Saturday, January 28, 2006

reflexology's treatment

dear batikchantingsss... ever heard about reflexology? well, last week i did accompany my fren to go to the reflexology center at kuantan town. pretty scary to see her screaming kesakitan... adehss.. sian pon ada... and i did imagine if i was at her place masa tu...konpem nangis maaa.... as i knew that my own body also have certain health problem. when my fren is being massaged by the reflexologist tu, i did hang around in his center...tengok2 all of the foot map attached to the wall... then i did reflect it to my own body... and i sighed and whispered, "hmm... patut laaa aku sakit kat situ...isk..."

as usual, to find more information regardnig reflexology ni, i go for internet... and from the articles that i browsed just now, most of them state that reflexology is the art, science, and study of specific touch techniques. The concept of reflexology holds that various organs, nerves and glands in your body are connected with certain "reflex areas" on the bottoms of your feet, hands and other areas of the body. Moreover, reflexology claims that by massaging these corresponding areas or "maps," prompt relief from a variety of conditions in the body can be obtained. In most instances the thumb, or sometimes a knuckle (knuckel - a rounded protuberance formed by the bones in a joint.), is used as the massaging force, although some therapists use vibrators or other external forces. When properly administered, reflexology is thought to help relieve stress and tension, stimulate deep relaxation, improve the blood supply, and bring balance to the entire body.

so here i attach a foot map taken from one of the sites that i browsed for my own reference as well as batikchanting readers....

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