Monday, August 14, 2006


Dear batikchantingss... pray to HIM and Alhamdulillah for the implementation of photography & videography's task force during the 1st KUKTEM's convocation ceremony which was ended yesterday. Anybody feeling excited for the events?... hmm.. ntahlaa.. as for me, i just feel so so blessed by HIM for making our JK's job scope running well even probably ada jugak unsatisfaction here and there yang tak disangka2... whatever it is, a very deep "thank you" is dedicated to each of our JK for being so participative during the events. U guys r marvellous!!

refers to the topic of this entry, i actually feel so excited watching hundreds of KUKTEM's students queuing to receive their degree/dip scroll....huhuhu...terujerss maaa... so suzana, back to ur track after this!! Good Luck!!!

the song below might eventually reflects something to me....

Teruja (Ella)

Selepas tangis
Ilham pun mengintai
Melontar kata
Buat aku terfikir

Selepas hujan
Hari nampak berseri
Menggilap cermin hidup
Buat aku sedar

Harus bangkit semula
Sampai hatimu memandangku (Teruja)
Baru kau tahu tinggi langit
Dicabar cinta (Teruja)

Belaian angin
Bisa jadi ribut
Halus budi wanita
Bisa jadi keras

Bagai gelora
Merubah sempadan
Aku merintis
Dunia baru

- OST Gol & Gincu

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