Friday, November 16, 2007

14 November 2007 - Seri Budiman Hall, UiTM

dear batikchantingsss... 1st of all, a very2 deep Alhamdulillah for HIS blessing to me to be able to achieve this level of study. Without HIS sanctification and blessing, this entire thing will undeniably not be happened.

I admit it was tough.. Perhaps really2 tough. There was a time I keep crying all the day just because of the pressure I faced through out my study. My bak and mama was the most supportive, caring and encouraging 'fren' I ever have. Mama used to always calm me down, keep motivating me to be strong. My bak as usual will always and always be my best commentator cum reviewer in almost each of my ‘huhahuha’ essay. A zillionth of thanks to HIM for bestowing me such a ‘magic miracle’ bakmama… thank u bakmama… I luv both of u A LOTSSS!!

Nothing much I can elaborate for what I have faced for that hard and sturdy of 2 years. To my remarkable bakmama, my 2 amazing brothers, my dearly-loved fiancĂ©, my sweet SIL and of course my ‘mulats cute ensem’ awish, my kind and helpful lecturers and last but not least my frenss (who and where ever u r) … THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart..

p/s: huhuhu… mcm penutup speech la pulakss… but I really mean it :-)

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