to any of your old friends?:-musti...!!
Who is your celebrity crush?:- pon still x kesah sgt ngan doranss...
How many piercings do you have:- masih kat tinge jek cam dulu
How many tattoos?:- ngosngess
What kind of car do you have?:- atos jek... tp kiutss..hik..hik..
What is your favorite band/group?:- sume lagu den layan... pussycat dolls pon bess!! :P
What is your biggest fear:- ajal... insaf
Have you been arrested since?:- dah nama pon homely type..
Has your heart been broken?:- ha'a...lg skali ari tu...:((
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter:- single?...bitter?...uncertain?...ntohlerss...:(

the rest lak cemaners?... at least we realize where were we and where are we now...

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