Sunday, November 11, 2007

.... fernats ...

dear batikchantingss... adehss.. i feel extravaganzaousss exhausted today as i was trapped in the very2 heavy traffic at KL yesterday. i went to KL on friday to pay my puncak perdana's lib fines (which only can be paid during ofis hour... huhu).. then went to uitm induk pagi esoknya, to rent and take the robe for my coming convocation. omit the convo ceremony rehearsal, shoot off to klang to meet awish of course!! hehe...

pastu, sharp 215pm, take off from klang to go back to kontan... and these were what happened to m
e for 4 hours trapped in jam on 10 November 2007, in order to get out from KL... :((

@ federal highway

@ jalan kuching

@ karak highway

and i finally had my lunch at 630pm... drp starving x hengtss, ilang lapa.. lapa balik... ilang lapa... lapa balik... dan dah xde selera lagi nak makans... huhuhu...

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