Tuesday, April 10, 2007

bila april'07

dear batikchantingss... i am back after the "ngossngess" week of having the sickness. in fact the pain is still recurring here and there huhu... but i know, i have to take and face this as sume ni adalah ujian Allah utk hapus sume dosa2 den before ni. The Almighty knows everything behind those faiths...

so suzana... it's almost mid april 2007 already. hope you still remember with your target created end of 2005 ari tu.... its 10th april, and i just have less than 2 weeks for my final with those chapterss, ayyakss!!... tala ledi lagi maa... research pon struggle gak ni... project pon samers... ting tong... ting tongss... ting tongss....

erkk.. nothing much to say dah... need to do my work. may GOD bless u suzana, in 'everything' u undertaking, insyAllah....

p/s: answers for tag akan dibuat lepas ekjems.. muleys kan zura? :)

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