Sunday, February 18, 2007

ump - jb.......... - ump........ - kontan...huhu :(

dear batikchantingss... what a very terrible journey i have for my out station kali ni. pegi johor again after +- 25 years tu mmg sonotss... and i really 'enjoy' the memorable beautiful moment very2 much. the journey is ok actually... but it became hectic and exhausted moment when our movement here and there kat bndar JB tu turned into a very heavy traffic jam. pagi petang siang malam....jamnya tetap sama huhuhu... and because of the heavy traffic, Dr ask us to refresh, have a dinner and solat first before we make a move back to kuantan. i did sigh "...ermm.. kalo kol 7 pon lom bertolak lg...kol bape agaknya den sampai kontan niss?... :( " but since badan pon dah tersangat penat with the +- 1 whole day working visit at UTM Skudai tu, so i think refreshing my body, having dinner and solat first will insyAlh release our stress and pressure stuck dlm traffic bila nak bertolak balik nnt.

we finally make a move at 9pm... and again kena face the same heavy traffic to move out from JB town huhuhu... i just force myself to sleep before i feel uneasy + headache lak nnt... bertolak 9pm, and we were safely arrived UMP at 3am... i thought, everything will be ok lepas2 tu, tp things getting worst when my atos takley start pulaaak... adusslaa... ujian betul... since i was alone at that time, i just go and get a rest first at SN Ina's house kat korters dulu. My bak pon asked me to sleep there first, and make a move back to sekilau pagi2 esoknya.

pagi esoknya, sad to say my car still cannot be started. those UMP guard pon ada tolong but yet nothing happend jugak. sampaila my bak and on tow truck dtg at about 10-1030 am. after +- half an hour charge to my car's battery, again kete tu ditolak... and alhamdulillah idup... yang pasti, bateri kete tu dah tersgt2 weak. i should change before this tp... ntahlaa.. byk sgt alasan suzana zahid sebelum ni... yg kalo disenaraikan pon, definitely return back to my inattentiveness in making sure the atos is always a very tip top condition.... ni mmg pengajaran utk suzana. if u dont want to face this terrible moment again (especially bila musim2 cuti, workshop2 kete byk totop), so please lain kali u have to double triple quadraple prepare with the dependability and steadiness of the car.... as a wrap up, i just can say - what a pitty suzana zahid huhuhu :((

* the pic is taken when i was waiting at the pondok, for my dad and on tow truck datang ... atos...oh atos... :(

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